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  1. I'm sorry, I guess I missed the point. More coffee is necessary.
  2. pax

    Thanksgiving conundrum

    The new Gourmet magazine has a gorgeous picture of a pumpkin stuffed with roasted vegetable stew. I can't wait to do it for my veghead friends on T Day. They roast the pumpkin, too, it's beautiful. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/240601
  3. I enjoy the U.K. based show. I haven't watched the Fox show because well, they're Fox, and I just can't bring myself to do it. Sounds like I'm not missing much. I never noticed the cheesecake shots. I'll have to start paying attention. And a little sippy everytime he says "effing hell" would make it most enjoyable.
  4. This struck me as funny. I guess the excited salads won't stay on the plates.
  5. Lior, that's a fabulous idea. I might use that for her real party. These cupcakes are intended for school so they need to be ready-to-eat. You guys are fabulous for links. I really appreciate it. I really want her to have fun with this and I thought we could have a little practice this weekend.
  6. I am not sure my marzipan molding skills are up to little spreaders.
  7. FWIW, when I do it, I preheat a BIG cast iron fry pan in the oven, with nothing in it. (350F) When the dough is risen and loose enough to be worked, I take the pan out of the oven, put it on a medium burner, and put some peanut oil in it. When the peanut oil is hot and the dough is the right size, I drop it in, top it on the stove, and stick the whole thing back in the oven, working as quickly as possible. I don't flip the dough. One thing to be careful of is not letting people cut the pizza IN your cast iron. I usually slide them out onto a warmed pizza stone.
  8. Well, someone just taught me how to search Google Images. Whooohooo!
  9. I have googled but I didn't find much, I am hoping y'all might have links to pretty cupcakes for a kid's birthday. I am tired to death of purple sparkly sugar on top and was hoping to entice my kid with something really cute. She's going to be 6. She is a frou frou girly girl one day and drives the muck spreader the next. I have a good yellow cake recipe which adapts well, but I don't have a good white cake recipe, so if you'd like to suggest one of those, I'd be happy to hear it. Can't do chocolate, can't do nuts. Many thanks.
  10. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a beer and a hot dog in the last decade and I have spent the last three days craving both. I need to do some quick area hot dog research. *blushes in advance lest anyone mistake her meaning* I really do mean sausag...er, meat, er......you know what, never mind.
  11. I have done this many times with a Chicago-style pizza crust. It adds a crunchy layer at the bottom that I love in an otherwise often over soggy pie.
  12. I really liked the premise. I am not put off by alternative looks, in fact, if I met those two guys at a party I'd talk to them over some stiff in a suit... But man I just want to take the lot of them and march them off to the showers. And the amount of finger dipping and reusing a tasting spoon makes me shudder. And for two guys plighting the proverbial business troth, there is a lot of "mine is bigger than yours" that goes on that's getting old real quick. Grow up, guys, and do what real men do.....buy some damned hair nets. You're squicking me out.
  13. I'm a farmer who likes to eat. I love to cook. I'm comfortable enough that I don't mind paying for quality and redneck enough that I don't turn my nose up at a good hot dog once in a while. Paid restaurant reviews are, for the most part, a waste of my time. They are formal, suspect, and address issues which I am probably never going to be able to discern or appreciate. A slight nutmeginess in the foamy aspic of jellied rutabaga is just not something I'm going to notice. A blogger, on the other hand, once I have developed some affinity for him, is someone whose opinion I would seek. They are the common man, and I have more faith in their ability to speak my language.
  14. Well, as it happens, I took my kid to the outlets today to get a dress for a black tie Bat Mitzvah she is going to this weekend. And since I was there, I nipped into Williams Sonoma just for fun. And they had brand new KA Pro Line 600s on the floor marked down to $249.00. The only colour was "Williams Sonoma Green" but I can live with that, for 249 bucks. I think I did ok, don't you?
  15. My husband is ringing them today, he wanted to see if he could get parts. I'll let him know it's possible they could be talked into replacing it. He'd be a happy guy. On the other hand, I am really liking the open design of the Bosch, how are people liking it? I found the old "Stand Mixer" thread, but it's two years on since the last post, so a little new input is nice. : )
  16. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer was given to me by my mother when I turned 21. There's some feministing for you, huh? Anyway, it's been a reliable old thing. A little small, a little underpowered, but hey, 20 years! I don't figure it owes me much. Anyroad, now I am secretly dancing on it's grave. I couldn't see to replacing a working mixer just because I wanted mooooore POW-wer but hey, the thing is dead. Poor sad little dead mixer. He he. So spam me, please! For a new stand mixer. A good one. Oh I am so excited. I do a lot of breads and pizza crusts.
  17. I discovered at 6 am yesterday I could not roll out my brioche dough for pecan sticky buns. I must have made it a bit too wet, it stuck badly to the parchment on which I was rolling it out. Anyway...if you've already got the topping in the pan (which I did) you can throw half the brioche dough in on top of it. Then, add the filling, and on top of that a layer of apples (I confess to cheating, I was not up to peeling apples, I used tinned pie filling.) Add the other half of flattened out brioche dough. Truth is, I couldn't even flatten mine out, it was so wet, I tore it up in chunks and dotted it around and didn't care if there were holes. If you need to be sparing with the dough, be sparing on the first layer you put in the pan. Think if it as a top crust, you don't have HOLES....you have places to let the steam out. Also, when you flip it over, the filling will have bubbled down.. .up.. whatever and it looks very pretty. Anyway, I gave it a couple of hours on the kitchen surface and when it appeared to be as puffy as it was going to get, I baked it in a 350 F oven. I think the whole thing took about 40 mins. I just kept watching it and took it out when the top was well browned. I flipped the pyrex over using two cookie sheets and then lifted the pyrex up with four knives stuck under each side, just enough to get the pecan and topping to pop out of the bottom of the pan but still enough on that I hoped the sides would get firmed up as it cooled, which it did. I have the world's best coffee cake here. I've been wanting to make sticky buns for company for breakfast but the extra work put me off. I'm going to experiment with putting this in the fridge over night minus the apple and see if I get enough rise out of it if I chuck the whole thing made up in the fridge the night before. Sorry for the kind of long aside, but I just couldn't bring my myself to either add more flour at that point, nor toss the dough. Edited (TWICE) for pre-coffee spelling brain!
  18. Wow, what a great thread. Where were you people when I, as a blushing bride, needed you twenty years ago? I was so squicked out by the turkey that to wash it, all I did was up end it under the tap. Imagine the surprise when my husband went to carve and he started sawing through a plastic bag of gross innards. There, now you know no matter what you do, your Thanksgiving feast is going to be better than that.
  19. I came to grips with my food addiction by learning to cook instead of eat. Please note.."came to grips" for me means, I am coping with it in a healthier way, not that I beat it. I have no interest in pushing my luck. God knows what I might turn to next. Sex or something. It's nothing but therapy, for me. I want to thank you veteran Gulleters for posting good links to previous threads.
  20. I am sorry I gave you bad info. If you are on the main campus, how far is it to the Balducci's? You could probably get good coffee (not to mention a lot of other good stuff) in there. No wifi though. Hmm never mind. I do believe I'll shut up now.
  21. I wonder if you have a gas grill with a lid?
  22. I am glad to see a thread, even an old one, in honour of these books. Every.Single.Thing. I've made out of this book has been delicious. Already mentioned here is the Tomato-Butter sauce, and the Bolognese, which are now staples in my home. BRAVA.
  23. I am a foodie wannabe, my husband grew up on Velveeta and Spam and franks n' beans. He recognizes good food, and he'll eat healthy things all day long, but his basic comfort level is bland and tasteless. The only way I've been able to join in my foodie reindeer games was by making it a challenge to him. Do you like it better this way, or that way? Do you think it makes a difference if I do it this way or did you like it better like that? As long as I can back it up with chowing down enthusiasm or...holy cow, this sucks, let's get Chinese... he's becoming more and more game as we go along. The fact that he won't eat an onion makes me weep. Using onion powder when there's a lovely Vidalia sitting around....oh the horror. We've been married 4 years, fwiw, but it's the second time around for both of us.
  24. pax

    Brining Chicken

    I have y'all to thank for the best chicken EVER. YOu were right, Malawry, letting it air dry in the fridge was genius. I rubbed it with butter, herbed under the skin, and stuck it in my convection roaster. It was glorious and my family ate till they dropped.
  25. There's a good coffee place down on Bethesda Ave, down from the B&N about three or four stores. I am not sure if they have wireless but they do have good coffee and teas. Quartermaine's. There is also a Mayorga, which may be within walking distance of NIH for you, on Wisoconsin & Maple. I'm not as keen on their coffee as Quartermaine's but it's in the right area (ish) and has wifi.
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