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  1. I would say you got a great deal.. there is three views at the following link, the third one shows similar markings to yours. I think yours is just an older model. https://shun.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/classic-carving-knife
  2. Ashen


    cool tip Thanks. I can definitely use that for my regular waffle batter recipe, I will have to see how I can adapt that concept next time I make the sweet potato ones . The batter ends up much thicker than any waffle batter I have made before, it was a spoon in situation, as it really wasn't pouring consistency. Maybe pipe it in using a large zip bag with corner cut off would be easiest.
  3. Ashen

    Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    Look at the cornicione on that. Perfect as always
  4. Ashen


    I recently made a batch of Alton Brown's Sweet Potato waffles, excellent flavour , I really like the touch of orange from the zest. It is a fairly involved recipe though, will take a bit of extra effort and leave you with 6 egg yolks to use. Hollandaise anyone?? I just ended up making Thomas Keller's 7 yolk pasta the next day. Calls for 6 yolks and one whole egg.
  5. that is probably why the 12 smells so much like brown sugar then. I will be honest, I am not particularly worried about sugar in rum, but it is nice to know what I am drinking. The spirits world is full of shenanigans unfortunately, even in American whiskey and Scotch.
  6. Is this the place on niagara falls boulevard on the way out to Trader Joe's near Tonawanda?
  7. I will second the smith and cross recommendation, awesome rum. Edgar- do you have any thoughts on El Dorado? My brother-in-law and I did a blind vertical tasting over the holidays . 5, 8,12, 21 yr old ( neither of us has the 15 yet). My favourite was the 12 for sipping neat. It has more flavour and much more pronounced pleasing smell than any of the others but is slightly more harsh on the finish than the 21. For mixing the 8 yr old was my favourite. Don't worry we didn't mix with the 21 yr old, on the mix test with stopped at 12 yr.
  8. Ashen

    Fried Polenta question

    it sounds like you got it right. Frying is my second favourite way, brustolada (Trevisano dialect) is the way I like best. basically grilled under broiler, or you could do it on a fine grate over a heat source. Lidia Bastianich is the only TV chef I have ever seen that does it the way my family does. Pour out the hot polenta onto a cookie sheet in a thin layer , then let cool and set. Cut squares or rectangles of the set thin polenta , and place on a preheated cookie sheet with the broiler on high. Let that side toast and colour, top of the pieces will most likely bubble a bit as well, flip and do the other side. Depending on how loose or firm you make the polenta and how close your rack is the broiler element it can usually take anywhere from 5 - 10 mins on a side. sorry I don't have a picture of the process but you can sort of see what i mean about the bubbles on this picture. Frying is similar in that you have to be sure the pan is preheated properly so it doesn't stick on you. . Brush with a high temp neutral oil or clarified butter, put the slices in and fry .
  9. When you were in Toronto, you could have had a chimney cone at Union Station . Using the pastry as an Ice Cream cone has apparently become a fairly widespread thing, but I think this summer was the first time there was a stand selling it in TO.
  10. @chromedome Ordering in a restaurant it would be Over Easy ( or as my Newfie In- Laws call it .. "Easy Over " ) if they didn't have poached. BTW that is the sign of a great breakfast place; if they ask you how you would like your poached. regular/runny, med or hard.
  11. That was just Huy Fong Sriracha . I picked up that trick while watching a show about food styling. Apparently pretty much all Sunny side up eggs in pictures for menus or commercials are cooked this way. A bell went off in my head that it is the perfect way to deal with the runny white vs overcooked yolk contradiction.
  12. Sunny side up, cooked my way though.. separate the eggs, cook the whites 1/2 to 2/3rds of way thru then place yolk on top , turn off heat and cover. Can't stand undercooked whites or overcooked yolks. poached a close second. Dried out scrambled is least favourite. Although small curd ,almost custardy french style scrambled is awesome.
  13. High River- Tears of the Sun hs, Strawberry topping is a joke name from a friend, it is actually Carolina Reaper Strawberry Jam. Almost forgot I meant to have some kippered Herring with this
  14. Ashen

    Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    HungryChris- Whenever I see one of your pictures that doesn't have Crystal hs on the table it always throws me for a second searching for it .. lol.. One of these days I am going to track down a bottle of it.
  15. Ashen


    Oh well , it's good to support a Canadian rye.... about 7 more yrs until their actual vermont grown and distilled rye is ready. http://www.canadianwhisky.org/reviews/whistlepig-10-year-old-straight-100-rye-whiskey.html Waiting anxiously for Smith & Cross naval strength rum.. My last bottle is on its final legs and it has been out of stock for months. Ordered online through LCBO. . Took the only 2 left in stock at the time but looks like they have more in stock now. http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo/product/smith-and-cross-traditional-jamaican-rum/402834#.WEnffefQeUl
  16. Dietary cholesterol isn't the demon it has been pushed to be, neither are saturated fats. Sugar / refined starches will screw with your cholesterol much more . http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/sugar-harvard-conspiracy-1.3759582
  17. Short answer do a blind tasting and drink what you like Don't worry about what other ppl tell you should should like. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the distilling industry. A friend of mine who worked at a distiller and looked at opening his own told me $ is as much an indicator of marketing hype as it is of quality . For example which is a better Rye Whiskey. bulliet rye george dickel rye or Angels Envy Rye? All get the rye whiskey from the same industrial distiller but dickel and AA put their own finishing touches. The rum finish on the Angels Envy does do something pretty magic imo. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/28/your-craft-whiskey-is-probably-from-a-factory-distillery-in-indiana.html So many small batch producers are doing the same thing across the board with other spirits. vodka gin etc.
  18. Specific to your black flake problem, it could be that the extra seasoning that you tried didn't adhere properly to the factory seasoning. The few factory finished pieces I have bought over the years, I have ended up stripping and then reseasoning to my process. Different fats will work but you should be aware of their smoke points, and they don't all give same results as far as how durable they are. I prefer using a high smoke point oil, refined grapeseed is usually what I have in house. Many thin coats with long enough between applications to fully polymerize. a CS wok I bought a couple years ago with about 10 or 11 very thin layers
  19. photos aren't the greatest but this was tasty.. omelette with an aged cheddar beer sauce made playing around with sodium citrate
  20. I know you didn't ask me but this is a pretty solid formula. I normally make my families recipe which is more of a polenta grassa type recipe with milk , butter and wheatlets as well as corn meal . It changes these ratios slightly but for straight up corn meal this works well. polenta calculation per 1 litre of water 300g cornmeal firm polenta 250g medium consistency 200g loose consistency
  21. Ashen


    worth it for us just on Gas. My wife works across the road from it. average at least 100$ per year savings in gas alone. meat isn't really a savings factor, but quality is much better than supermarkets here. Cheese can be huge savings. Feta , parm, brie, balderson cheddar. Baking supplies and spices often huge savings. If you are willing to wait , they often have huge discounts on high end small appliances. kitchenaid mixers, blendtec blenders, nespresso machines. Return policy is crazy good too. we had a holder tab break off on a drop bowl for kitchenaid mixer we bought there. phone kitchenaid and the support guy told us just to box everything up and take it to costco , instead of waiting for kitchenaid to do something. Walked in and within 15 mins we were walking out with a new in the box unit. I think their electronics policy might have changed but they used to double manufacturers warranty on most electronics .. called concierge program in Canada. Not sure about other countries. http://www.costco.ca/concierge.html
  22. you can also do a careful swirl after processing with a very slight 15- 20 % tip over angle at most. certainly not best practice for canning but it works if you are careful.
  23. Scotch Bonnets two ways. pickled and smoke dried. Also made a double batch of Tomato jam and lots of hot pepper jelly.
  24. I would be tempted to say it might be a half sour pickle but generally half sours have a more vibrant green skin and closer to white interior, as you can see in the google image link that follows. If you hit another deli and see half sours on the menu , grab a plate and try them. They have a more fresh cucumber vibe to them. A good half sour is my favourite pickle at a good deli. I will order a plate of them to go with my smoked meat sandie. https://www.google.ca/search?q=half+sour+pickles+with+montreal+smoked+meat+sandwich&client=opera&hs=1Kb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_6-PXvK3PAhXCeD4KHZzyAHUQ_AUICCgB&biw=1920&bih=970#tbm=isch&q=half+sour+pickles
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