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    Dinner! 2005

    Daniel - gorgeous pics - I am SO hungry after seeing them.
  2. sounds great - care to post a recipe? that sounds delightful
  3. Its two oclock pm in Washington DC and there is two inches of snow outside my window. I hear Minn is much colder. I am sipping a simple cardamom tea and wondering what to cook for dinner - something hot and spicy that counteracts the weather. What are you cooking from your spice cupboard that is warming Do share
  4. Did i mention it had to be legal Nice work
  5. I did actually - it was a pizza with colored bell peppers and Indian cheese (paneer) with some mild spices.. a fairly easy try for most folks. Also if you do a quick scan of the India forum, you will see I posted some pics last year of a tandoori chicken pizza that was excellent.
  6. Thanks you all. Since the classes got listed in Bon Appetit, I have been overwhlemed with requests for custom classes and this was one of them. I will let you know what I come up with. I found a great book by Jiggs Kalra on Indian aphrodiasiac foods -- let me see if I can make something from that,
  7. Glad yu liked it. NOw we need to come up with a eG version
  8. I have been getting many requests to set up cooking classes for couples and am thinking of doing one for valentine's day.. what would you suggest I teach?
  9. I think Floyd has a book coming out soon - cant wait. I tried some of his recipes that a chef friend had and they were really quite delightful.
  10. Thanks for the nice post - I appreciate it! I hope to see you more in these parts of eG
  11. Glad you all liked it.. I am inspired to go find more more pics and post them. I want to go back again...
  12. Gingerpeach - Did I mention that you would need to bring some back for me if you followed my recommendations. Sigh.... HAVE FUN -- while in Lajpat Nagar go to the middle area of the market - they sell some really great pakoras there (fritters). Also some wonderful mouth freshners as well
  13. Tana -- Thank you. Coming from a talented photographer like yourself that means a lot. Pan - Thanks (i think )
  14. WOW Jason -- just when I have to start my liquid diet you show me such gorgeous pics. Very nice!! Made me really hungry
  15. Check your PM box a bit later today - I will send what all I have
  16. No Doc - it was awesome. It really was and I will be back buggin you for more stuff..
  17. yes I did - Jason helped crop and upload them. I was there, on assignment, for seven weeks
  18. You are sweet to say I take good pics - its easy when the subject is so giving.
  19. Bloviatrix- on the top right is unripe papaya - I like the ripe ones better.
  20. Mabelline - Thank you, there is so much more to tell. If anyone ever tells you they know all about India, they are lying. They have to be.... like any other country there is SO MUCH to discover and so much to learn. I feel blessed to be able to write about food -- so much to learn and so much to do.
  21. I like Mcd and Domino's there. People can say what they want but until you have tasted what they did to the chicken tikka pizza, you wont know. It is very nice - basically spiced chicken on bread - they dont add Italian style sauces and add only a bit of cheese. Pizza is just to make it sound Italian I owe you recipes dont I -- okay will send soon.
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