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    Dinner! 2002

    Hosted a large dinner party last night: menu Starters: Portuguese Shrimp on Crispy Okra Bhel Puri plates -- Indian street food Suvir's Patri Ni Machi -- Individually wrapped steamed fish fillets with green chutney .. THANKS SUVIR Dinner: Murg Makhani: Chicken in butter and cream sauce Goan FIsh curry: Fish fillets simmered in coconut tomato sauce Garam Masala Okra Spice Scent Rice: Basmati cooked with bouquet garni (sp?) of warm spices Red Onions with Vinegar Paneer Achari -- Panner sauteed with pickling spices Various Breads Tomato Chutney Kokum Kadi: A cold lavendar colored soup Dessert: Alphonso Mango Kulfi ( no cooking no eggs needed) Saffron Tea I am one tired puppy today :-)
  2. Those are really good prices, I was quoted (3 years ago) $5000 for a small tandoor. Would love to hear where I can order one.
  3. I love the Foreman Grill for making Indian inspired tandoori chicken, I say inspired cos the taste is not exactly the same.. very similar. I have been working on a booklet for them with Indian inspired recipes. If you would like to try some let me know and I will PM them to you. For a full time mom and full time professional like me, the grill is a life saver... the title of my booklet is " 7 minutes to Chicken Tandoori". As far as buying a tandoor. I once inquired (will search my memory for who I talked to) and they cost of a portable tandoor was to exhorbitant for me. But I will find the information and send it to you
  4. My husband and I were invited to the opening of a new French American Restaurant near Tysons Corner. The food was amazing, the beef melted in your mouth, I dont think I have ever eaten such exquisite Tuna .. The young chef is brilliant and his food is divine. just amazing stuff. You can read more about it at: http://www.2941restaurant.com/2941docs/2941.html
  5. Hi Anu, I am still waiting for more information on how I can get the awesome shawls that you are making My book features an entire Indian inspired thanksgiving menu. PM me if you would like some recipes...
  6. Monica Bhide


    Wow, sounds so delightful, I wish I had lived closer so I could have attended ... someday!
  7. I often make patties with Sweet Potatoes.. flavoring them with coconut, maple sugar and almonds. Let me know if you would like the recipe
  8. Thanks, I was serious when I asked the question, mine tended to dry up a bit during roasting.. I will give this a try!
  9. That soup sounds really really good. Yum
  10. The recipe is in my next book, slated for next fall. I will dig it up and post it here shortly
  11. How do you roast your cauliflower?
  12. I read somewhere -- Eating Indian food with a fork and knife is like trying to make love thru an interpretor!
  13. I do a simple appetizer of shrimp dressed with a chili sambhal and finely chopped basil, then grill it.. ready to go!
  14. I have and I think it does make then sour and a bit softer on the inside
  15. I am still learning in this area. I cook shrimp, tilapia, cat fish and crabs. I make Crab Tikkis ( Indian version of Crab cakes) all the time. WHen I used to cater, a favorite was a a rainbow trout marinated in a cashew ginger sauce. The trout is the covered in foil and baked. It is a very delicate fish and the cashew and ginger really complement the flavors
  16. I think we alone support the "cauliflower industry" by how much i cook it!! Kidding aside, I do a simple cauliflower for an appetizer or a garnish for a pullao or pilaf. If anyone is interested, I am PM them a recipe. It is a crisp and tangy dish that is done in one step! For more formal occasions, I steam the entire cauliflower and then bathe it in a sauce made with tomatoes and peas.
  17. Do you have a recipe that you can share?
  18. I like to make my own. I actually brought back some earthern pots from India on my last visit. I will occassionally use the store made version.. when I am desparate for time! I have a friend who uses a silver coin to set her yogurt.. I have yet to see how she does it, when I find out I will post more about it!
  19. You are right about it not being well known .. interesting read. I love the texture of the dal. When we make it at home, I like to add a tablespoon of heavy cream and serve it as a hot soup.. it really is quite delightful when there is 30 inches of snow outside!
  20. I use the green ones for desserts or biryani's etc. I like to use the large black ones, that are really strong, for meats and chickpeas. In fact a pakistani friend showed me how to make a Murg Chana Masala or chicken chickpea masala.. that uses the black cardamom for the predominant flavor. It is a delicious dish -- I had not put the two together in Indian spices before... done some Moroccon cooking with them together
  21. I guess I am a Cilantro lover, at many of my booksignings, I have served a garlicky cilantro spread on lightly buttered baguette.. so far so good!
  22. I often serve: 1. Mango Cheesecake 2. Granny Smith Apple Kheer 3. A lovely and velvety KHubani meeta or Apricots and cream Yum!
  23. My friend, who is wonderful cook, adds about 1 tablespoon of whipped yogurt to the batter before deepfrying, she swears that is the secret to a good vada!
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