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  1. I don't like to say it, but I think you may be wrong. It's a different sort of heat - a dry-heat evaporating one. If you take meat from the fridge at 39 degrees F and put it in an oven at 400 F, it's going to take a long time for the middle to get to 150. In the meantime, the outside of the is going to get well beyond 150. You've just undone your sous vide. Instead, I think you need to forget about the 150 F internal goal. 130 should be fine for properly pasteurized (via sous vide), properly chilled meat. You're probably looking for some Maillard reaction, which is good, but do it as quickly as possible with high heat of some sort. Perhaps direct flame, a hot grill, or an oven set at 550.
  2. I think Thanksgiving is really becoming the dominant secular American holiday that allows people of all cultures, faiths and religions (or lack thereof) to celebrate roughly the same general sentiment. It's probably helped immensely by the fact that the holiday was declared long after the the original experience was lost. If we were to be true to the supposed history, we'd probably have to order some venison from the local Indian reservation, and make a variety of squash dishes. Or, if we were poor, we'd pile the table high with lobsters and complain that we weren't getting the good stuff.
  3. http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/much-sugar-mango-7628.html According to that link they (mangoes) have a lot of sucrose which, if I understand correctly, is plain ol' sugar. So it's probably properly labeled. I don't think I've ever seen an ingredient list on a potato, whether or not it's in a bag. Chunking and freezing shouldn't change much except for perception. Freezing and thawing could cause a separation of the inherent elements that causes a different experience. Of course, it could be totally fraudulent, but it would take a lot more to determine that.
  4. I think the All Stars season was successful because of this. But that list doesn't really seem like an All Star one. Let's hope it's not Top Chef: Retreads.
  5. I think he means it can heat water quickly, while using a lot of power. This means you don't need any expensive extra equipment, like, a tea kettle or something.
  6. A big pop is quite different from a boom in my mind. My best guess is that somehow some water got trapped inside some sort of fat packet. The fat was heated to well beyond the boiling point and then something allowed the water to be introduce to that heat quickly.
  7. The frost seems to have killed what was left of my Roma tomato plants so I plucked about 25 baby green tomatoes and brought them in. They range from grape-sized to nearly mature. Can I get seeds for next year from these? Any other uses?
  8. About a year ago we had a store called Market District open near us. They have *a lot* of store prepared items. But are also a mega mart. At the opening they had valet parking and golf carts in the parking lots to bring shoppers into the store from their packed parking lot. A couple of phrases I was continually muttering as I first explored the store were "Ooh, that's interesting... Wow, that's expensive..." Over and over again. The bloom seems to be off the rose now. Nonetheless, I think this semi-prepared segment will be a success. Salad bars have been a major profit center at supermarkets for some time. But we need smarter consumers to bring the prices down.
  9. I was just reading a Serious Eats review of the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger. Kenji's conclusions strike me as more qualified than, say, David Chang's seemingly unreserved enthusiasm. The comments on the page seem to be all over the place and quite contentious. I appreciate these things as simply interesting developments that may provide new options. But for so many it seems that a burger cannot simply be a burger, but must be some sort of sociological or ecological line in the sand. I hypothesize that for every person wondering why we can't just let a veg be a veg, there's another wondering why a Kobe Ribeye needs to be ground up into burgers.
  10. It's interesting. I think in Western cooking turmeric is generally used only for color. I don't know that I've ever really tasted it. But if it can make broccoli taste like french fries, I think I'll have to look into it.
  11. I think btbyrd is absolutely correct. It depends on the ingredients in the marinade. Salt may be able to take some along for the ride, but not others. Someone would have to do a study of every combination. With regard to Keller's technique, I think a lot is left unsaid. If he braises it for another 10 hours, surely that's not in plain water. Those aren't the only variables. We'd have to understand curing completely - which I'm not sure anyone does. One would presume that he does it this way because he's found that it works. In science we must reserve judgement until we're absolutely certain we've accounted for everything. In cooking we must put something on the plate..
  12. While any store might have a management or policy problem, this story doesn't ring true to me. To find out that a union is driving it makes it even more suspect. The act of issuing reprimands over the PA is the least TJ thing I can imagine. Far worse than any causes listed for the employee. I don't know if I've ever even heard the PA used in our TJs. They tend to ring bells. [Edit - deleted question which could lead directly to political discussion]
  13. If you can get your hands on one in a store, try pressing the back plate (the piece the face of the meat would slide along) at the top near the blade. If it flexes, walk away and don't look back. You'll never get a properly thin cut. The ChefsChoice seems to get good reviews on Youtube and elsewhere, but for me it too much resembles a similar unit I bought long ago and thought was a nightmare. I think it's gear driven like that one. I describe the alternative I'm pleased with in this thread. This is similar to the ChefsChoice model 667, but about $150 less.
  14. Having read the complaint (which, of course presents only one side), CK is not so much competing as plundering.
  15. I am not a lawyer, although I sometimes pretend on the internet. I think challenging the look and feel is not going to be conclusive - except in conjunction with the other claims. What seems more damning is that - while creating a competing entity - CK held an ownership interest in ATK. I wonder if - in his mind - this gave him the right to the product(s). That's exactly the opposite of fiduciary responsibility that a board member would normally have. Still, in the interest of America, I think this thing must be fully litigated at Jack Bishop's tasting table. (Jack: Yes, you might think that Chris, but....)
  16. IndyRob

    An Overload of Eggs

    Breakfast burritos. I used to scramble up ten eggs at a time with a little sausage and cheese, wrap them in tortillas and refrigerate them. I'd like to think that they'd freeze well, but never tested it. They were just too handy as out-the-door nuked snacks in the morning.
  17. It doesn't seem like you have a problem with the performance of the Anova, just that it can break. But if you can buy four Anovas for the price of the PS Chef (and still save some money), what problem are you trying to solve? If your top priority is repair-ability, you need to build your own rig. It would still be cheaper than the Polyscience options. And you'd know how every little piece is supposed to work. These things are really just a sort of glorified water heater.
  18. I think I need scrunchons in my life.
  19. I still will watch GE episodes on Netflix when I'm bored. But, yes, for someone for who was initially much helped by AB, it can seem like going back to 5th grade. The chains-off aspect sounds good. I just hope the tone is more seeky than preachy.
  20. IANAL, but it appears that the compensatory damages were $300K, so $1M would not be much outside the standard punitive standard of 3X (treble?) damages, This would seem to indicate that the jury found that beyond just being responsible, that they knew (or should have known) that they were doing a big no-no. Not many details in the story though.
  21. This confused me as it seemed to say you might be eligible for a new unit. But I guess the upshot is that yours is no longer under warranty, and hence, no deal. Still, historically, we could rely on third party repair services for appliances. But they've never been cheap. I recently had a clothes dryer stop working. I guarantee it would cost around $200 to have someone come fix it. Luckily, I found some Youtube videos and was able to do the job for under $20 myself. Presumably, someone could fix your unit. But it would take knowledge, time and skills (soldering really tiny bits, for instance) to do. It wouldn't be cheap. I recently bought my Anova for $170. If it lasts 3 years, I wouldn't spend $200 to fix it, I would consider other options, but I'd go for something more state-of-the art. I don't think it's Walmart's fault. They demand what their customers demand. We're all to blame for wanting cheap tech. As these things become more mainstream, reputations will be made and lost. Mass markets will be created, and repair services may become available accordingly. But eventually, these things will become so mainstream that we won't be talking about replacing a $170 unit. It will be more like $25 like a Presto Kitchen Kettle today - which is arguably a cleaner, more complete solution except for the fine temperature control
  22. So you will serve chicken if you know it's a possibility that someone will get sick? Or would you never serve Chechens, er, chickens?
  23. If you and nathanm are ever at a food event and you ask him "Is it possible I will get sick from eating this piece of chicken?" He will say yes. If you ask him if it is probable, he will likely say "No." Make your own choice.
  24. It's not a risk assessment if in your mind all roads lead to the possibility of death. Ask the chicken. He crossed the road ('though no one is sure why)
  25. Well, inserting your own words into someone else's quote is a novel way of making an argument, I don't think nathanm would agree with your reasoning.
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