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  1. If the sugar did not dissolve, just add some water--maybe 1/4-1/2 cup. You just need enough for the sugar to dissolve. It will cook off and not be a problem. All a thermometer does is tell you how much water is left in the solution. A longer cook time might caramelize more sugar and milk, and invert a bit of the sugar, but in a fudge, that is a good thing. The type of sugar should make no difference. Beet sugar foams a little more than cane, but not enough difference to notice. Don't start a boil until the sugar is all dissolved. If you do, the water is driven off and you have even less to dissolve the sugar. I am at 5000 feet, and as long as I adjust the temperature for altitude, I have no problem. (I have problems, but not with sugar:-)
  2. Two new flavors today--Kaffir Lime with Coconut Cream and Raspberry Rose. Think I might bring some to the Conference:-)
  3. Would you think equal amounts? I think it's about an oz per batch of invert sugar. That is not much invert sugar. Are you sure it isn't the measurement for invertase? If I remember correctly, Fondax is egg white based. If so, it will cause a softening. I think you need to go back and try a different cook temp. Find a recipe that has similar ingredients and check the percentages.
  4. Just wondering how many samples to bring to the Show and Tell on Friday night? Do we bring for each person, or do we cut and share? How many should we plan on?
  5. Try raising the temp only a few degrees and see if that helps. Jumping 6 degrees is a lot at one time.
  6. Beautiful work! Tell us how you did them:-)
  7. Make a dilute vinegar solution and put in spray bottle. After pot is wiped out, spray with solution and wipe again. Allow to air dry. Should take care of most odors. While I try really hard to not use soap in my CI, when making something tomato based, it is hard to get out the residual color and odor. I will use a small squirt of detergent and rinse out immediately and dry with paper towel or over heat. Some of my iron is 25 years old and has a wonderful patina.
  8. First try at chocolate tulips. Just in time for Easter.
  9. I'm getting excited to meet everyone. I talked with Lois at Tomric and she said Modpac is just 2 blocks away so hopefully we can do both.
  10. I know a business that bought one for making small batches of toffee and caramels. They were not happy with the results and now use it to melt chocolate. They have the large firemixers that they are very happy with.
  11. Didn't back with white. Just shelled in white and dark. Started out just the same. Dark obviously adds a lot of blue to the colors.
  12. Today I have been playing with different colors in preparation for Easter. I sprayed 6 trays with the same two colors--Princess Pink and yellow. I shelled half in white and half in dark. Here are the results. It makes sense that they would be different, but I am surprised at how different they are. Sorry the pix is turned--don't know how that happened.
  13. I think you should bring everything you can that will fit in your car:-)
  14. Move me to the for sure list. Just got my plane tickets and reserved a room. Excited to meet all of you.
  15. As a friend of mine said to me "Welcome to toffee Hell":-) You made your mistake when you removed it from the heat. Toffee is very sensitive to heat changes. If you haven't put the chocolate on it yet, just put it back in the pot and add about 1/2 cup water and recook. It will turn out fine, just maybe a tiny bit chewy because of the added sugar inversion. Let us know how it worked.
  16. Pudding cake to me is a "Floating Island" type of dessert. A meringue type of cake floating on a sauce, be it lemon, caramel or chocolate. The chocolate one is also called a Hot fudge cake around here:-)
  17. I don't use magnetic molds, but I think some people brush the chocolate in first, then pour. Would that work here? Just a question--why don't you make your shells the first day and make your ganache the second and put it in fresh? With any transfer, I like to leave them in place at least 12 hours before removing them. Some are ready in just a few minutes, others seem to take overnight.
  18. Does Couverture need to be defined here? I would never use Merckens and couverture in the same sentence. Merckens makes an acceptable dipping chocolate, but not couverture. Maybe it is just me and my definition of couverture.
  19. Not for pressure frying, but Cuisinart makes a great electric pressure cooker. You can slow cook, saute, brown, simmer and keep warm as well as cook rice. The keep warm keeps soup at the ideal serving temp. It has replaced my crock pot, pressure cooker and rice cooker.
  20. If you put it in a plastic bag and seal it, it will soften on its own. You must have overcooked it.
  21. I am assuming you are talking standup caramel, not caramelized sugar caramel. The more water, the longer it will take to cook to a specific temp. While it is cooking, more sugar will invert. It doesn't make a lot of difference (other than the inversion) how much you start with. The longer it cooks, the dark the color and more pronounced the flavor.
  22. I just received a notice from Amazon that it has shipped. Yippee!!
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