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  1. Here are a few photos to get you excited about our 2014 Chocolate Workshop in Las Vegas May 17-18. If you haven't been to one of the workshops, you really should seriously think about it. Kerry started this a few years ago. It is a lot of fun with good people. We all can learn from each other and there is a lot of talent in the group. Rob is working on confection places to visit and places to eat. Our activities are fluid at this time, but we are planning on a full 2-3 days. If you want to come in early, there will be plenty to do. I visited Tuesday to make sure the facility would work for us. All I can say is I want to be Jean Marie when I grow up. The facility is amazing! I can't think of anything they don't have. They even make their own praline and gianduja. The space is deceptive because there are several rooms besides the main kitchen. They have several Robot Coupes, Kitchen Aid mixers, and even a Thermomix. Enrober, 2 continuous temperers and two more melters. Spray booth, and cocoa butter warmers. The only problem is we won't want to leave once we have used their kitchen! The kitchen is located just off Flamingo near Decatur. It only about 10 minutes from the hotel. They can only accommodate 25 people and we already have 16 signed up. If you are thinking about it, think fast:) We have removed the deposit feature we offered last month. Now, it is full pay only. Remember there is no refund, so make sure this is going to work for you. On Saturday morning, Jean Marie and/or Melissa (who just won Chocolatier of the Year) will teach a 3 hour class, then we will go to work and practice what they taught us, or anything else you want to try. The kitchen is open for us to experiment and learn from each other. On Sunday, we are working on a short demo and again working on your own with wonderful ingredients. We would like to hear what you would like them to cover in their class. Three hours isn't a lot of time, but they can do at least three different confections. How about gummies? They say they are quick and fun to do. I came home with some of their wonderful Nougatine and salt caramels. I highly recommend them both. We will also have recipes from the class. To recap: Only 9 spots left. No refund. Go to http://chocolot.com/products-page/ to register. Bottom of the products page. The only option is full-pay--$160.00. For those who have only paid the deposit, be sure to finish paying by the end of the year. I will post later about the hotel. I found it to be very clean, large rooms and a good location just off the strip on Flamingo. You are free to stay wherever you like, but the rates are very good at the Tuscany and no resort fee and free wifi in the rooms. We have a block of rooms, info at the bottom of this post.
  2. This is just a teaser until I get time to make a big post. This is Jean Marie's kitchen that we will be using.
  3. Great. I'll make note of it and see if we get others. Remember you need to sign up for the workshop in order to attend the master class:)
  4. As Curls said, everyone welcome until we fill up. Hope you can make it.
  5. I am heading to Vegas next week to check out the facilities. Do any of you have any specific questions or concerns that I can check out for you?
  6. I have a Vollrath and really like it. I tried a home-version induction and it cut off just when I needed it most!! This one is 1800 watts, I think. It has never cut off. You have to have the right pans for it. My All-clad copper core won't work! Alum core does. I think Ikea carries induction worthy pots. Good to have you back in the chocolate business:)
  7. http://www.maudlinproducts.com/products/search.xml The key stock is what Greweling uses for all his 12 inch frames. 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. They also have a rectangle stock so you can turn it on its side for different sizes. It doesn't matter if you get over or under size, as it is so slight a difference that for our purposes, it doesn't matter. You can also order them from places like Fastenal. I checked local Lowe's and Home Depot and they didn't have it, but yours might. I ordered several sets of each size. You might need extra if you are going to do two layers.
  8. I just confirmed with the hotel. You should be able to get the group rate for rooms from May 14-20, 2013. Our block is guaranteed from May 16-19. Other dates are as available but you will get that rate. The group is under Chocolate Workshop or code 13B7TU. They seem a bit confused, but hopefully it will all work out. If any problems, PM me.
  9. Here is the reservation link for group; CHOCOLATE WORKSHOP 13B7TU https://www2.tuscanylasvegas.com/smsworld/wc.dll?smsWorld~AvailBox~%26RGP=13b7tu
  10. Master class is full-thanks everyone for your interest. Sign up for the workshop before that fills too. Those registered for Master class: Rob Kerry Bob Dave H David S Ruth Sarah Erika Donna Willow If you are interested in another Master class, PM me here and we will see if JMA is willing to teach Friday morning.
  11. Great! We shouldn't need much of anything because JMA has lots. Appreciate your offer.
  12. Hotel is setting up the online right now--sorry about that. Dates are May 16-19. You can also call and the name of the group is Chocolate Workshop. I don't know the answer to your "advanced" question. I think as long as you sort of know what you are doing:-) There is only one spot left. If there is a lot of interest, we might see if he would teach another session.
  13. Here are the instructions for registering for the Workshop: Go to chocolot/products-page/. At the bottom of that page are three options. The Master class, Deposit for workshop and Pay in full for workshop. You need to be registered for the workshop in order to attend the Master class. Please note that these moneys are non-refundable. We regret that, but the money will be forwarded to JMA for our deposit on the facilities. None of us are in a position to “loan” the fees. If you choose the deposit option, the remainder needs to be paid by the end of the year, or the amount goes up. We will add that option once we have our numbers. This is a bargain for any type of chocolate workshop. We are excited to be able to work with JMA and Melissa. Las Vegas is a fun destination and many of us plan to spend extra time. There are many excellent chocolatiers in Vegas that you will want to check out. Please don’t put it off. There are only ten spots available in the Master class. 25 spots in the Workshop. Once we get confirmation of registration, we will post them. After registering, you should get a confirmation. If you don't, message me. Also, we aren't sure if it works from Canada.
  14. 13B7TU - Group Code www.tuscanylv.com Tuscany Hotel Las Vegas
  15. Just a little background on Jean-Marie: With more than 20 years of industry experience, Master Chocolatier and Executive Pastry Chef Jean Marie Auboine. After graduating in 1988 from Lycee Technique Hotelier Quercy at age 18, he served at some of the world’s most esteemed restaurants. He began at Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse in Monaco, assisting the famed eatery in earning Michelin’s highest honor, Three Stars. Chef Auboine continued his distinguished career at several Michelin-starred restaurants which included One Star Chateau de Mercues in France and Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva, as well as the highly respected Two Star restaurant-hotel, La Pyramide Vienne in France. Also, I had a typo on the price. It is $160 rather than $150. Sorry for the error.
  16. We have some exciting developments for the May 17-18 2014 eGullet Chocolate & Confections Workshop in Las Vegas. We have confirmed the use of Jean Marie Auboine's chocolate studio and the participation of Melissa Coppel, the 2013 Chocolatier of the Year! These are two of the world's finest chocolatiers and both are very excited for us to use their space and participate with our group. There will be a few changes this year since we're in Las Vegas, and we hope you'll appreciate the amazing opportunity we're being given which is necessitating some of these changes. We anticipate the price for both days to be $150 $160 per person if you register prior to 12/31/13. After that time the price will increase to $250. A $50 deposit is required to confirm your spot. We will have more details on this shortly. This deposit is non-refundable but will guarantee your spot. This price includes use of the facility and a 3 hour demo by Jean Marie and chocolate and other supplies for use throughout the weekend. Meals are not included in this price, but we're working on sponsorship for breakfasts and lunches. We are also offering a master class for the first 10 people at an additional $130 on Friday afternoon. This class will be taught by both Jean Marie and Melissa. This class is intended for more advanced participants. Registration for this class will require payment in full and is non-refundable. All registrations will be opened to the general public (meaning non-eGullters and friends) on 1/1/14 to ensure that the workshop expenses will be met. These are the most important items for now, but know that we're working on a super, value-packed weekend including: •Printed recipes shared by the participants •Plenty of giveaways •Chocolate sampling panel so you can try as many chocolates and couvetures that we can get •Friday night social •Friday morning chocolate shop tour of Vegas •The ever popular chocolate and confection sharing party! Mark your calendars now. Remember that we have hotel rooms blocked off. And watch for the next update for registration opening up. Thanks, Ruth & Rob
  17. Thanks Kerry and Anna. I have enjoyed your adventures.
  18. Thanks Willow. The rooms will be 1 or 2 beds or a double suite (at double the price:) As it gets closer, I'm sure people will reach out for room sharing. I will be signing the contract next week just to lock in our rates. They will be good for 3 days before and after our dates so those who choose can stay longer.
  19. Played around with splatter techniques today using a plastic spoon. This was one of the first trays. The splatter got finer and better as we learned. Don't know why my photos are always turned!! Not sure it is any faster or neater, but a different effect.
  20. Donna, no hotels are near the kitchens we are looking at, sorry. There will be enough cars to get you where you need to go. Kerry, the two bedroom suites are $219 per night-thought that was a bit high.
  21. I have been checking with hotels in Vegas. I have received group rates from several. I need your input to see if I am going in the right direction. Right now, the Tuscany looks like it would be our best deal. The Pros: cheap-$50 per night Sun-Th. $100 Friday and Saturday. NO resort fee!! Free parking near the rooms. Large rooms. Very good reviews. Don't have to go through casino to get to rooms. Central location. Cons: Off strip one block east of Paris.(This might be a pro:-). There are 15 buildings in the complex but we can request all of us in one building. No free wifi. There are free hotspots throughout the hotel, but not in the rooms. From what I am gathering, hotels get you every chance they can on fees. Parking, wifi, resort fee.(as much as $25 per room per day) Tuscany will waive resort fee if we have 10 rooms confirmed. Every room will have a 12% tax on top of rates. What I would like you to do, is if you are thinking about coming, give us some input. You might be planning on staying with friends or relatives or finding your own room. That is all great. I just would like an idea of how many might be interested in a room. No firm commitment at this time, just a rough idea. I need to sign the contract by August 9 to guarantee rates. Thanks. http://www.tuscanylv.com
  22. Ok, how do you make lemon curd without lemons, and why would you want to?
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