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  1. Do others prepare this chutney? What do you serve it with? How long is the shelf life?
  2. Tell me how you use it? Drink it? Add it to cooked rice? Cook with it?
  3. Gosh, FT, it's a cookbook. How do you usually read cookbooks? As for favorite recipe, I can't choose, THere's not a recipe in there that I don't llike for some reason or other.
  4. Sounds really nice, BB. WHere do you get the ginger from? Can you talk a bit more about the orange blossom water
  5. Can you tell us a bit about this Rupen? What makes it special? what part of India is it from? How do you use it?
  6. Your peanut chutney sounds divine. I cannot wait to try it
  7. The heartwarming festival of Janamashtmi is around the corner. This festival celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. I am planning a prayer service at home and would like to follow it with a meal. What would you all suggest? What is typical..? I hope our newest member who cooked at the ISCKON temple will help me out here.
  8. Its an excellent book, my vote would be to buy it and treasure it
  9. Welcome to the India forum. Do tell us about yourself. Where are you posting from?
  10. There are many folks who give tours. IACP can give you information on that. It was a good article in Met Home I believe, I have not seen it. Did his coauthor Stephanie pen it?
  11. The pods and seeds. unground should lasst 6 months to a year, if kept sealed in the dark. They will fade considerably after just a few months though. I find that the firmest bright green pods are usually the best. If the pod is plump and firm that usually means that it is full of good black seeds. I toss the lame ones with hardly any seeds into a container with loose black tea. That way I don't waste them and they will feel thay have a use in this world. agreed
  12. Someone asked me this yesterday.. what do you all think?
  13. Monica Bhide


    Were you able to find this recipe?
  14. You will note that the recipe uses sesame seeds as they are. Mom in law does not roast them for this recipe but I leave that up to you
  15. Here it is. I actually am proud that I added it to the recipe gullet! I am sorry for the delay in posting it. Its a sukhi chutney or dry chutney and I learnt it from my mother in law. Recipe is here -- Curry leaves spice rub/Dry chutney
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