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    Superbowl – 2013

    Wow im definitely on the wrong forum for superbowl season food.
  2. How long do you SV them to reheat? around 15 minutes
  3. Like nickrey said, its about texture, and also temperature. With SV you can obtain same tenderness at lower temperatures and less juice loss. Also you dont have to tend to a smoker for 12+ hours since most meats dont need more then 4 hours of smoke.
  4. Yes I roast asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and salt and pepper @ 400F for 15 minutes. I then chill and re-therm in the SV when ready to serve. Worked great for me.
  5. I dont know. I dont claim to be an expert on pasteurization. If it wasnt the temp, then some how bacteria was introduced. Maybe the bacteria was already there before it was freezed and i just didnt see or smell it until it was cooked. I will always be sceptical about it, and probably wont take any chances. Not much is worse then waisting money on expensive cuts of meats, waiting 48-72 hours to eat it just to find out it got spoiled. Not to mention all the other items prepared for the dish. Its very disappointing to say the least.
  6. My theory was that because it was frozen, and the water temp was low (132F) that it may have stayed in the danger zone for too long and spoiled. I bought the product fresh and froze it myself and i dont recall it smelling bad before freezing it.
  7. Im am going to disagree with you. I have had a bad experience with SVing something raw from frozen to a low temperature like 132F medium rare. After 48 hours it smelled like fecal matter. And had to be thrown away. I find nothing wrong with re-therming someting frozen that had been cooked, but i will never SV anything raw in a frozen state ever again.
  8. try defrosting it in cold water for a few hours instead of overnight in the fridge. In a ziplock or vacuum bag of course. Or you could add sea salt to the cold water and brine it as it defrosts.
  9. +1 on both. I have even had the smoke smell penetrate through two bags. Also in all of my test i found that when pre smoking, as the juices draw out from the meats, it pulls out the smoke and mixes with the juices creating basicly liquid smoke. The end result was very artifical like as if you would have just poured liquid smoke in the bag before SV cooking. On top of that, when you post SV you have no bark so you have to give it an artifical bark aswell which is not the same as a bark being made by smoking.
  10. You could definitely smoke that brisket. It may fall apart though. What i would do is thaw it in a bucket of cold water and then add back into the SV to retherm it to 133F for about 2 hours then smoke it as i do. Yes I rub it after SV with brown sugar, paprika,chili powder,onion powder,garlic powder, sea salt, and cumin. I then use a spray bottle filled with pressed apple juice and spray it every hour or so. Using a spray bottle vs a mop keeps your rub on your meat. Depends what texture you want. If going straight SV i would go for 155F for 24 hours. It will be in the border of slice and shredd.
  11. I dont like smoked corned beef, but i do SV brisket then smoke. I like a brisket that can still be sliced yet tender and juicy. I SV at 132F for 12 hours and then smoke for 4-5 hours at 200F till internal temp reaches between 155F and 165F. Really temp depends on how defined the bark is, if it has good bark at 155F i pull it then, if not i'll let ride to 165F. It still comes out just and tender and juicy. If you want a more fall apart that you can barely slice, go for 24 hours at 132F then smoke as listed above.
  12. FeChef

    Superbowl – 2013

    I made my brisket. I froze a few pounds for superbowl, along with my chili. Im ready to go.
  13. Price wasnt the issue, time was. It was late and i had little time to get things going. As i expected, 132F was no problem. Brisket turned out better then expected. I sliced a few pounds and vacuum packed and froze them for superbowl. Everything else was devoured. Theres just enough left to re-therm tommorow for brisket sandwiches with red slaw and bbq sauce on buttered texas toast.
  14. Did you do any research on your own? I've read repeatedly that you should never use the original packaging -- you have no guarantee that the plastic used is safe for high temps (meaning 55F or above), and there is always the possibility of small tears, punctures, or faulty seams that won't make themselves apparent until they've been in the bath for awhile... ETA: If you're buying from a local vendor that uses a chamber vacuum on the premises, then you're good to go. But it sounds like you're buying a prepacked brisket from who knows where. Just repack. Too late. Its already been in the SV for 12 hours. Water is crystal clear so no leaks but i dont know where it was packaged. Seems pretty thick plastic. 55F seems pretty unrealistic for a unsafe temperature. Average room temps are 70-80F. I figure most plastics have a melting temp way above 132F. I think any plastic that is food safe would not release toxins at that low of temps.
  15. From what ive read over the years, Is that smoke is best absorbed at temperatures under 140F. But still continues to absorb beyond that temp, just at a slower rate. I have tried cold smoking first and SV after with all kinds of meats. I was never pleased with the results. In my experiences, once the meats start to cook the juices in the bag draws the smoke out of the meat and turning it into basicly liquid smoke. It was a very artifical tasting. The meats also had to be blow torched because there was no bark you would normally get from dry heat smoking. I guess nobody thought the original packaging was unsafe at 132F so thats good i guess. But i am still up in the air on the final temperature i should pull it out of the smoker. 150F was my initial idea, but im leaning more toward a higher temp that can still be sliced, yet fall apart with little effort.
  16. Im trying a new idea on sous vide + smoked brisket. This time im going to SV first for 12 hours @ 132F and then smoke till 150F in a 200F smoker. I was lazy and just put the brisket straight into the water oven in its original package. I removed the labels just incase they fall apart and get into the circulator pump. Im pretty sure that 132F is a safe temp for standard cryovac/vacuum package plastic, but just want to hear some thoughts from others. If you disagree and convince me i will pull it and reseal with 2.5 gallon ziplock bag.
  17. FeChef

    Superbowl – 2013

    Im doing SV+ smoked brisket sliders with red cabbage coleslaw and my homemade pineapple BBQ sauce. Buffalo chicken Casadias. And my off the hook chili con carne. This year its a mix of coarse ground beef and cubed deer tenderloin. Then you got your normal snacks like salsa and tortilla chips, celery and blue cheese dressing to go along with the Buffalo chicken Casadias. Oh and the most impportant ingredient for us Americans...BEER!
  18. My wife likes the custard like texture an egg has @ 146F. The fried eggs were just for fun and wasnt part of the main dish so i put very little effort into them. I did chill them after boiling , before adding to the SV though. If i was going to do them again I would probably boil for 5 minutes, chill, SV for 60 min @ 145F and chill overnight to peel the next day because they were a bit hard to peel while still warm.
  19. Deep fried chipotle panko encrusted egg. Boiled 3 minutes SV 146F 60 minutes, deep fried 30 seconds.
  20. FeChef

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 1)

    I dont know who Martin Yan is, or what oelek is, but that Khan Beef dish looks damn tastey.
  21. My theory is my sealing strip may not be getting hot enough to make a good seal on there thicker plastic. Or there plastic just isnt of good quality. I dont know for sure, but I do know ever since i switched to the cabella's brand, i havent had a leak or break in the bags. Im not even talking about just SV, I pulled food saver brand vacuum sealed food out of the freezer and the bag or seal had broke.
  22. Cabella's brand vacuum seal rolls and pouches seal really well. I havent had a leak yet. Im using a foodsaver vacuum sealer with them. Ironicly Ive had the foodsaver brand pouches leak on me many times. You can get a good deal if you buy the 6 roll box from cabella's. You get an extra 2 ft per roll then foodsaver brand. Cabella's rolls say right on them "Boil, Freeze, Store"
  23. If you pre sear with a blow torch, you will get a nice crust and will firm the ouside so it doesnt deform when you vacuum seal it. That is generally the idea begind dipping it in haot water, but i would advice against that esepcially diffing the cling wrap log as it will fill with water.
  24. FeChef

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 1)

    I will agree on the awesome platters, but feeding an Army? Maybe an Army of rabbits, those platters would definitely leave me hungry.
  25. +1: I definitely remember they did a blog where they concluded that the best result was had from pre- plus post-searing. +2 I remember reading that aswell. I always pre sear and sometimes i dont even bother to post sear depending on if i using a wine reduction and topping with delicate toppings like boursin cheese and crab meat. You want that color and bold flavor but not the hard crust you get from post searing.
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