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    Dinner 2016 (Part 1)

    whoa.. now that is my kind of plate.. what kind of ham is that?
  2. My wife swears by Bakery Emulsions, they are designed specifically to stand up to the heat of baking better than extracts. I am pretty sure LorAnn makes a coffee one
  3. when I read opposite of sous vide, first thing I thought of was flash freezing.
  4. One is in Niagara Falls ,Antica Pizzeria , the other in Guelph Boun Gusto . For the quality of the ingredients being used the prices are reasonable. I really liked the small plate / large plate option. the small plate of rabbit pasta was 10$ I think the arugula salad was 5 or 6 . affogato I think was 6. You could certainly rack up a decent bill in a hurry if you ordered a lot of food like the couple that was sitting next to us . But we had a nice lunch for approx 70 $ including tip and tax.
  5. My wife and I were recently at Yorkdale shopping and decided to try it out for lunch. Fairly busy , 45 min wait for a table but we ended up sitting at the antipasti bar instead . No wait. I had a vague idea that it was supposed to open last spring , so we didn't realized until afterwards that it had only been open since the beginning of Dec. I was somewhat wondering about the service for a restaurant that I had thought was open for 8- 9 months , but having been open only a few weeks I will cut them slack. A couple rough patches in timing which irritated my wife but nothing extreme. Food was a bit erratic with most being solidly good with a few stand outs. started with Fresh crab bruschetta . Fairly large amount of fresh crab on it but slightly bland. My wife had a wood fired pizza which was passable but there are at least 2 other places we go to that consistently do a better job Small plate of Rabbit Casarecce pasta that was excellent. a fairly standard arugula side salad and glass of a very nice house red. My dessert was affogato, just might be the best thing I ate all last year.
  6. I like buerre manie for certain things. It gives a really great mouthfeel to sauces over the slightly more sticky or gelatinous texture from other starches. The technique of coating the flour with the butter can be used with other starches btw, I have done it with ultrasperse and it worked great for adding easily to a hot liquid , avoiding clumps or lumps. .
  7. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 5)

    Yum, I love Stamppot..
  8. yum, I love hot (spicy) pickled okra. So different from the mucilaginous fresh stuff. bleh
  9. There is some awesome stuff getting put by in this thread, giving me an itching to do some more. we are pretty lazy this year. We jarred up some tomatoes, did a double batch of tomato jam and 4 batches(so far) of hot pepper jelly. We picked up some paper lantern Habs yesterday at the farmers market so at least one more batch will get made.
  10. Awesome looking sammy. I would swear it somehow feels like the pattern of the web is twisting around that picture Ta'veren.
  11. We have tried all 4, none were worth trying again. The Butter Chicken flavour could have been much better if they left out the Asafoetida/ Hing . There was only a hint of it but it builds as you eat. Not really necessary to a Butter Chicken flavour imo. .
  12. I can't really think of the exact right words to describe the difference but brighter or fresher somewhat fit the bill.
  13. Hellman's was my gold standard for many years for storebought, but now I would give PC ( Presidents Choice) brand a slight edge. My wife on the other hand doesn't really find any difference between most brands and buys whatever is on sale or the costco Kirkland brand .
  14. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2015

    no picture but so good I had to share anyway Charentais melon wrapped in prosciutto, and homemade peach biscuits with honey butter with a large mug of coffee with a splash of brandy.
  15. exactly why I shop at the store that sells bulk brown mushrooms , instead of the one that sells bulk cremini. $2.99 /lb vs 4.99
  16. My wife and I just drove past a sign that was still up for the EggFest earlier today. My wife asked me if I thought the Olsen's had been at it. I will show her your pictures, and she will be so jealous. She has a serious Girl Crush on Anna. I don't envy you being next to so many eggs on sunday though, it was such a drop down hot day .
  17. It worked so well that some companies are now marketing creminis as baby bellas
  18. Nothing fancy but a Gin and Chinotto is a great hot day drink for those that have a taste for bitter .. basically switch out the tonic for chinotto soda and make as you would your preferred G &T . I usually add a squeeze of lime juice and a slice for garnish.
  19. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2015

    Ok that is just sex on a plate.
  20. Not so much, people still drink straight from the bag. I worked with a group of guys that were doing serious weight lifting training for body building comps , and they would wander around work with a milk jug drinking skim milk straight from the bag all the time. Good source of protein I guess.
  21. My take reading between the lines, is that they are just trying to build a product similar enough to the Big Green Egg , to pull in some of there high value customer base. The talk about studying BGE patents is a clue there. They will change the shape enough add a few bells and whistles that supposedly make it a flatter learning curve to use , tout the Designed by Harvard angle and sell for a premium at Williams and Sonoma . There are quite a few people who have bought BGE for the cache of owning them but don't want to put the time in to really get the best use from them. A easier to use right out of the box ceramic/komado cooker probably does have a decent niche client base willing to spend $$$ , for something that will give them half decent product with minimal effort.
  22. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (part 4)

    I had a craving for lamb all week. Grilled a leg on the weber, also had a simple potato salad (not pictured).
  23. lol.. it is a standard tag headline format for a lot of click farming articles. variations . " three tricks rich people don't want you to know about " "10 shocking secrets blah blah won't tell you" etc. I read about this awhile back, in that article I loved the part where they tested it with virtual briskets. LOL I am sure it will make a good brisket, but then again there are peope out there with homemade filing cabinet smokers generating fantastic brisket too. " Tested by countless computer simulations of virtual brisket smoking, nearly two dozen weekend smoking sessions — often in snow or sub-zero temperatures — and 220 pounds of meat, the smoker is a rigorous, data-driven tool for making a feast." https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/05/05/harvard-class-cooks-ultimate-bbq-smoker/0O4fLQ0rbt9qMGsllPoTjK/story.html so basically they made 21 or 22 briskets and ran simulations and deemed theirs was better than the big green egg. BBQ comp teams and BBQ restaurants often do more than 20 a day , and have years of experience using their equipment. A better test would be to go head to head with Winning BBQ team(s) and a blind taste test with a panel of certified BBQ judges with no vested interest. edit.. btw 220 pounds of meat divided by 22 would be about 10 pounds average.. sounds like they weren't even using full briskets, just flats. Sorry but no matter how intelligent they are , they seem to lack some essentinal BBQ accumen.
  24. great article but this especially entertained me. " "I've been in restaurants where they bring over a carrot and say ‘This carrot was born the ninth of September. His name is Jean-Marie…' Just give me the goddamned carrot!'" Young chefs, he said, had become overly concerned with self-expression. Nouvelle cuisine had been about many things: fresher ingredients, new techniques, a sensitivity to place and season, healthier preparations, creativity, innovation. Out of all those mandates, chefs sometimes seemed to have only heard the final two. "That's how you wind up with a slice of rock salt in a bowl of raspberry ice cream," he said. "
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