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  1. Just added "Indian Essence" to my collection. From the looks of it, its a must have
  2. Also do a quick search on this forum and the Economic Times (of India) website and you will find this topic has been covered many times... its a forum favorite
  3. I think I am in love! I have been immersed in a new book out by Chef Atul Kochhar -- He is one of the only two Indian chefs in the world to be awarded a Michelan star. He was the chef at Tamarind in London and now has his own place - Benaras. The book is one of the best I have read - not for beginners though -- the recipes are for someone who knows his way around the kitchen -- 1. Jhinga Til Tinka - Deep fried shrimp with vermicelli coating 2. Deccan fish curry from Andhra 3. Hyderabadi kali mirch ka murg - peppery chicken curry 4. Marathi Nalli Gosht - lamb shank Fresh flavors - and delightful recipes... this one is five stars in my book
  4. "No kitchens are no entry for outsiders " -- here is the link to an interesting piece in the Hindustan Times -- http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/7242_1002988,00180007.htm
  5. glad you enjoyed it. Since the curry leaves questions have been addressed I wont add more
  6. Geetha - i am not sure what this is.. can you please tell me a little bit more about it. I love lamb... so I will try the dish for sure.
  7. Yes I was thrilled to hear it. Its doing well
  8. You are correct Dave. I had no input into the cover. I talked with the publisher earlier today and let them know.. they indicated the tiny rack is for illustration only, really i could not even read it. The book is going into another reprint and they will take care of it then
  9. Great! I will get to your questions shortly.. just to clarify that the recipes in Everything Indian dont need a pressure cooker.. i think you mention that other recipe in other places do.. just a clarification
  10. If you make it at home.. be sure to post the procedure and results here!
  11. I use the different parts depending on what the heck I am doing with it
  12. Nessa - repeat after me - pressure cookers are good... pressure cookers are good... pressure cookers are good
  13. Geetha I use it to prepare upma.. if you try it let me know. Its quite good.
  14. Who is the author of this piece? Interesting experience
  15. Geetha - Love your ideas. I use buttermilk to prepare upma and love the texture it gives.
  16. What baked dishes do you prepare with it that are Indian?
  17. The taste of the commerical american brand is not very different. Atleast in my humble opinion. I use it quite a bit with good results. Vendor on commercial street -- now I am wondering who it is.. Gangarams?
  18. w@w - which buttermilk brand do you use here? You are on the west coast right?
  19. You will surely need to share this!
  20. Yes - Geetha- Indian filter coffee is my favorite drink. Do tell us more about this.
  22. Congratulations! There is even a lovely book out by an Indian author on what to feed your baby.. let me see if I can find you a copy. PM me your address dear,
  23. Travel by Indian rail? What did you enjoy at the stations or on the train? Come reminisce One of my favs was omlettes on a train from Delhi to Chandigarh....
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