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  1. @ElsieD I'm using the ham bone from the Christmas ham for ham and navy bean soup. Also pulled frozen pepper strips out last night for sausage and Peppers over Polenta. Forgot to take pictures of that. The peppers were from last years garden and the sausage is Aidell's chicken with apple which is always in the freezer. Even though this is the boyfriend's freezer I feel I should get points since I stocked everything in the first place. If we ate from what he put in the freezer, it would be yakisoba bowls and burgers.
  2. @Kim Shook have to agree with you on pork belly and bone marrow. Too much fat for me. I'm not anorexic or anything close to that but the texture is just off putting to me.
  3. I finally decommissioned the old refrigerator and freezer. The new freezer is smaller than the old one. But I did throw away a bunch of old stuff. The turkey breast still wouldn't fit in the new freezer so we had turkey breast and stuffing with homemade cranberry/orange sauce tonight. Turkey Breast and Baked dressing. That's about as alliterative as I can get with this meal. My son's plate - mine was about half that
  4. @Porthos. I have a couple of her cookbooks which I like. Her restaurant is in my town and although it's very popular, I've never been impressed. And I'm not that difficult to impress.
  5. @gfweb your kitchen looks fabulous. Am jealous of all the room and options. My first meal was chicken piccata, mainly because I can do it well, ( Ithink)and my son loves it, mainly for the capers. But made risotto in the Instant Pot, per the NYT IP article, am not convinced it's better than stove top, but it was quick. Am still getting comfortable with the placement of dishes, utensils and pantry. The more I am in my new kitchen I will probably arrange placement of stuff to be more functional
  6. Dungeness crab is still, happily, in season. We had this this with garlic butter and baguette slices on a sliced open garbage bag on the living room floor. It's messy and the dining room table is still filled with the detrius of trying to move back into the newly remodeled kitchen. So we roughed it. Still tasted great.
  7. @Kim Shook I've missed you and your posts
  8. This is right up my alley. Old refrigerator has a larger freezer than the new one and I need to pare down the stuff in the old one. I am taking tomorrow and Friday off work to put all the pots, pans, dishes, etc into the new kitchen and will be ready to cook! I have 3 gallon bags of frozen Meyer lemon juice cubes and two of pesto. Will probably make lemon curd since I have 2 dozen eggs from the boyfriend's chickens. But then I'll freeze that. Have a lot of meat - pork shoulder, ground veal& chicken. Meatballs? Seems like I can stock the freezer with prepared stuff instead of the ba
  9. @JoNorvelleWalker I lived with a semi functioning kitchen for about 5 years. After the stove/oven died, I decided to bite the bullet and build what will probably be my last kitchen. The amount of money pains my frugal soul, the contractor and his close talking and flirting(ugh!), pain me emotionally, the dust and general messiness pain me physically. All of the general unsettledness annoys me. But in the end, I love it and will enjoy it more than I was annoyed by the mess. And I know I'm truly lucky to be able to do this. First world problems indeed!
  10. @MelissaH it does sound like the same range, gas stovetop electric oven. Nice to hear you like the warming light,, helpful about the faulty switch.
  11. It's pretty much done. Some minor details like the microwave trim and caulking around the window. I plan on taking a couple of days off from work to move everything in. Had another cat inspection. She's very relieved things are getting back to normal.
  12. @Thanks for the Crepes this fridge has a lot of technological whoop de doo that I guess I will have to acquaint myself with. It's rather intimidating. Glad I have a kid that can figure it out. Contractor is working on a set $$ amount so hourly is not an issue. Still need a change order from him since son did the electrical. Based on the photo I can't believe it will be almost done tomorrow
  13. Some glitches today. The trim kit for the microwave/convection oven is too big. Contractor blames the supply house, but it's been sitting here in the box for at least 3 weeks and contractor never checked. I blame the contractor but verbalizing that won't get it here any sooner, so I held my tongue. Refrigerator is in and working. Stove is slightly in but contractor forgot his foamy test liquid so not fully functional. Contractor did tell me he had lunch with an old friend today so I think that is why things did not get done. Can you tell I'm really ready for this to be over? Promised t
  14. @rotuts the appliances are all GE. I briefly considered a Wolf stove but when the sales guy pointed out that there were not many differences, I went to GE. He said that GE reverse engineered the Wolf. Don't know if that is actually true but I fell for it. plus I got about 50% off the exhaust hood for purchasing the GE stove. The hood is hooked up and really seems like a powerhouse. And it has a warming light which I did not know about.
  15. @@andiesenji you have had an interesting life and I absolutely love your stories, knowledge and historical information. It's always a joy to read your posts.
  16. @Anna N and that James Beard led me to Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking for $2.99
  17. Stove and fridge arrived today but could not be installed since the plug specs given for the stove were incorrect. Need a 4 prong pigtail not a 3. Also need to further recess the fridge plug. Electrician son will be busy tonight.
  18. @dcarch thank you! Not too concerned about scratching or marring of the sink. I've had porcelain cast iron before and the only thing that happened was the porcelain wore away. I suspect I'll be unable to see it or dead before it happens with this one. Although I will now check the warranty.
  19. Cabinet hardware went in yesterday. Can LED lights are in. Some outlets cannot be installed as the tile guy cut the holes too small. That should be fixed tomorrow. And stove and refrigerator will be delivered and installed tomorrow. Faucet was installed and subjected to a cat scan @chromedome . Contractor said I should be able to cook on Friday. I expect it will be later than that as all kitchen tools need to be unpacked and find a home
  20. @Toliver thanks for enabling. I know I have the Laurie Colwin book around here somewhere but it's much easier to find on Kindle
  21. @Shelby the floor is offset rectangular tile. There is a photo upthread, it's a medium brown color. Never thought of myself as a fan of brown decor but the backsplash steered me in that direction. I'll happily send you my son if you send him home with venison! He's very OCD about this project, while I'm more trusting and Pollyanna-Ish and believe all will be good. Probably a good combination for this project.
  22. Floor tile is in and grouted. Backsplash is grouted. Some sloppiness which my son, the overseer pointed out. Also he found a couple of imperfections in the cabinet work so contractor came by tonight and will replace. Also had a cat inspection.
  23. I'll have a dishwasher. The only appliance not being replaced. The one I have is only two years old, it's currently sitting outside a tarp to protect it from our much needed rain. Floor is mostly in today but no pictures as we can't go in there until tomorrow. Contractor has extended completion date by one week, hopefully next Friday.
  24. Most of The backsplash is up, not grout yet. This is the prettiest part and focal point for me.
  25. It's this sink http://www.us.kohler.com/us/Riverby-33-x-22-x-9-5-8-under-mount-single-bowl-kitchen-sink-with-accessories/productDetail/kitchen-sinks/429153.htm?skuId=415401&brandId=432893
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