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    Pork Reconstructed

    Its was very moist, tender, and flavorful. I have a million more pics of the stock, cheese, greens...ect but i'll keep it simple and get to the end product.
  2. A few months ago i bought this stuff called "Moo Gloo"(aka Transglutaminase). Its basicly a synthetic enzyme that bonds proteins together. It is used in just about every deli lunch meat you buy at your local super market. Since im obsessed with Italian roast pork sandwiches I thought i would give this stuff a try by taking a boston butt pork shoulder, removing the bone, connective tissue, and cutting it into chunks. Then rubbing Italian dressing season mix, ground black pepper, and celery seed. I let that sit in the fridge for 1 hour. Then mixed in 0.75% of total weight of Moo Gloo which equaled roughly 15g for 4/lb pork. I then formed a tight round log by using lots of plastic wrap. After wraping I let it rest in the fridge overnight to let the Moo Gloo set. Next morning i sealed the log in a ziplock bag and gave it a 16 hour water bath @ 150F. During this time, amazingly it barely leaked any juices. After the water bath it went into the fridge overnight to slice the following day.
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