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  1. Donna, Martellato 1600 Chocolat-chocolat
  2. Tried out my new molds today. Caramel Apple Ganache
  3. While in Vancouver, be sure and go to Granville Island. In the public market is ChocolaTas. They make them in Abbotsford. Very good chocolates.
  4. I like the Thermopen too, but they also make several other styles. http://www.thermoworks.com. I have a thermocouple unit with changeable probes. It is a scientific instrument, not a kitchen gadget. They are pricey, but worth it. I also use an infrared gun for chocolate work and to get close in cooked syrups. The people at Thermoworks are very helpful if you call.
  5. If you just want a little bit, go to Walmart. It is in the baking aisle.
  6. I did this yesterday with a dozen eggs. First two broke before I got the hang of it. It works great!
  7. Add some water and place over low heat to dissolve the sugar crystals. Recook to correct temperature. I have doubled and tripled many fudge/fondant/caramel recipes without a problem. If you have a pot large enough, a big enough heat source, and a large enough cooling surface, this shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I find that if the chocolate is over, or under tempered, it will do this.
  9. Not long-maybe 15 minutes. Probably not enough time to dry out.
  10. I have only made layered PDF's at Callebaut, but they had us put a silpat over the first layer to keep it from drying out while preparing the second layer. Not sure if it is necessary or not.
  11. Kerry, you are the only person I know that would take three different types of pectin along with them:-)
  12. I'm no mathematician but I think you just divide the 468 by 81 and you get 5.8 times the smaller recipe.
  13. Kerry, Peter would be soooo disappointed:-)
  14. I have kept it for up to 9 months without a problem. Might last even longer. Thaws rather quickly.
  15. Good point! I sanitized it, but SS would be better.
  16. I finally found a good solution to thick, separated praline paste. Have you ever opened the tub only to find oil on the top and thick solid goodness on the bottom? I have and couldn't find a good way to get them mixed back together. Tried food processor, mixer, and elbow grease. Today, I am proud to announce the new and improved praline mixer:-) It may look like a typical paint stirrer, but it is in fact a praline stirrer. You start out slow and remember to keep the mixer on the bottom, and never in the air. It was not running in this photo. No paste wasted. I usually end up with some on the bottom that just refuses to come out. After getting it all nice and smooth, I scoop into deli containers in the amounts I usually use at one time and freeze. This keeps it fresher and it doesn't settle. One of the real benefits is that when you are finished, there is a beater to lick:-) I picked it up at Lowe's for about $4.
  17. If you want light colored caramels, cook them as fast as you can without scorching. You won't give the Maillard reaction a chance! Also, don't use any baking soda as this will cause the mass to darken and increase Maillard. If you need more standup quality, reduce the glucose as this causes cold flow and/or increase the milk solids.
  18. Beat until you can't beat anymore. The marshmallow will climb your beater(s) and it will be lukewarm. If in doubt, spoon a little out and see if it sets. If not and you can still beat more, do it. (Don't burn up your mixer:)
  19. I think Kerry meant layered bars not laminated. Peter said new book will have 100 more pages. He is a really nice guy.
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