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    Dinner! 2014 (Part 2)

    I have a notion as to the reason for the rinsing. I am not claiming it is the reason only , that I find it an interesting possible explanation . Texture. Is it possible that it is rinsing away some of the myosin protein released by grinding, makes for a more tender meatball? I doubt the Nonna knew why specifically it worked, only noted that it did ,and continued to make it a part of her meatball process.
  2. Ashen

    World's Hottest Chili?

    Any of the chiles I have tried above the heat level of a red Savina Hab , just don't have a pleasant taste to them imo. Once you get into that range you pick up the offtastes I associate with extracts. I did recently tried a 1 mil scov hot sauce made with extract that was actually very fresh tasting. My only guess is that the capsaicin extraction method for their extract was done without a solvent like hexane.
  3. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 2)

    Thankyou... first time making fish tacos, certainly not the last though..
  4. I saw that Forty Creek was sold to Campari recently, but in the short term at least it looks like John Hall will still be the Chairman and chief whisky maker. If Campari is smart they won't muck about too much with it in the long term.
  5. I think you will like it, but doubt it will be a must replace bottle.. Try Lot 40 for an all rye Canadian whiskey or more to my taste, Forty Creek Copper Pot Whisky . Forty creek is a blend of rye, corn and barley but there is a fairly aggressive edge from the rye in it. Each grain is distilled separately and then the resulting spirits are blended . http://fortycreekwhisky.com/Product%20pages/copper_pot.html I have not tried Forty Creek Heart of Gold as yet, but hopefully the next time I visit the distillery I can get a sample. Created to highlight the rye. http://fortycreekwhisky.com/Product%20pages/heart_of_gold.html
  6. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    pork loin chops, with onions & mustard sauce , tomato feta salad, panfried leftover baked potato, carrots dressed with butter and maple syrup
  7. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2014

    Ann_T that is a perfect breakfast, right down to the sourdough toast.
  8. are you talking about something like this? Bertolini vanillina powder http://www.sanremofoods.com/Products/ProductInfoPages/BERVAN.html My understanding is this is made from synthetic vanillin it also comes in packages combined with baking powder
  9. If they are indeed adjustable, and all else fails to get one or more of them turning, a judicious use of heat is an option of last resort. propane soldering torch would be my weapon of choice, You should be able to polish/buff out surface discolouration to the stainless afterwards.
  10. The pronunciation of radicchio is my personal pet hate. The generally accepted North American pronunciation I have heard on many programs drives me mad. I can grudgingly accept that it is a valid pronunciation, but I still personally believe. there should never be a dik in radicchio. rah/DEEK/kyoh or rah/Dee/chi/oh is what I grew up hearing , depending on the region of Italy the person saying it came from. I never ever heard rah\dik\eeoh until food network , and most memorably Bobby Flay. An addendum to that pet peeve was Ted Allen's pronunciation of treviso ,when talking on chopped about radicchio di Treviso ,which had me yelling at the TV like a lunatic.
  11. I don't typically do meat sauce on spaghetti. The kind of sauce I make doesn't lend itself to that kind of pasta. I like it better with shorter types like penne rigate, fusilli,or maybe rigatoni. a wide flat shape like mafalda or tagliatelle also works but is not my preference. family meat sauce/ Sugo , typically a mix of pork, veal( & or beef ), occasionally chicken. , red wine, very small amount of onion( too much makes it sweet) very little tomato is included, maybe a whole carrot fished out at the end to control the acid if needed . Almost could be described as a dry sauce, with what liquid there is having a more oily consistency and a slight orange tinge instead of red from how little tomato is included. It is intensely flavoured and meant to sparsely dress the pasta . At the end of eating a plate there shouldn't be a lot of leftover sauce on the plate. Personal and family preference on these things of course . YMMV .
  12. Ashen

    Making a Panade

    panko bread crumbs make an excellent panade instead of using sliced bread.
  13. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and salad. a dipping sauce for the chicken of apple cider vinegar, honey and scotch bonnet hot sauce.
  14. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    pot roast in the oven right now in CI Dutch Oven S&P rosemary sear for flavour carrot onion, mushrooms stock .. heated lid on and into slow oven. Will be served with mash potato gravy from thickened juices.
  15. Nanami Togarashi.( aka Shichimi Togarashi I have just recently read. ) This stuff is highly addictive, I am constantly searching for things to sprinkle it on. I am wanting to do some grilled sideribs dry rubbed with it and fresh lemons squeezed over top as grilling. I think it will be killer good.
  16. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    early birthday dinner request by my wife. grilled tri tip and shrimp with ceasar salad.
  17. To me italian sweets don't necessarily equate to the standard definition of dessert, eg. something sweet meant to be eaten the end of a meal, but to things eaten with a coffee or as treat at other times of the day. Some of my favourites that could work for a bakery/sweet shop would be, crostoli, pane d'oro , pannetone , fougasse dolce(my favourite is flavoured with spumadoro orange flavouring) there are a few similar fried fritter/donut type things like fritelle , zeppole, castagnole that are great if you were prepared to make them fresh to order.
  18. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    smoked ham and potato hash , sunny side eggs and Sriracha obligatory broken yolk shot.
  19. I don't as a rule go in for flavoured beers but this one is quite nice. It has a undertone of vanilla that reminds me of a beer float made with really good vanilla ice cream.. the nitrogen charge on the can gave a very generous and creamy head.
  20. Ashen

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    Beef spezzatino, grilled polenta and salad..
  21. i would say I have had a medium exposure to different single malts. I have a bottle of dalwhinnie 15 and I am still working on finishing off the bottle of Talisker I talked about upthread. I have tried Oban, jura, glenlivet,glenfiddich, Lagavulin over the years . I enjoyed them all to some degree , although Talisker would not be a repeat purchase for me. I also enjoy blended scotch, tried Johnnie walker black over christmastime and liked it.. I would liken it to really good roast chicken dinner. not them most exotic thing around but very satisfying when you are in the mood. To be truthful most bottles I have bought recently have tended to be Canadian whisky, different expression of 40 Creek or Rum. The price of the single malts makes them rare purchases. I sipped a really beautiful rum yesterday, Angostura 1919 Rum from trinadad. trying different tastings at the restuarant will let me get an idea of whether I like a single malt enough to invest in a bottle . We end up going there are least 4 or 5 times a year so I imagine I will get through most of the list eventually.
  22. I will be visiting a fav restaurant soon that has a fairly decent single malt selection. they offer 2 (1 oz) single malt tastings for 20$ from the list here. note the link is to a pdf file. http://charcoalgroup.ca/userContent/documents/CS%20Dessert%20Oct%2013.pdf the only restriction is that that the macallan 18 is not included in this offer. so my question is which two would you choose ? based either on not having tried before and or a favourite selection. I am leaning towards the Auchentoshan Triple Wood, and the Springbank ‘18 for this visit.
  23. DiggingDogFarm - I have never been to Sam's Club.. does the $12.88 price the website gave me sound right for that pack of 24 you linked too?
  24. we have a large selection of terrycloth teatowels but ones I like the most for side towels are Gillett's Barmop Towels; the dish cloths are very good too.
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