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  1. Beautiful as always. You really need to come to the Vegas workshop and share your knowledge.
  2. If this doesn't coordinate with what you think you bought, let me know. Master Class #1 Bob Donna Dave H rob ruth kerry david S erika sarah willow Master Class #2 Bob Donna Dave h rob ruth kerry david s romina Cassidy David h robyn
  3. This is our list of attendees. There is ONE spot left!!! Grab it before it is gone. There is also one spot left in a Friday class. This is going to be fun. You don't want to miss it. Don't forget to make your room reservation too. We should have a good time with FOUR Dave/David around:) Bob Donna Dave H rob ruth kerry david S erika brad sarah willow susan chris karen dave W elizabeth romina kimberly cassidy kurt david H robyn jessica patti
  4. I feel your pain:) We have all gone through the learning curve. You might check the pressure coming out of the compressor. if it is too high, the butter atomizes more. I find that some colors are worse than others. There are some days that I am ready to give the set up away, and then other days that it works great. Don't give up, it just takes a long time to get consistent results.
  5. Did you smell and taste them to see if it was fermentation?
  6. Hotel reservations by the end of the year. Vegas is usually pretty cheap to fly into. Glad you are coming.
  7. From Rob: Gang - we still have a few spots open for the workshop and a few spots open for the second masters class. Sign up soon and remember to book your hotel room before the group rates expire. We have a possibility of getting chef jackets donated to the event. Could everyone who has signed up please send me your sizes so if this comes to fruition we can have the right sizes for you? Also, as we continue seeking sponsors we are asking if any of you have contacts at manufacturers or distributors that might be a good sponsor for the event. Essentially we're asking for either a little bit of money to cover food for participants or product donations. Here are the sponsor levels that we are currently promoting: Title Sponsor: $1000 Name on all materials including chef jackets; mailing list of all participants, signage at all events and in all recruitment marketing Product Sponsor: Product and/or monetary support Provide 25 pounds of various chocolate samples Provide transfer sheets, molds, flavoring ingredients, cocoa butter appropriate for 25 participants Meal Sponsor: $250 Catered meal for participants (4 sponsorships available) Tour Sponsor: $250 Provide transportation to tour chocolate shops in Vegas.
  8. If it is too firm, you possibly removed too much moisture from heating the cream. Did you keep it simmering while you slowly cooked the sugar? If you want it softer, add more liquid, but be careful not to make it too runny. i find Greweling's recipe right on. I wouldn't be afraid of the slightly bitter caramel. Many people like that. I like a little bit of burnt, but not too much. I have customers who love it really dark.
  9. I love it when they turn out!! Gianduja in milk chocolate.
  10. Gary, I never wash my molds. I scrap, heat with hairdryer, wipe and polish with cotton balls.
  11. Yes, keychris, that is what I mean. Cooking it together you are caramelizing the milk sugars, not the sugar. It is what you think of at a stand-up caramel--slow cooked. Maybe that is a better explanation----fast cooked or slow cooked caramel. I will post a simple recipe temp adjusted for what I think will work for what Mjx is looking for. It can take as short of time as 45 minutes or several hours if you turn it to low. The longer it cooks, the darker it will be. The reason for pouring in the cream in stages is to keep the mixture from boiling over the pot. If you have a large enough pot, you can add at once. Just cook it slow enough that the milk solids get a chance to turn brown (Maillard reaction). If it is up to temp and you want it darker, just add a little water to bring the temp down and let it climb again. GOLDEN CARAMELS 2 cups whipping cream ½ cup milk 1 ¼ cups light corn syrup 2 cups sugar ¼ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Butter an 8-inch square baking pan; set aside. In a 4-cup glass measure, combine cream and milk. In a heavy 4-quart saucepan, combine 1/3 of the cream-milk mixture, corn syrup, sugar and salt. Place over low heat and stir occasionally with a wooden spoon until mixture comes to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes or until mixture turns a light tan color. Increase heat to medium and insert thermometer. Without stopping the boiling, slowly add ½ of remaining cream mixture. Cook for 15 minutes. Add remaining cream and cook to 255* Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.
  12. Did I hear my name? You are trying to turn a caramelized sugar caramel into something hard, and I don't think that is the right approach. Do a Maillard caramel and over-cook it. That is what most people do accidentally! Any recipe should work, just cook it 10-15 degrees F higher than called for. Remember your altitude adjustment if there is one.
  13. I think the Maillard is the only way. The brown sugar won't caramelize, it will burn. Do what you are doing, and I wouldn't worry too much about how much extra sugar you are using. Do you use any glucose? Use at least half as much by weight as the sugar. The more glucose, the more cold flow you will get, but the less chance of sugaring.
  14. Are you thinking a traditional caramel or a Maillard caramel? The temp shave should be the same. 2 F for each 1000 ft.
  15. Good to hear from you. Don't have all the answers, but will tell you what I know. Rob is working on the tour and hasn't finalize it yet. I don't think there would be a problem with your spouse going on the tour. There will be others with cars, so I think we can get you to the kitchen. At the kitchen, there won't be room for spectators. That is a trade off for having lots of toys to play with:) So if what you are asking is if you and spouse can do Friday tour, if in the morning, then you would possibly take the afternoon class and participate on Saturday and Sunday while your spouse is gambling away your money, correct? I think that is all doable. I think Rob is also looking into a tour on Thursday for those tied up on Friday. Again, still planning stage. When you decide, go to my website, www.chocolot.com. Go to products page. At the bottom are options for the afternoon Friday class and the Saturday-Sunday workshop. There are limited slots and when they are gone, they are gone. Remember there are no refunds. This is harsh, but we have paid the first deposit and can't get in the middle of refunds. Since you are in Canada, on my site, just put in your address, but say you are in Utah. It seems to not know any better and accepts it. If you just want the tour and the workshop, that is cool too. Be happy to see you again. Hotel info is at the bottom of this post.
  16. Rob wanted me to tell you that he is planning tours on Thursday for those in the classes and on Friday for those not in class. Rob is working hard to make this a great learning workshop.
  17. JMA and Melissa have agreed to teach a second master class on Friday afternoon. Space is limited so act fast. The topics covered will NOT be the same as in the morning or on Saturday. Remember that you need to sign up for the Workshop in order to be in the master class. Go to my website and register. It is at the bottom of the products page. As before, no refunds. We have already paid the deposit on the facility. http://chocolot.com/products-page/ If you don’t get in either class, we will have some other suggested activities for you, such as visiting other chocolatiers, Chef Rubber, chocolate fountain at the Bellagio, etc. You might also want to plan on a few extra days to see such sights as Hoover Dam (just a short distance from Vegas), Colorado River, and of course, the glitter of Vegas. You might also want to take in a show. Not sure who will be playing then, but you can check on line. This has been fun planning this Workshop. We hope everyone is pleased with the arrangements. This will be different from the other workshops in that we won’t have as much room, but we will have access to a lot of equipment and experience.
  18. Those were great breads we had!! I think we are open to any and all suggestions. The lunches are not included, so we are going for an economical solution. We are trying for some sponsorships so that no one has to put out any more than necessary. Personally, I would rather do something quick and simple and save my $$ and calories for the evening. Any other suggestions?
  19. Don't forget all the night life in Vegas. There are always a lot of interesting shows.
  20. I will be posting new information tomorrow on the workshop.
  21. Today I tried Grewelings Nougat Montelimar. I over cooked it, but it sure is tasty!
  22. Thanks Chris. That leaves only 6 spots left. LukyJess, We are still working on the agenda, but typically we have some touring activities on Friday such a visit to Chef Rubber, JinJu chocolates, Chefs Warehouse, etc. We haven't finalized it yet. Also on Friday, there will be at least one master class in the morning, and possibly another one in the afternoon. This is at an additional cost. So, to finish answering your question, if it is like in the past, Friday evening will be a Meet n Greet. If you want, you can bring something you have been working on to share with the group. Not necessary, as there is always way too much, but always happy to try out new things. Saturday morning we will meet at JMA and JMA and Melissa will teach us in a 3 hour class. We are still working on the topics covered, but will probably keep them pretty basic. We are working on lunch to get sponsors. It will be a simple lunch in the break room and you just go get something when you get a chance. The afternoon is open for you to play and explore any confections you would like. JMA has a completely equipped kitchen and all the ingredients will be provided. If you want to learn how to make something, say caramels, you just say so and someone will show you. We all teach each other. Want to make pate de fruit? there is always one of the group who knows how and will teach you and others. Even if you don't think you have enough knowledge to contribute, you do. Everyone does something a bit differently than someone else. We can all learn a new way of doing something. The whole idea is to learn and share that knowledge. The group is diverse. We have some who are in the business full-time, part-time, or just a hobby. We have physicians, firefighters, engineers, chefs, culinary students, secretaries, and others who all share a love for all things related to confections. It is a most friendly group. When I went to the first one, I didn't know anyone except on EG. We have now become close friends and stay in touch via emails and phone calls. I value my EG friends highly. Back to agenda. Sunday will be the same, meet at JMA. we may have a short demo on a chosen topic, but there is no obligation to watch. If it is a topic that doesn't interest you, you just quietly go about making what you want. You may chose to make something that JMA taught you the day before. Again, lunch and more playing time in the kitchen. Depending on everyones schedule, some will start to leave in the afternoon to catch flights. Most will stay for the afternoon and finish up. We have the kitchen until 5. Because of space considerations, only those who have registered will be able to be in the kitchen. In the past we were at culinary schools that had lots of space and spouse wandered in and out. That won't be possible here. Another real benefit of the workshop is to see what Kerry and others have figured out to do with normal objects and relate them to confectionery. Who knew that a tiny brush used to floss between your teeth makes a great air brush cleaning tool? Kerry did:) Who knew that a $4 heating tray from Goodwill, makes a great cocoa butter melting tray, or an electric cooking pot used for deep frying makes a great caramel cooker?These are just a few of the things I have learned from going. We would love to have you join us.
  23. Would love to have you. We will set up another class if we have enough interest. Right now, there are 2, but I know several of us would probably go for another class.
  24. Do any of you want to learn Jean Marie Auboine's secret to making showroom finished chocolates every time? Pop over to this topic and read about what we have planned. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/145093-plan-2014-chocolate-confectionery-workshop-las-vegas/. JMA's secret is very simple and I tried it today. When I pop them out, I will post:). He and his business partner, Melissa Coppel, who was just named chocolatier of the year, will be teaching us during the workshop. Only 8 spots left. Everyone welcome.
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