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  1. I just use deli containers. Like pastrygirl says, there is no moisture, or very little. It shouldn't be condensing.
  2. I am usually cautious (cheap) about subscribing. I have signed up for Kriss Harvey. I find him entertaining and educational. His recipes work! I like the format of being able to access the book, and that he updates it often. Any others I should be looking at?
  3. You are making two entirely different caramels. The first is a maillard caramel where you caramelize the dairy protein. The second is a caramelized sugar caramel. Totally different flavor. Add the fact you are using brown sugar, which is basically molasses and white sugar. Also, I’m guessing Karo syrup rather than glucose? A few things to look at: what is your altitude? Do you have a reliable thermometer? When you cut them, are you manhandling them and having to reshape them? Salted butter is not the problem.
  4. I feel your pain. I guess that is what keeps us interested! Just last week I had similar issues. This week nothing but beautiful bonbons. I’m using the same bottle of cb, temp about the same. Someone once told me that something was too cold. Your guess as to what😀.
  5. As you are cooking the syrup, just add some liquor or baking chocolate. Cook the batch 1-2 degrees less than for vanilla.
  6. Look for someone 50 years younger and 100# lighter. I might have also changed my name:).
  7. The first block, I bought for a real bargain. I thought it would last me the rest of my life. It didn't! I'm pretty sure this one will.
  8. The softer one is from Mexico. The firmer one from Africa. I buy 20kilo blocks. It’s a pain, but much cheaper. I chip off a chunk and melt then put in deli containers. Put the deli container in EZ.
  9. What electricity do you have? That might make a difference. I have a Perfect enrober. It is far from perfect, but it has made me a lot of money😀. It is a larger version of the Dedy. Willow has both the Dedy and Perfect. She will jump on when her work day is over.
  10. My friend called me and asked if her cheesecakei is safe to eat. She made it yesterday and left on counter to cool. Forgot and went to bed. This morning she found it. It was at room temp for about 12 hours. Don't know the flavor. They were going to eat it tomorrow-family dinner. She asked if she should toss it. I realize the answer is to toss it, if in doubt. On the other hand, she isn't selling it, it is family (wouldn't you rather kill the family than a stranger?:). Considering the cream cheese is cultured, does that change anything? Any chance she can save it?
  11. That is a real pain! You should be able to source some fresh cb and just put it in. I have two EZ's and I have two different sourced CB's. I have to use different set points until the old one is used up.
  12. I have used Duerr for years. Very happy with them. I originally went with a local company, Utah Paper Box. They do quality work, but doubled my price from the first order. I sent my boxes to Duerr to get a quote. They came in closer to my original price. They copied the boxes exactly with custom paper and hot stamp as well. I do pay shipping and usually have a little damage, but it is still lots cheaper. They are doing my boxes right now. I'm very happy with them. Ask to talk to Dale. He is my sales rep. They are very slow to get out orders right now. Usually not a problem, but Covid and messed up everything.
  13. I never heat to close. If I did, it would be with a hair dryer. I am dangerous with a heat gun.
  14. The readings are supposed to be accurate within 0.2 units of water activity. I think it is .02. Jim, I have found about the same as you have. They change slightly, but not much.
  15. This is a custom made grid that Cache Toffee in Salt Lake City uses to make their toffee in triangles. They also have a press that pushes it into the candy. They still get a lot of breakage, but use it as samples.
  16. I talked to the people at Decagon about this. It doesn't matter what the ingredient is, eggs or cream cheese or whatever. If it is "clean" going in and meets the aW, it is safe. At Callebaut in Montreal, we learned a good recipe that uses lemon curd in the ganache. I have made it for years and there is no problem, other than I eat too much of it.
  17. Yes. For gianduja, use 82 degrees, or 28C. Put over bowl of ice water to cool down quick.
  18. TCF Sales is very reputable. Tom is great to deal with.
  19. I have missed lots of Kerry's adventures. Let's hope for more travel in 2021!
  20. If I'm trying a new filling, I will test as I make it. I will spoon out a little ganache, put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then test. That way, I can make adjustments if needed. I find the "test" improves over several days. If it is good when i make it, i know it will be good later.
  21. I think it is from the thickness of the bottom chocolate. There is more, so it contracts more, causing the crack. Especially thick round the edges.
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