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    Dinner! 2012

    Are those canned snails? Disappointed you took the easy way out.
  2. You mention on your blog that you got there by train (because Sonnora was too complicated to get to). Schloss Berg seemed similarly difficult to me when I was considering going last summer--would you mind saying where you left from/which trains you took? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone had any luck buying from them since this thread was posted?
  4. warm. they heat it tableside at the restaurant. there is also a recipe in the book Haute Cuisine Paris.
  5. Has anyone found a place to purchase boilable bags in quantities less than 1000 (like 100, maybe)? I have occasionally seen 25-packs from VacMaster, but they come out to around $0.40 per bag (1000-packs are usually ~$0.08-0.015/bag).
  6. I like these. Roger Verger's 'Vegetables in the French Style' http://www.amazon.com/Roger-Verg%C3%A9s-Vegetables-French-Style/dp/1885183046 Partrick Mikanowskis compilation 'Vegetables from 40 Great French Chefs' http://www.amazon.com/Vegetables-40-Great-French-Chefs/dp/2080305115/ref=pd_sim_b_33
  7. So do you tell Passard to go back to the kitchen when he comes out in denim overalls and boots? ← The last time I was at Le Bernardin (in March of this year), Eric Ripert was sporting some nice denim threads and boots. It didn't bother me a bit. Rather, I was simply glad to see that he cared enough to show up. ← I totally agree. It just seems contradictory to me on one hand criticize the lack of formality of one restaurant (which I have no problems with) while at the same time heaping accolades on Arpege. I think the only 2 or 3* that I've been to that is more casual is Can Roca.
  8. So do you tell Passard to go back to the kitchen when he comes out in denim overalls and boots?
  9. Scrape with a spoon to peel it, then microplane.
  10. Halfway through episode one and Top Scallop has begun... Awesome.
  11. AEK

    White Plates

    http://www.pointshop.com/Mall/Catalog/Prod...1000009957.html http://www.etabletop.com/Merchant2/merchan...egory_Code=LOFT http://www.etabletop.com/Merchant2/merchan...egory_Code=GOUR http://www.etabletop.com/Merchant2/merchan...enti_dinnerware
  12. From wikipedia so it's guaranteed to be true.
  13. A note for everyone that seems to be in Barcelona and looking for places to go, I'm just back from Paco Meralgo, and they should be open Saturday and Sunday. I ate at Cinc Sentis today and suckling pig is the meat course on the Sensations menu. They will let you substitute it for oxtail, or supplement the oxtail to the end for 11 Euros.
  14. Hmm..I tried a lot there and everything was good. They had fried rabbit ribs as a special that were great and I would definitely order again. I enjoyed the tripe (callos, i think) as well (first time I've had it). Croquetas were great as well. I think if you just order whatever sounds good to you you'll end up having a really solid meal. And the bill was only like 45 euros for 6 tapa, dessert, 4 cavas and coffee.
  15. I just got back to my hotel from an excellent meal at Inopia tonight. I didn't see any indication that they would be closed this Saturday (closed all sundays), but you may want to call to check. I believe it is walk-in only.
  16. AEK


    Hi all, I have a quick question for those of you familiar with the restaurant. I will be in Paris later this week, and obviously have missed any type of month/2-month advanced reservation window. Provided I am not too jet-lagged and want to get a table for Saturday lunch, do I have a reasonable chance of getting in if I call the morning of? Thanks. Also, it looks like the website has finally evolved past an address page, and is actually pretty nice. http://www.ambroisie-placedesvosges.com/restaurant.php
  17. AEK


    I believe that one of Lee's sous-chefs took over when he left.
  18. AEK

    Pickling Mustard Seeds

    Heat together some water, sugar and vinegar, then pour over the mustard seeds and let them soak it up. They'll swell up and become kind of chewy and sticky.
  19. In his book he says he calls it a ballotine since he's rolling together the two breasts. They're cooked sous vide, brushed with spiced juices, and then rolled around in the crumbs.
  20. Most Whole Foods locations sell them. They usually have Valrhona brand mixed in with the rest of the bulk chocolate products.
  21. Good call. If I were to pick a favorite dessert it would probably be this one as well.
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