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  1. @rotuts we had the same dairy when I was a kid. Our milkman dressed just like that, his name was Fergie. And I’d forgotten all about the wheel but it fascinated me, easily amused as a kid.
  2. I cleaned and organized my freezer today, mainly to see what was there. It’s just the bottom drawer of my fridge. I have a lot, lot more protein than I thought. 3 bags of frozen peas, all opened. 3 large zip loc’s of lemon juice cubes. Two large zip loc’s of pesto. Lots of other things. Lots of lemon zest. With what I’ve got in my pantry because I overbought pasta and have a gifted excess of quinoa, I could live for two months. Plus my Costco run included 42 lbs of cat litter. Me, my cat (overbought cat food as well) and my son will have plenty to eat. May have to buy more wine tho
  3. I went to Costco yesterday. Like @kayb’ s comment, they had signs saying they were out of TP and paper towels. But when I went back to the area they had one measly pallet of TP out. Everyone that walked by grabbed a package. I did too, even though I feel like I already have enough. Costco was much less crowded than usual. Most people had cases of bottled water. Everything seemed pretty well stocked except the large bags of rice. They did have 3 packs of cans of San Mariano tomatos for $6.99. I only bought two of those🙂
  4. Thank you, this has been so enjoyable
  5. Dungeness crab has always been a big part of my holidays. Even when I was very poor, crab was the dinner for trimming the Xmas tree. I’ve done crab, garlic butter and bread dinner for all my life. I’ve hosted for some folks in the last couple of years and they don’t have an understanding of the *ritual*. There’s crab crackers that crack and amass a pile of crab and those that crack and eat it. There’s an army on each side.
  6. I grew up with it. I have a shaker of it but don’t use it often. Main use is shaken on top of clam chowder.
  7. @Shelby along with everyone else, I’m excited to see this thread start up again.
  8. @MetsFan5 how was your visit to Lodi?
  9. I love the alliteration in the titles of your trips!
  10. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2019

    @Nicolai every plate is mouthwatering, but I’m practically half German. That cake really got my attention, any recipe?
  11. I think TJ’s Turkey Bolognese is pretty good and handy to have in the freezer for a quick meal
  12. Roasted cauliflower, Instant Pot, CSO and as @Okanagancooksaid, the people. I don’t contribute much, but I read everything. I’ve learned a lot about cooking and life.
  13. Have been craving the Okra Hash and loved it. Fried okra is one of those foods that evokes a lot of memories for me. My granny’s recipe was a dip in beaten egg, then in cornmeal. This is so much easier.
  14. I’m with @kayb, I will eat as much fried okra as you can put in front of me . Bought some at the farmer’s market on Sunday and am going to use the Deep Run Roots fried okra hash recipe tomorrow. Seems easier and less messy than my granny’s method.
  15. You should be fine with Lodi, lots of wineries there. Scenery is rather blah but enough wine can make it beautiful. Or you won’t care!
  16. I was vegetarian until I was about 12, not by ethical choice, I just didn’t like any of it. My pediatrician told my mother I was too lazy to chew. When I started to eat meat, it had to be well done. Today I’ll eat beef/chicken/pork not well done but any fat really bothers me. I’m one of those boneless skinless chicken breast lovers. I did try sweetbreads once, it was at Veritas in NYC. I ate it all but had no hankering to eat it again. Pretty boring meat-wise but I’ll eat any vegetable.
  17. @MetsFan5 here’s a link to Lodi wineries. https://www.visitlodi.com/wineries/lodi-wine-trail-map/. Friends of mine love Harney, I haven’t been to Lodi for quite a while. There is a nice hotel in Lodi, Wine & Roses that I have been to, lovely grounds. You may want to consider the Amador wine country, about 40 minutes east of Sacramento, they are red wine country. I go there often, the foothills are more scenic than flat Lodi. And Go Bears!
  18. Tooth scaling is not bad. I’ve had it done once a year for about the last 5 years. Had no problem eating afterwards. But I have 5 implants, more crowns than I can remember and oral surgery to make room for the implants. Plus fillings, root canals, etc. Root scaling is the least painful. It just seems to last a long time, but my hygienist is full of stories so it goes by rather quickly.
  19. @Anna N thank goodness @Kerry Beal brought you edible food. Enjoying the pictures and descriptions of your other meals. Hope your stay is short and uneventful.
  20. Sad to see it’s over, but really happy to be along for the ride. Thanks for all the time you spent keeping us involved.
  21. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2019

    @suzilightningI’m with John, sandwiches just don’t excite me. Maybe a Cheesesteak or patty melt but meat and cheese or anything between a couple of pieces of bread don’t do it for me. I’d rather just eat the innards.
  22. My parents house always had margarine, but my Granny always had butter. She’d always make my brother and I butter and sugar sandwiches on white bread when we were kids. She was from west Texas and gave me my love of sweet tea, fried okra and fried eggplant.
  23. I selected quartzite/Cesarstone when I remodeled my kitchen 2.5 years ago. I wanted the lowest maintenance product available and quartz is what the planner recommended. I’m very happy with it. It really is low maintenance.
  24. Only once have I sent food back. It was at a well known and well respected restaurant in my area. It was handmade pasta with mushrooms. It was sooo salty I couldn’t have more than two bites. And I love salt. My friend ordered the same dish and agreed. The restaurant was very nice about it and we substituted something else.
  25. Thank you all. I’d completely forgotten about the drip tray. It wasn’t bad after ignoring it for about two years.
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