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  1. As I only used the term 'what if' once in reference to chicken (implied sous vide), I assume you must be LOL'ing at Douglas Baldwin? [Edit] Sorry, I also used 'what if' with the thermapen in the salt thing. Argue with either.
  2. No, if it were a game of possibilities, nathanm's quote would mean fuck it - we're all doomed. Nothing we do can ever be right. It is a statistical phenomenon. i.e. probabilities.
  3. Well, it's gonna be a difficult position for anyone to oppose all precautions, but I'd say, for instance, that 'No Gloves' is not a dis-qualifier. I've watched many vaunted chefs prepare chicken and almost never (and that's being generous) see gloves. It's about the totality of the thing. What if I never wash the probe of my thermapen, but always store it buried in salt? What if I don't get my chicken heated to 165F, but keep it at 145F for three hours? Food safety is a game of probabilities. You can't just look for one 'gotchya' (unless it's massive).
  4. Beer, bread, sauerkraut, kimchi are all fermented. Fermentation in and of itself is not bad. Removing water is also referred to in cooking as reducing. Except, perhaps, with curing meats where it's referred to as 'making it safe to consume'. Traditional meat curing has been practiced for over 2000 years. The 'no nitrates added' thing is a bit deceptive, However, it could be a reaction to the pseudoscience from the other side.
  5. While out today, I noticed that our local Logan's Roadhouse had closed. As I neared home, I also noticed that our local Applebee's had closed as well. I decided to do a news search and found an article: Why Are So Many Restaurant Chains Closing Locations, Filing For Bankruptcy? It appears that there's a significant change occurring, Change for the better?
  6. Never a good sign. However, it's also the ultimate measure of chefliness - which is why I'm so interested in it. You could try this...I believe it's from America's Test Kitchen. For me, it was merely OK. It sounds like you have a slicer, which will be invaluable. http://www.food.com/recipe/tender-eye-of-round-beef-roast-atk-465509
  7. Curious....How did you connect top round to the roast beef you sampled? If anyone can make round steak palatable, I'm in for $50 to the kickstarter.
  8. I don't know if I can say 'never again', but I really don't ever again want to click on any YouTube video advertising itself as 'the best ever...', 'the worlds' best...' or 'the perfect....' something or other. It only ever seems to confirm how small the poster's world is.
  9. They seem to have sold themselves on their own 'connected appliance' spiel. As a satisfied Anova Precision Cooker owner without a device that works with it, I don't care. I don't know why I would. Their pitch sounds like they're selling a crock pot. Steam + convection sounds great for bread. I have hope for this product, but forget the network capabilities.
  10. IndyRob


    I've been to four of them in my general area. Really, they're no different once you account for age and neighborhood. Of course, the newer ones appear brighter and cleaner (because, well, they are by their very nature). The ones on the more upscale neighborhoods appear a bit better. And, to be frank, the clientele will be a factor in one's impression. But, that said, I'm not sure that I'm not more comfortable at my lowest end store because the shoppers tend to understand the concept better and are often more friendly. But the products are all the same..I don't think they franchise, but they do run an extremely tight ship. So I think the older stores might start getting behind on maintenance and cleaning.
  11. One year I had to figure out a way to do a TG dinner ahead of time and transport it 85 miles and be ready to serve within an hour or two with limited equipment. So I got a turkey and took all the meat off the bone in strips running along the grain. I laid all the strips down in parallel on cling wrap, starting with the dark meat. Then I spread a mixture of spinach, mushrooms and cheese (and such) over it and rolled it up so the dark meat was outside (as it would survive direct heat better). Then I SV'd this big sausage and chilled it at the end. I finished it in the oven onsite with a bread crumb coating. Then it was sliced and presented on a platter, The visual effect was enough that my sister (who has a chef of some note for a son-in-law) grabbed her phone and posted it to her social media. I originally wanted to to take the skin off the turkey intact and wrap the whole thing in it rather than the breadcrumbs. But my trial run with a chicken didn't live up to my expectations and I had to resort to the breadcrumbs which I decided would be more reliable. I'd still like to go back and try to refine that one.
  12. I've often wondered whether there are laws that govern/limit this sort of thing. My wife's company built a brand new 11 story downtown office building. When it was done I joined her for a weekend open-house tour day. They had a beautiful kitchen area with tons of stainless steel everywhere. But virtually no appliances. Refrigerators and microwaves was all. I've only seen one toaster oven, a few toasters, and a popcorn machine in my entire career.
  13. IndyRob


    I can't say for sure, but I just looked at their online ad, and the only beef product there is choice brisket at $2.35/lb.
  14. IndyRob


    Specifics? For instance, I've bought whole pork shoulder at GFS for $1.29/lb. Beef tenderloin can be had for $9.99, rib roast for $6.99.
  15. IndyRob


    The thing I would like to know is whether the annual $50 membership fee can be justified by savings against other sources like ALDI or GFS.
  16. Sounds like BS to me. We routinely see meatball recipes utilizing three different species (never mind single animals). Is a burger made from three different Wagyu steers better than one made from 'poor ol' Bessie'? 'Sounds like a "Please buy all of my product" ploy. That's not to say that inferior blends don't exist in the market. But 'does it come from a single cow?' doesn't strike me as the most useful question.
  17. The blade could be a weak point. I don't know if there's a standard in this area. But it does come with sharpeners, so you're okay for a good while as far as that goes. The documentation was in a rather humorous form of Globish (Asian simplified English). You should expect no support whatsoever, That said, I did come across an Amazon review where someone got a much better response from the Best Choice.rep than I would've imagined Also, as I pointed out, it's a motor, a switch, a belt and a blade. Any repair place worth its salt should have no problem servicing it (short of major blade damage). Yes, I've used a really good U.S. made deli slicer in a commercial setting, This is very close. The tray slides very nicely. It's commercial quality, but Malaysian commercial quality. It's not quite as good as what we can get, but is at least 2X better than anything Americans have produced for the home market (Chef's Choice, etc.).
  18. Don't buy it until you've looked at this... Best Choice Products New 10" Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer, Premium Quality I bought one and I love it. Cons: Very heavy (50 lbs). Can be difficult to clean. Unboxing revealed a few loose screws and nuts - haven't found where they might go yet. Will spit fine shards out the back if slicing roasted meats. Imported from Malaysia. Pros: Virtually silent (belt driven). Slices as thin as you please. Nice sliding action. At it's essence, it's a blade, a motor and a switch. Repairs, if any are ever needed, should be able to be made locally. Will save you $200-$300 New, not used.
  19. So, we need to analyze the DNA of everything we eat, lest we become that thing? "You are what you eat" has taken on a whole new meaning.
  20. If that's the case, it's only slightly less astounding. It would still be a rather impressive ratio.
  21. My first wife was absolutely convinced that putting hot water in an ice tray would make it freeze more quickly. Why? Because somebody told her that, Today on The Chew Mario Batali repeated the myth that pasta water should taste like seawater. If we can't get that right, how can medical advice be any better? The thing is, when it comes to this nutrition stuff, we seem to have (almost) no clues whatsover. As I understand it, we've very recently come to the understanding that we're are all made up of 90% foreign bacteria and 10% cells with human DNA. And we've only been studying the human bits (and know next to nothing about the rest), We still have these Purell stations as a sort of bacterial Trump anti-immigration plan. Until we figure out the whole equation, the whole thing can not be understood.
  22. But the price has come down now, It's less than an an actual oven. Not that it matters to CK, he still echews a microwave,
  23. Food Personality For Sale That should be CK's next book title. His departure won't hurt ATK, but his replacements might. They could've hired any number of low-grade comedian hosts, and that might've been better. After all, he became the guy who presumably didn't know anything. I don't think he was happy with that role, even though he was smart enough to recognize that he must play it. But from his other productions like ATK Radio, I sense a bigger ego. If he doesn't specialize in home grown-salt-of-the-earth-food-programming, he's going to die a serious media death. I just bought my Anova sous vide cooker from Target. (Target!). As far as I know, ATK has never addressed sous vide on TV and only a letter to their radio program got them to address it. They conceded that it worked but brought up the same tired old arguments about taking intuition and the associated smells out of the equation. Well, Chris, WTF do you do? You're all about the science of cooking and removing variables... until Nathan Myrvold comes along.... Stick your folksy Vermontness. It's all you've got.
  24. Grapevines: I ordered 8 vines online this spring and I got 8 vine sticks with bare roots wrapped in wet newspaper. Not without pessimism, I planted them all with varying care, and to my surprise, all 8 sprung to life and have thrived. The ones with the best light exposure are now taller than me. However, in the last month I've noticed a change in growth. Rather than continuing to grow large leaves, they seem to have shifted into a mode where they're trying to spread out by producing a lot of little parsley sized leaves at their ends. I'd like to interpret this as the vines finding their limits and feel like I should prune them all off to encourage more root growth. Would this be the correct course of action?
  25. We recently had lunch at Boogie Burger and I'd put it squarely in the 'Skip' column. Burgers were dry, fries unremarkable. Also recently went to Ramen Ray for my for my first real Ramen experience. It seemed okay and authentic based on my limited knowledge of the genre. But I think I just don't get the appeal of Ramen. Even if I imagined my own version with sous vide eggs and pork belly, it's just seemed a rather expensive(~$13) bowl of soup.
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