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  1. De nada. I let my last batch go for close to an extra year. Actually I think the jar where I used tequila might still be going. Better check on it, I suppose. The main issue with the extra time was that the spices came out too much. But still quite drinkable.
  2. My pressure cooker hasn't sealed very easily from day one as it comes to pressure. Things I have found that help are 1): Bring it up to pressure as fast as possible. 2): Push down on lid when it comes to a boil and cajole it into sealing. 3) sometimes put a bit of oil on the seal.
  3. I cover, not because of losing water but to save energy. I usually cook in a cooler ('Esky' in this country) but any type of cover will keep a warmer air space above the water and will prevent heat loss from the evaporation. It might not be much but I try to do what I can to save energy.
  4. First tomatoes of the year. Could have used a few more days but I was ready.
  5. Defrost chuck to make chili then proceed to cube up a piece of tri-tip instead.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that brown rice tend to go rancid whereas white rice keeps longer so perhaps eating white rice is a hold-over from an age with poorer options for storage and distribution. (Edit to add: Probably way up thread ) Personally, I don't care what anyone else eats. I like white rice but usually prefer brown.
  7. Bought a post-Christmas small half-price turkey. Small in Australia is only slightly larger than a roasting chook. Marinaded the dark meat in skim milk, apple juice concentrate and about 1% salt (the turkey was pre-brined) and cooked in the sous vide at 64 C for about 11 hours. The thighs and wings went into mole. I reheated the legs on the barbie while I cooked the breasts with indirect heat. I think it turned out really well as did the white meat.
  8. I have a question on the MCaH Crustacean Butter. They instruct to remove eyes and gills then only use the shells. I was interested in trying it with prawn heads and shells but removing inner bits of the heads seems like a pain and a waste of flavour. Everyone seems to use whole heads for stock. Are there some off-flavours that are extracted when you use fat rather than water? Why the difference? Anyone tried making prawn butter using their method? I went ahead and made stock this time, but maybe next time. Or maybe I'll try a liquid-liquid extraction to concentrate the stock taste into butter.
  9. Thank you for this topic. It is a terribly important part of our relationship with food that isn't often discussed. And it seems so strange that several of you, my friends, had such big life events without my knowing. My father loved to eat. And unusually for a man of his generation, he loved to cook. He died many years ago, suddenly while attending a scientific meeting and staying my sister who was living in Orange County California at the time. This meant that many of the normal support systems weren't in place but also meant many of his colleagues were able to attend the memorial service. My family went to the overpriced grocery with perfectly displayed perfect food in the insanely upscale Fashion Island mall that my brother in law called Fascist Island. We bought anything we liked or that he liked. They even had his favourite Lion Brand German mustard (funny what your remember). I'm not ashamed to say we had a pretty good time.
  10. put a brick on top of the bag eta I usually do what daveb does
  11. You could try the raspberry in some sort of knickerbocker knockoff. Don't know about the Chinese one - maybe you can use it to run your chain-saw.
  12. Maybe just float some espresso.
  13. It does make you wonder - seems like a PID controller for an oven would be a no brainer. Can't be that expensive.
  14. Always a good plan! I need to keep reminding myself that tasting isn't the same thing as drinking. I have a bottle of rye that I found nice enough to buy but I have been disappointed mixing or even sitting down with a glass.
  15. Handy, Not Handsome 1:1:1 citrusy gin, Campari, nocino I built it on a big ice sphere which was a good thing because my nocino is pretty potent and I couldn't find my measuring glass so it ended up large and I ended up sleepy. The name is a Red Green chain of consciousness thing.
  16. Homemade nocino on a cube of ice. Found out that if you let it steep for over a year before finishing, the spices get too strong, but still nice. Don't tell my friend who introduced me to the stuff, but his last batch was way too sweet so I used it for the sugar in mine.
  17. I was on a minor sour kick for a while. I'd have to prowl the archives but I think drinks with just a little sour are under appreciated. Start with a Ti' punch.
  18. Welcome to eG, friedcoffee. I would be tempted to roast at home because I would like a darker roast than the locals make, as I have whinged before. But with the Slayer my man uses, fresher coffee than I would usually have, and the convenience, I'll just buy a cup on the way to work. Besides, it's pretty much my main social interaction some weeks - everybody knows your name.
  19. Pour it over ice and start sipping. If it is too weak by the time you finish, drink faster or pour less next time.
  20. I once tried to caramelize some onions in a saute pan with a teaspoon of baking soda (seemed like a good idea at the time). It instantly turned them to mush so there must be something else going on besides speeding up the Malliard reaction. Maybe the sous vide could be used to make super intense soup, though.
  21. SV chicken breast is interesting in that you are trying to balance moisture and texture in a different way from red meat. There is a difference between soft and mush. I think of mush as what you get from meat in the SV too long but soft is one aspect of undercooked. IMO chicken breast at 56 C is moist but too soft. I do my Parma at 60 C (140 F). 30 min should be plenty to pasteurize a breast after you wail on it and any additional time will just make it trend towards mush so I aim for 45 min and no more than an hour. Any longer does nothing to being sure it is 'thoroughly cooked'. So the first thing I'd try is shortening the time, then adjust the temperature.
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