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  1. My son has been using Blue Apron for a couple of weeks in order to help his girlfriend learn to cook. Son lives with me but I’m at my BF’s on the weekend when they cook. They had one left over so he and I used it tonight. Smoked trout sandwiches with slaw and roasted sweet potato slices, I thought I hated sweet potatoes. These were really good but I will now make them without a box. Smoked trout was mixed with mayo(way too much ) and sambal oelek. This was a great counterpart to the richness of the trout. Ciabiatta was very good. Directions were easy for me but for an inexperienced co
  2. Biryani will be a surprise for some of those cooking out of the Bittman book. They may be afraid to try it. I must say HTCE has helped my adult son with cooking, it gives him the basics and he has learned to move on from that - and from cooking with me. But I’m not close to the accomplished cook that you are @ProfessionalHobbit
  3. During the week, I’m mostly a repeater. On the weekends when I have more time, I try to cook something new. I’m lucky in that I spend the weekends with my boyfriend(although that seems like an odd term since we’re in our 60‘s) who will eat anything and declare it the best he’s ever eaten. His nonna was born in Naples so I’m a little nervous when I cook Italian but everything I cook he thinks is as good as or better than hers. It may just be positive reinforcement but he’s always willing to go out for dinner and we have lots of choices around here. I certainly get lots of inspiration fro
  4. Jacksoup

    Your spice cabinet

    My spice shelves are kind of unorganized but a lot of it is from Traders Joes.
  5. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @robirdstxmy kinda night yum!
  6. I like this CI version https://www.cooksillustrated.com/recipes/8718-persian-style-rice-with-golden-crust-chelow but it’s behind a paywall. Perhaps the video is on YouTube, I haven’t checked. My son’s GF's Irani mother keeps making tahdig for me after I expressed an interest in learning how to cook it. The lessons just turn into big family meals where I’m too distracted by company to learn.
  7. @Anna N I like your logic. For .99, it is cheap entertainment. I bought it.
  8. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @Tropicalseniorplease put your recipe in Recipe Gullet. I’d love to see it as well.
  9. They’ve been talking about a shortage of Dungeness here in Northern California. Two weeks ago it was $6.99 a pound, now it’s $10.99 a pound. Glad I had my big crab cracking dinner before the price went sky high.
  10. @David Rossso sorry about your injury as well. Hope things, especially cooking things get easier for you. I’m always inspired by your food
  11. @Thanks for the Crepes there you are! So sorry about your injury. Hope it heals well and you get some help around the house.
  12. Thank you. It has been an incredible view into a culture completely unknown to me. Thank you for the journey. I am anticipating more of your travels.
  13. It had a segment with Melissa Clark and the Instant Pot.
  14. @rotuts my dad used to listen to his comedy albums. I certainly remember the ooooh weeee!
  15. These did not upload in the proper order but hopefully you can match them
  16. From my now deceased mothers collection. The Buckskin Cookery is really interesting. Their advice on mushrooms is to watch the squirrels and take what they take.
  17. @Toliver I swore I was going to stay away from this thread but the Le Bernardin was irresistible. I waver between staying strong and then saying what the heck, it's only $2 or $3. I'm more often on the what the heck end of the spectrum. And enjoying the results!
  18. This trip has been so interesting. Can't wait for Paris!
  19. Hmm, I'm a Prime member and only see the $54.76 price. Maybe it was a very limited time deal.
  20. I bought a bottle of 19 Criminals hard chard and a bottle of their red blend at TJ's today. Haven't tried it yet but was drawn By the labels. Am loving your blog. Thank you so much for sharing everything.
  21. @Anna Nlove the plating/dishing of the green beans. I'd send you wine from CA if I could, my daughter works in Napa, I have access to lots and lots
  22. This weekend, due to an over abundance of squash I made the squash and pistachio crumble. I had pecans but my goodness it was amazing. Was confused by the amounts of 1 cup chopped pistachios and 2 cups roughly chopped pistachios when the recipe said to add them all at once like I believe @Shelby noted somewhere. But it tasted great. Also made the squash and fontina casserole pudding. Only had Jarlsburg but again it was great. Need to explore more in this book.
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