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  1. How nice to see you again. I've missed your posts.
  2. I just joined the club thanks to the Amazon deal! Now have to go back and re-read everyone's posts
  3. Saw the initial postings, then got busy with work/life and was thrilled to rediscover the thread. The plum tart looks great. Have 3 plum trees ready to ripen in a couple of weeks and will certainly be using that recipe. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for all the desert photos. I spent some time in Deming, Tucumcari, las cruces and El Paso in my (long ago) teen age years. Your adaptability with cooking while camping is incredible.
  5. Another great trip, another great blog. Thanks for all the adventures!
  6. I have lurked on egullet for so long, it's shameful but after your post that you think folks are bored when you don't get many responses, I had to join. I love following your time in Manitoulin and elsewhere. Thanks for the effort you put into this .
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