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  1. Your photos are gorgeous and the food looks amazing.
  2. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @chefmd you would love me too! I only like chicken breast although I know it’s disliked by many here. I didn’t eat meat until I was 12 or so. The family doctor told my mom I was too lazy to chew. I enjoy meat now but the texture of any fatty parts is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.
  3. @kayb haven’t thought about The Five Little Peppers in years. I love that book too.
  4. Safe travels home. I hope everything you want to take home fits in the van!
  5. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @kayb I always thought a Zinfandel went better with Froot Loops
  6. I love Kira’s hairstyle and pensive look. Is the purple thing there for tactile purposes?
  7. Thank goodness Amazon told me I’d already bought the Pépin. Now gotta search Kindle for it.
  8. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @Ann_Tlove the crab and am jealous. Have only had it twice this year. Only frozen available now
  9. The boyfriend's chickens eggs all have similarly colored yolks. The shells vary in colors of brown. We were buying organic chicken food from Costco for about 8 months and then they stopped laying as much. Switched to Scratch and Peck food from the feed store and now they’re back to producing an egg a day, all 14 of them. All of our friends and neighbors enjoy the egg bounty and save eggs cartons for us.
  10. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    @Norm Matthews@Norm Matthewsbeautiful plates and dinner!
  11. My son went to the bahn mi store today. Half of the BBQ pork one was my lunch, half is my dinner with a Moscow Mule. These are incredibly good and inexpensive $3.50 a sandwich. No photo because my tech mojo has vanished. It’s been at or near 100 degrees this week and there’s not much cooking except roasting some yellow beets. Probably for a salad with feta and walnuts. And HB eggs in Instant Pot for deviled eggs.
  12. @JoNorvelleWalkerthanks, mixing up my terminology. Can’t blame it on too much alcohol, I think. Only two Moscow Mules in but who knows, that may be enough
  13. My daughter used to live in a duplex on a side street of the French Laundry. I’ve wandered into the garden at night with my own glass of wine and watched the chefs thru the large kitchen windows. It was great just to walk around Yountville and stop in for a drink and food at any of these great places. If you are still in Napa and interested in a winery called Etude, DM me.
  14. Tasting fees are pricy in Napa/Sonoma compared to the Sierra foothills about 30 minutes east of me. They actually started charging a few years ago. Lots of nice reds. My stepdaughter has lived in Napa for several years and worked at a few wineries. She has arranged some very nice tastings at great wineries over the years. Thankfully they’ve all been comped.
  15. @Okanagancook I just downloaded your spreadsheet. It’s a work of art, thanks for all the effort.
  16. I’ve been waiting for this since @Anna Nhas been dropping hints about cleaning out the fridge in anticipation of being gone for a while.
  17. @rotuts I have the very same Le Creuset pan/skillet only in red. My mother bought me a starter set of Le C about 40 years ago. As @boilsoversaid, the rims on the saucepans chip easily. I don’t use them much anymore but when I first got the set I felt like a pro, even though my culinary skills were lacking.
  18. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2018

    I rarely post in dinner even though I usually make something 4 nights out of 7, especially since my adult son who lives with me always wants dinner. So he’s working out of town and I made dinner for myself and here’s the evidence. Melissa Clark’s shrimp with eggplant, harissa and mint. I’m sure the recipe is online but too tech challenged to link
  19. I watched a lot of The Travel Channel marathon and some on CNN yesterday. Had to make myself stop, it was heartbreaking.
  20. Jacksoup

    Breakfast! 2018

    @Okanagancook we have meals a couple of times a year with a family who does not use salt and does not put it on the table because “it's not good for you”. For some reason, salt's partner, pepper is also not invited to the party. I always ask for both. These people do not skimp on sugar loaded desserts though. Go figure. I’d rather have my salt than dessert.
  21. Jacksoup

    DARTO pans

    Was on the fence but remembered that I have a VISA gift card that can only be used on line. Like @kayb, I won’t add up all my enabled purchases. CSO, Instant Pot, Anova and way too many Kindle books. Got the 25.
  22. @heidih my first cookbook was also the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. My next door neighbor and best friend also cooked our way through it. Once we made lunch and dinner for both of our families. I only remember the tuna melt on hot dog buns wrapped in wax paper and heated in the oven. We also made the hot fudge pudding. I still have the book and the friend some 50 years later.
  23. My son has been using Blue Apron for a couple of weeks in order to help his girlfriend learn to cook. Son lives with me but I’m at my BF’s on the weekend when they cook. They had one left over so he and I used it tonight. Smoked trout sandwiches with slaw and roasted sweet potato slices, I thought I hated sweet potatoes. These were really good but I will now make them without a box. Smoked trout was mixed with mayo(way too much ) and sambal oelek. This was a great counterpart to the richness of the trout. Ciabiatta was very good. Directions were easy for me but for an inexperienced co
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