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  1. Made my own peanut butter and made these "pucks" today.
  2. Donna, I like that the Bakon looks like it uses standard hotel pans. Mol d'Art doesn't. It looks more flexible with the pan assortment.
  3. These are what I spent all day making. Cute, but labor intensive.
  4. Very nice!! You've come a long way in a few short weeks:-)
  5. The Perfect is usually pretty good about no tails as long as I remember to turn the detailer on:-) It is more of a problem with milk chocolate that is cooler than normal.
  6. Jess, your caramels were one of the highlights for me! Plus, you told us where to get yuor "secret" ingredient, which I have ordered.
  7. Thanks Jess--those were great. Kerry will have to post her lemon curd recipe, but I just took her batch and let it sit (covered) during lunch, then ladled in some tempered white chocolate. I couldn't tell you how much. I just poured and stirred. Guessing maybe not quite half and half. I actually shouldn't have put the last bit in as it was just starting ti break.
  8. I am finally able to post. Kerry Kerry and Bob Bob Kerry and Ruth BBQ joint Steve making chocolate granite Mette piping shamrocks Meet and Greet Rob working on sculpture Joe's cool frame thing-he just adds more sheets to make it taller
  9. Had a fabulous time!! It was great being with other people who share your passion. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have people in my life that don't really "get" my passion:-) I arrived on Wednesday so I could do some site seeing. Thanks to Bob and Kerry I had a wonderful time. We arrived for our White House tour that Bob had arranged with one of his friends that work there. Unfortunately, we were at the gate and they moved everyone several blocks away and we had to wait for some unknown reason. After 2 hours, we decided we had other things to do. We did get some pix. Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload them. Maybe someone will help? We then went to wine country and did some touring and checking out some wineries. Bob took us to a unique BBQ place that was very tasty. Dinner in Old Town Alexandria and back to the hotel. Next morning, Curls, Kerry, Mette and me got together for an all day adventure. We started out at Albert Uster, went to DC for lunch at Poste, shopped at Cowgirl Creamery and Co Co Sala. While there, we talked our way into the back room to watch them make their chocolates. None of us had ever seen a shop trim the feet off their chocolates, but they did. Hit a liquor store-Ace Beverage, another confectionary Artisan Confections (where we also got the back room tour). Donna (Curls) is one impressive driver. She drove us around in a huge Excursion and handled it like it was her Porsche TT. We got caught in traffic and didn't make it to the dinner at the Asian restaurant, but we made it to the Meet and Greet. Many, many impressive chocolates. We had also shamed Bob into making caramel corn for us:-) Very delicious! This is one nice community of people. We talked and talked and talked. Saturday, was the big day we had been waiting for. Bob did an amazing job organizing and hauling his entire candy room to Stratford. We had several melters and each got filled quickly. Joe did some fun ganaches and then we got our hands in the chocolate. Rob (Gfron1) showed us how to do a chocolate sculpture with Steve's help. Steve made chocolate granite for the base of the sculpture. Steve also showed us some fun airbrushing techniques. He melts his cocoa butter in a dehydrator and it keeps it warm--brilliant idea. Kerry was doing many demos in the other room as has been previously reported. I watched her make a fluffy pistashio nougat in the Thermomix. I think Kerry can do anything she wants in that nice machine. I didn't see everything that was happening but what I did see was great. Everyone was helping each other and learning. We had some newbees (Heather) who doesn't own an apron and is more familiar with delivering babies than cooking, but she was here to learn. It was so fun to watch her succeed and have a smile on her face the whole time. For those of you who didn't make it, you should have tried harder:-) Looking forward to next year. I'll try to figure out how to post the photos. It keeps telling me I have failed--not a good thing. Another huge thanks to BOB--love ya.
  10. Just left Albert uster. 9211 Gaither road Gaithersburg, md 301 258-7350
  11. Kerry--have you been shopping at the thrift store again?:-)
  12. Are there small pieces of nuts that could be the seed. What about stirring? When do you add the nuts?
  13. Hooters!! NOT.:-) I would rather take my chances at a "real" restaurant than a chain. Whatever the groups wants.
  14. I bought the Perfect, and mostly we get along just fine. There are days when I am not happy with it, but for the most part, it does what I ask. It was just under $12K. Come on over Vanessa and I will show it to you:-)
  15. Chocolot


    On a whim, I bought some black cardamom pods yesterday. Should have smelled them first:-) Is there any application for the seeds in a ganache? I am getting smoke and menthol--doesn't seem like a good idea.
  16. Just bought my ticket. I'll be there for sure on Wednesday.
  17. I am also a 2 person operation-mosting a one and a half person:-) I started with an 80# Hilliard that I had used for hand-dipping for years. When I switched to molding and fork dipping, it wasn't as useful. Was lucky enough to snag 3 Savage 50# tempering melters. I put away the Hilliard. I still had the issue of fork dipping all those pieces. It was the bottleneck of the operation. I took the plunge and got a Perfect wheel enrober. I thought I was crazy as it was a $12,000 investment and I had never seen one before. It paid for itself in the first year. I could never have done the volume without an enrober and it was the most economical one I could find. It is far from perfect but it is much better than fork dipping! I have said many times..I don't know what I would do without it. There are also times that I want to do harm to it:-) Take the leap of faith and go for it. Business will only improve.
  18. That stove is not that old. I see she has at least one ring. Would suggest she use it to raise the kettle a bit from the flame. You go by the look of the flame and the way the batch is looking, rather than a temperature setting. If you would have poured into sheet pans, you could control the temperature of the finished product better. That size kettle could easily handle a 25# batch. Question is could you two lift it:-) After pouring onto the marble, you can run an offset spatulas under the batch, releasing it from the marble. If she is always planning to turn it over, would suggest pouring into sheet pans, and turning the whole pan/batch over onto another pan. Parchment works better than buttering, in my experience. Glad it all worked for you.
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