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  1. I heard they are very expensive. How much do you think four or five will cost? Or do I have to do the mortgage thing
  2. Locally? Online? suggestions on how to tell if they are "good"? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The Economic Times features Monica's Choice
  4. Anchita - belated welcome to the forums. I appreciate your posts and look forward to hearing more from you.
  5. Now if I only knew someone at Penguin who would kindly send me a review copy.
  6. Hi all, sorry to have dissappeared for a while. I was in India on assignment and then took an extended vacation. It was good to be there and it feels good to be back. It has been hard for me to start a thread on how wonderful my trip was since the news of the terrible disaster on that side of the world. I hope you will forgive me if I choose not to post too much right now and begin to do so in a few days. Although I understand life goes on, it seems ridiculous for me to gloat about a great vacation at this point. I do want to say that I have pictures and stories that i am sure you all will enjoy. I met with India's leading chefs, restauranters, food editors, and many more wonderful people and their stories are amazing Thanks to all those who have kept the forum going, I hope we can drum up more energy here soon. Best wishes Monica
  7. Helenas- quite a bit has been written about how to use these.. I think a quick search on the threads will help you out. Do come back and ask more questions if the search is not as helpful as I think it will be.
  8. I keep thinking of the right words to say and so have been waiting to post. I am not sure there are any right words anymore. This is more than terrifying. I have never seen such devastation in my life. I hope that aid gets there in time so as to stop the spread of any illness. It is so very terrible
  9. Thanks! I was out and then ill and getting better now. I may be out due to some impending surgery but hope to post more asap.
  10. I cannot even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the devastation. I wish we could help somehow...
  11. I just got back from India and willpost my list shortly. They will have a great time I am sure and folks here have given some great suggestions
  12. VIkas - weclome to eG - do tell us a bit about yourself (also ignore my message about posting recipes on recipe gullet - it is currently being upgraded, I am told)
  13. Nayantara - Welcome to eG! Look forward to reading more from you.
  14. Monica Bhide

    Pan Frying

    JJ looks like you got some good advice here so I wont say the same thing again!
  15. Very similar to a meatball - but can be made with vegetarain choices as well.
  16. SO how do you make your koftas? DO you add a binder or not? What are some of the gravies you add them in.. do share
  17. Anna - I hope Jess is okay. Please do keep us posted. Awesome blog btw!!!!
  18. This one is for Balraj -- if you can share that is B..
  19. Thanks Mongo. I will add the basic pantries stuff here too.. JJ with this you should be good to go!
  20. curry <> curry ? well you learn something new every day ←
  21. JJ I will post a link here on a basic Indian pantry. BTW curry powder does not equal curry leaf powder. Curry leaves and curry powder have no connection to each other.. none at all.
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