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  1. Yesterday i got a beautiful book - Bali Unveiled: The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine. It's interesting how the author Heinz von Holzen starts with describing a balinese eating being all about satisfying the hunger and then proceeds with one enticing recipe after another for more than 200 pages
  2. The one on my pic is produced by austrian artisan vinegaron Gegenbauer(check the site even if for recipes only) and was mail ordered from L'Epicerie.
  3. Stopped by Griggstown yesterday for quails but their fresh chickens looked so irresistible i ended up getting one as well. That was in fact a very smart choice: one of the best chickens i had in recent memory (i usually buy Eberly's or Bell&Evans).
  4. Lancaster Hop Hog IPA became a new favorite - although a bit on a thinner side the tropical flavor of this beer is addictive. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' IPA - quite bready and a very long bitter finish, very nice.
  5. helenas

    Cooking with Beer

    WHT, this sounds intriguing: any particular type of beer? Do you cook beans in the same liquid? Or you add a fresh beer?
  6. helenas

    Dinner! 2005

    freshly killed chicken from Griggstown Quail Farm, spatchcocked, quickly harissa marinated and roasted; cazuela roasted fingerlings and porcini; roasted golden baby beets with walnuts and garlic chives yogurt dressing; pickled fiddleheads and ramps;
  7. what can i say - same league, but as much as i love to hate Dogfish Head, this one is a winner: in terms of aroma and very long finish. but you know what - these days i always have some Red Seal in my fridge
  8. Margaret, i politely disagree: i used to order Cusine et Vins de France directly and never had a problem with lagging - the date their site would announce the availablity was the date plus minus i would get my issue. Same experience when i ordered single issues of Saveurs from some CA company (don't have their link handy). And apropos of nothing, i have a subscription to australian Gourmet Traveller which i get at the same time that it hits newstands in Sydney or Melbourne
  9. helenas

    Cooking with Beer

    My contribution to this thread (and i cooked with beer on many occasions) would be a seafood stew from Mai Pham's Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table: broth made from beer, chicken stock with tomato chunks, fish sauce, lemongrass, dill and celery with seafood and more tomatoes and dill added towards the end. Tonight i made this yet again with Czechvar, red snapper, large shrimps and serious amount of dried bird red peppers - mind-bogglingly good!
  10. Always glad to hear about a new IPA... For me, the best Hop Devil is the standard by which to judge all IPAs. ← i probably keep getting bad Hop Devil as i find it quite underwhelming. On the other hand i consider Hop Hog quite an interesting IPA: plenty of grapefruit bordering really strong almost guava aroma. We had a side to side tasting tonight and both preferred Hog to Devil. Tomorrow i'm planning the comparative tasting of two imperial IPA heavyweights: Stoudts Double IPA vs Dogfish Head 90 Minute: i'm almost sure which one reigns supreme
  11. helenas

    Pork Belly

    the favorite cut: here are some of the dishes i made: Mock porchetta:( recipe link) Five Spice Roasted Belly: Belly roasted with cloves and oranges: pork rillons: (recipe link) :
  12. Susan so what do you think? i tried it a while ago but don't remember if i liked it or not... maybe it's time to have a thread on our hop favorites! i'm having Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale tonight, and can't really describe it better than somebody already did on ratebeer: "Pretty bland, doesn’t really speak strongly of either malt or hops, but instead of a flat bread and hints of dried apricot. Very smooth and not too watery, nice and evenly viscous on the palate. Extremely drinkable, but not notably amazing."
  13. Victory Storm King imperial stout, nice but nothing special so need to retest. Another King: Three Floyds Alpha King pale ale: the king indeed, and a perfect match with edamame yuzu pesto and soba.
  14. Inspired by this thread i made stir-fried edamame with yuzu kosho and pan roasted scallops. today i whipped sort of pesto with a rest of the edamame bag: egg yolk with beans then yuzu kosho and olive oil. The pesto came out so delicious but soba-pesto thing was on a gloppy side - next time i'll just puree beans and stir in yuzu paste and olive oil for a looser consistency.
  15. Barbara's Shredded Oat w Almond and Vanilla is my current favorite: is this the same one? Squares stay pleasantly crunchy and the cereal is excellent in Edensoy Extra soymilk.
  16. Unibroue's beers are great: thanks for reminding - i'll pick some for dinner tonight.
  17. helenas


    Stoudts Fat Dog is our current favorite imperial. Need to try Victory Storm King once again, totally forgot if i liked it or not .
  18. Looks like Total yogurt is back: at least i got some yesterday at Delicious Orchards (NJ)
  19. I think Long Beans deserve their own thread: my favorites: deep-fried (sometimes with eggplant) and tossed with yuzu kosho; cut-up in tiny beads and added to a braising meat during last 30min (tried this with mediterranean flavored lamb, today it will be with sake braised pork belly); The beads trick i've learned from the indispensable Amaranth to Zucchini book, where there are some other interesting long beans ideas. Paula Wolfert has a bunch of suggestions in her Mediterranean Grains and Greens such as macaroni-style beans from Turkey, or fritters with skordalia from Greece. Also here on eGullet there are excellent ideas from Jinmyo on Dinner thread: when i have time i'm planning to pull them together.
  20. Asparagus plus morels and ramps - Tom Colicchio has several recipes in his Think Like a Chef. Yesterday i made his pan-roasted poussin with morels, ramps and asparagus: very nice dish but next time i'll change the ingredients ratio: his for 4: 3-4 poussins, 1/2 lb morels, 1/2 lb ramps, 1 lb asparagus, 1/4 lb sugar snaps; mine for 2: 1 poussin, 1/4 lb morels, 1/4 lb ramps, 1/2 lb asparagus, 1/8 lb sugar snaps; and still ramps were hardly discernable and there was no enough asparagus so the next time i'll double the amount of both;
  21. yesterday: Lancaster Hop Hog IPA - pretty good; Weyerbacher Hops Infusion (IPA) - decent but where're those hops? today: Stoudts Double IPA - outstanding; Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - classic;
  22. incidentally i've got the english version of this book recently and fully agree - it's a great one: Dishes of France : An Insider's Tour of the Region and Recipes
  23. Inspired by today's article in sfgate about food blogs i made Ghormeh Sabzi, or Persian Green Herb Stew: used couple of small lamb shanks and some meaty neck pieces and increased the amount of herbs substantially - excellent dish.
  24. actually before i got this book, i made sausages with plums after i found a recipe on the web. They were quite good and more interesting than the traditional sausage-grape combination.
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