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    How Do YOU Make Oatmeal?

    I'm sorry...I keep it in the fridge. I have all my jellies and jams and stuff like that in a basket in the fridge so I can just throw it on the table in the morning.
  2. pax

    How Do YOU Make Oatmeal?

    Johnnybird's Toast Dope...I had to go looking for it, too, it wasn't easy to find. I know I printed it out but for some reason I can't lay hands on it. Anyway, here it is.. Toast Dope 1 oz granulated sugar 1 oz raw sugar zest of 1 mandarin orange .5 oz cinnamon 8 scrapes of nutmeg I don't know why it's not on recipe gullet, I found it buried in a thread after I spent so much time looking for "dope" I am sure the Feds are on their way to my house. PS. I do keep a cannister of the quick cook stuff around for cookies. PPS. Your salsa is my go to, Jaymes, thank you, too.
  3. pax

    How Do YOU Make Oatmeal?

    I put a cup of steel cut oats in a crock pot with two cups of water and a pinch of salt. Put it on low and let it cook overnight. I like to throw a cinnamon stick in, too, I don't think it adds a lot to the oatmeal frankly but it makes the house smell nice in the morning. Top with whatever is at hand...fruit, granola, butter and honey, whatever you like. I like a knob of butter and Johnny Bird's Toast Dope, which lives in a jar on my kitchen table. Thank you, Johnny Bird. My kids love it when I sprinkle raw sugar on the top and then run it under the broiler, a sort of Oatmeal Brulee.
  4. I bought a Lodge as a filler between two sizes of my Le Creuset about six months ago. I use it almost daily and the thing is holding up very well.
  5. On sunday, I browsed through the bookstore cookbook section and decided to treat myself to this book. I came to E Gullet on Sunday afternoon to post a topic about asking for recommendations what to bake first, and look what I found...a 30 page ode to baking goodness. It has taken me this long to get to pg 13. I am going to work my way through the rest come hell or high water. I made the chocolate chip cookies with my 5 yo the other night and they were the best cookies I've ever had. (I like the extra 1/4 tsp of salt, I loved the consistency. I used half the amount of chocolate listed.) My only complaint was they didn't hold their nice crispy edge and got soft in the cookie jar, but since they only lasted about two days in the cookie jar, I guess that's not such a big worry. I have old bananas and I'm off to make sure I have what I need for the banana bundt cake. Ms. Greenspan, I had no idea you were such an active e-gulleter. I am so impressed that you come here and share your thoughts and recommendations. Thank you. And just for that, (well, and for the food) I am going to go buy more of your books asap. Cheers y'all.
  6. pax

    Peanut Butter and ... ?

    Nuked and poured over chocolate ice cream
  7. I am helping organize a get together of handlers from the National Sheepdog Finals which are being held in Gettysburg this month. I was hoping to find a not-too-expensive place for a bunch of non-foodies to get together at dinner time, and I could really use some help with suggestions from anyone who knows the town a little bit. Thanks in advance.
  8. Always, growing up. Always, with pasta, which when you think about it is a double carb whammy, but there you go. Fondest memories of going to the bakery with my Dad on Sunday mornings for hard rolls, which he would take home and toast for us. The first half was always buttered with garlic powder. The second half was buttered with cinnamon sugar. Now, I eliminate it if I have another carb or white vegetable. Other than that, always, but to match the dish...tortillas, naan, etc.
  9. I was raised in a household where "home-cooked" meant reheating the McDonald's in the microwave. I was accidentally introduced to Gourmet as a newlywed, and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about nurturing my family. I will always have a soft spot for it. It changed my life ina very positive way.
  10. pax

    Dinner! 2007

    It's been a damp slightly chilly day in Virginia and I spent it processing tomatos. I am watching my kid tucker down on fresh homemade tomato soup, dipping Late July mini-peanut butter crackers in it with glee. I have my Dad's favourite old John Denver cd on, which makes me smile, remembering him make me tomato soup and peanut butter crackers with this playing in the background on many a rainy day. It's a rainy day gift from the family gods.
  11. The last year Hialeah was open I had a horse win a good race there. I won stupid money on it and so I took the crew out for dinner. 15 guys, let loose at a good steak house with the beer flowing. I had to swallow hard when I paid the bill but it was worth every penny to see my guys who'd worked so hard with me really have a good meal and a good time.
  12. I did not realize I have a seasoning kudzu issue until this thread. I think I might need an intervention. I can't even begin to list them.
  13. I give my kids coupons for junk carbs and sugar. They can spend them anyway they like, althoug most of the choices at home are good ones, I stick to it even when I am out and they are making choices I might not. You'd be surprised how quick a kid figures it out...a scoop of homemade ice cream after dinner, or the lolly pop at the bank. Mine is 5 and she hoards her "sugar" coupon for "the good stuff". Fruit and veggies are free and so she chooses them a LOT. Juice other than one glass of oj at breakfast is a sugar and needs a coupon. It eliminates a LOT of arguing, and all of the blame and responsibility from me, which I like. It allows them to make good choices. It also allows them to learn from bad choices, like when they eat junk somewhere else and can't have the homemade ice cream with everybody at dessert. My kids go to the Junk Food Parlours with their grandma. If they are out with me we go to the local health food grocery store deli, or mom and pop place. It befuddles my mother when she offers the kid a store bought cookie and the kid looks at it appraisingly and says, "I think I'll wait, Grandma."
  14. Well, yeah. And they completely overlook things like...POISON. How dare they? Seriously, I'd be happy just to get us to the point where we were actually shipping in safe food, I'd live with a few mystery numbers.
  15. I often sit next to my husband because we share dishes. It's easier than forking stuff across the table or handing round plates.
  16. There is a Trader Joe's in Fairfax on Rt 50, that's the closest, I think.
  17. I just want to thank you for continuing to update this thread. The Bethesda market is my "home" market but it is really nice to to see what's happening in other places and your lists of things have given me stuff to watch out for and try...torpedo onions! Who knew? Thanks!
  18. I've been buying really GOOD pistachios at Whole Foods. They had raw unsalted and roasted salted. I've bought them two or three times now and they've been so good they've reopened my eyes as to what other nuts should be.
  19. Wow, I am amazed by the whining puling little Mama's boy from New York City. What a maroon. That boy needs to be bitch smacked with a frozen block of crap. Sniveling fusilli wanker.
  20. Oh sisters, I am in trouble. This morning I slow-baked a pound of bacon, after sprinkling it with granulated onion, garlic, and maple crunchies, until it was crisp and unctious. I sat down with the whole panful, a MUG of espresso, and warm butter milk bisquits with cream gravy. I am now halfway through a box of Thin Mints, while watching Top Chef. After which I plan to molest my husband. I have it BAD.
  21. That's funny, that's how I know when eggs are hard boiled, when you lift them out, the shells dry instantly. I measure the first itme I follow a new recipe. Other than that, I eyeball.
  22. Uhm. It's fried chicken and fries. I guess we're coming at this from two pretty different perspectives, cause if I were going to the aggro of making chicken and fries, I'd be craving maximum oily goodness, and I'd save the healthy eating for the next day. And the next. : ) ALthough, you know, there's that whole red wine being good for your cholesterol thing. Maybe you should knock back some good wine with your chicken. Enjoy!
  23. pax

    Too many pretzels

    I bet you could make great pizza bottoms out of them, just add toppings and melt cheese. I'd be tempted to rub off the salt, heat them up, dip them in butter, and coat them with cinnamon sugar. Or heck, leave the salt on there, what the hell. Life is short. I'd also be tempted to cut them in little slices and bake them for pretzel chips. Use them as hot dog rolls? Send them all to me, now I'm hungry.
  24. I go to a local Mennonite butcher because it is both local and easy and better than most of what I can buy in the store. If you pick the right grocery store, though, meat can be pretty good. You can find "choice" at Costco, sometimes, and even Giant/Martin's has some pretty good stuff.
  25. I am really interested in this because I have just started keeping sheep. (I am not new to farming and livestock, though, just sheep.) My sheep do not need to pay for themselves, but I can see that in not too long a time, I am going to be oversupplied with (neutered) ram lambs. How do I get the average foodie interested in taking some of these things off my hands?
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