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  1. That is an awesome looking pan Porthos. excellent investment of 9$.
  2. Porthos- If you are on facebook, search for the group Cast Iron Cooking . The open group with over 100,000 members. . There are many serious cast iron collectors on that group who should be able to tell you exactly what that pan is , if you post a picture after the self clean.
  3. Ashen

    Dinner 2014 (Part 6)

    AAA dry aged tommahawk chop , served with mushrooms and baked spuds with sour cream and dill
  4. Full size candy bars. We get very few willing to make the side trip into our little court , less than 15 most years, so we tend to give out bigger treats.
  5. Ashen

    Salami Safety

    My main concern would be listeria cross contamination from other cold meat sliced on the same machine. The chances of that are actually quite low as I understand it. The half day rule really won't help you with listeria though, as it can take up to 70 odd days for it to affect you. It is most dangerous to people with a compromised immune system , pregnant women , children, the elderly . It takes a pretty massive dose for a healthy person. I personally would probably eat the salami , if it smelled and looked ok, but then again I still use raw eggs and eat rare steak and med rare burgers.
  6. It is a good brand name, I have tried their walnut and hazelnut oils in the past, and enjoyed them. I am at a loss to explain why the avocado oil would taste that way unless at some point in the retail chain, from producer to the store you bought it from, it was stored at an unfavourable temperature.
  7. the chosen foods one which Willie posted a picture of upthread, having been refined is fairly neutral tasting . The extra virgin avocado oil I have tried has quite a bit of solids to it and much more ripe avocado taste. No bitterness or used fryer grease flavour to either in my experience.
  8. Ashen

    Baked Potatoes

    I like russets or . yukon golds. I guess I must be the only impatient one here when it comes to baked spuds. well scrubbed, holes poked all over , and then into the microwave for the full potato setting approx 10 mins. Pulled out and let sit til the outside is able to be handled , then brushed with melted ghee, sprinkled liberally with coarse sea salt. Into a a preheated cast iron pan in a 450 F oven ( I turn it on while scrubbing the spuds) . bake for 15 to 20 mins depending on size. I usually roll them over at the 8-10 min mark.
  9. mocha cake with a mocha buttercream and the edge covered in sliced toasted almonds. It was from a bakery that is still around but the cake is a shadow of what it used to be.
  10. yep, I know someone who has started a sourdough from grape skins.. this is a link about it. You have to be careful though as you won't get a viable strain every time. if you read through the link it will give you a description of a good capture or bad capture of a wild yeast strain.
  11. Garlic butter Mushrooms. I make a large dish and usually none left. Considering at least half of the fam won't eat them, you get the idea that the other half are hobbits.
  12. Shalmanese hit the nail on the head .. Quality is my benchmark, local and in season is often the highest quality, but I will buy non local happily if it is better. The same goes for most other food memes, eg organic, free range etc.
  13. Ashen

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    I think I see a scorpion or two in that pile. I bet that sauce was awesome.
  14. Ashen

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    not the most photogenic but the best meal I have eaten in weeks. mushroom risotto finished with black pepper, parm and a drizzle of evoo. I put too much on the plate but I finished every drop.
  15. if scotch bonnets are really rare where you live , you could try finding a bottle of Grace Scotch bonnet Sauce. The orange was my go to favourite hot sauce for years, until I tried the less easy to find green . I almost always have a bottle of one or the other going in my fridge , even when I can get fresh pods.
  16. kittycorner to a country inn and suites I have stayed at a few times , although I always thought it was called Saitoh.. I guess I wasn't paying close attention. If you are looking for a bit of a hidden gem in Niagara falls, try Bettys restaurant. Not fancy just well cooked homestyle food, decent prices , less hectic than most restos in the tourist areas of town.
  17. Heat level wise they are very similar, flavour wise, I prefer Scotch Bonnets .. They tend to have a fruitier flavour .
  18. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2014

    CatPoet- Definitely a top shelf breakfast , although I would need some green scotch bonnet sauce to go with it.
  19. using a microplane, frozen grates much better than fresh, but a ceramic ginger grater for fresh is even better imo. I was lucky enough to pick this one up for 10 Cents at a thrift shop.
  20. 100 + cupcakes that my wife baked and I helped frost for the 40th birthday of a good friend . Maple bacon, chocolate with ganache and chocolate frosting, Vanilla with the blue frosting, Banana Rum with banana rum frosting and butterscotch drizzle. cool sidenote. cupcake box liners fit almost perfectly in empty beer can box flats.
  21. picked up a new carbon steel 14" wok at Tap Phong in Toronto on the weekend. after initial burn in and seasoning
  22. seasoning is just polymerised fat. I don't subscribe to the only one type should be used camp though. There are a lot of folks that swear by flaxseed oil these days because it is a semi-drying oil but I switch up most times I touch up my seasoning. Avocado oil, plain veg oil, ghee, grapeseed oil, lard. I don't like using shortening , I find it ends up with a tacky finish, not really hard . Cleaning, just wipe out and warm water if I can get away with it, otherwise I have nylon scrappers that work perfectly well without hurting the seasoning . I am not overly picky about it though, if I need to use a scrubber or soap I will and then just re season. I think the best part about cast is that it is nearly indestructable in normal use , unless you manage to crack or warp it with excess heat or heat variations, usually the worst that happens is you need to reseason.
  23. haven't used one but I saw them on the cast iron cooking group on facebook a couple months back. link to a cooks illustrated review that came up while I was googling to try and find the link to the blacksmith on that group that makes them. http://www.cooksillustrated.com/equipment_reviews/1346-chain-mail-scrubber#.
  24. Ashen

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    started with a horiatiki salad (wish I had some olives),then roast chicken and potatoes, made gravy not shown.
  25. I had a coffee cup ( travel french press) similar to the one in the following link, until I managed to break the handle. By brewing into the cup you didn't lose as much heat , heating two vessels, but the last few sips could be somewhat strong , since the grounds are still on the bottom . I liked the secret stash in the base for more coffee, but I found I really needed to compact the grounds into it, to have enough fit in, for how strong I like my brew. http://www.exploringelements.com/review-the-travel-french-press-the-perfect-cup-of-coffee/
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