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  1. I just got the Auber Sous Vide controller yesterday. I'm using it with a Nesco roaster. Used the recomended settings and the temps were too high, then too low, then too high... Googled and read anything PID 'til i was ! But it did seem that the "P" was the one to play with. After I lowered that setting it settled right down. Hope this helps. Frank
  2. Thanks, I think it's just a matter of getting the "feel" of the pans, then. They are bonded to copper, heavy and solid feeling. Also I'm cooking on electric coils, so there's that too. Love BKF, it can get almost anything off.
  3. So, how clean is clean? What is your usual cleaning procedure, and using what materials? I'm just getting the hang of my stainless saute pan and 12" skillet, I really like them, but still get sticking sometimes.
  4. One of my two Oriental Shorthair cats is named for his culinary misadventure. Setting: Thanksgiving 2005, after a wonderful dinner, time for the pies. Go into the kitchen, remove the dishtowel from the pies (towel over pie = safe pie), find a series of paw shaped divots through both pies, pumpkin and mince. Fortunately all present were "cat people" and the towel did provide some protection. His name? Luke Piewalker.
  5. Another vote for the OXO. The one I have has a silicone pad that stores on the opener, keeps the bottom of the jar/bottle from twisting. You can actually use both hands to manage the opener if you need to. http://www.amazon.com/OXO-Good-Grips-10579...96704857&sr=8-1
  6. I'll be doing a 21 lb. Butterball on a WSM on T'day. I have maple chips and apricot chunks, any idea as to which one (or should I use both) to use?
  7. Completely agree on this. Mine goes to the "Warm" setting at the correct time, but, it's still at a vigorous simmer, looks the same as "low" to me. There's no way to go directly to the warm setting. If the power flicks off while you're away, the pot resets to a waiting to program aka "Off" mode. Away at work for the day? Too bad, two second power outage and you're out of luck... Just my experience.
  8. But we're foodies, and we have to do this. ← Just wait "til the DVD comes out, poring over the whole thing frame by frame...
  9. How does one clean a Superbag?
  10. I wipe can tops with a damp paper towel. Wipe the top of "Sparkletts" water bottle with alcohol before putting it on the dispenser, this one comes from a place I worked (not a food related business) where the extra bottles were stored in the restroom. Also the above mentioned salads, I think they benefit from a quick rinse, seems to refresh them.
  11. Saw the sneak preview, there was a 5 or 6 YO boy in the seat next to me, several younger kids close around. Didn't see or hear anyone having problems. You'll probably want to see it twice anyway, I'm going again , so maybe you'd want to "preview" this one.
  12. I emailed Foster Farms at 3 pm today (Friday) with a couple questions about one of their chicken products. I received my non-form letter reply in less than an hour, answered my questions and then some. Didn't expect to get more than an auto response, if that, before Monday.
  13. Green onions!! I thought it was just me. They go to the bottom of the drawer and hide under anything bigger than they are to die.
  14. 1) Find end of string. 2) Grasp firmly. 3) Give gentle tug (to avoid rope burn). If nothing happens, 50/50 chance, try other end of string. Bag still sealed? Proceed to step 4. 4) Find utility scissors and cut just under the string seal. This procedure is based on years of opening (or trying to) kitty litter, birdseed, and, last but not least, charcoal, though the last Kingsford I bought had an "Easy Tear" paper strip instead of the string, not that it worked all that much better, tore off 1/3 of the way accross, see step 4. You are not alone.
  15. DesertTinker

    Whole FlaxSeeds

    Any good health food store should have these in stock, either in packages or in bulk. What are you going to do with them?
  16. I work in a quilt shop, do all the ordering. Checked with all our suppliers, the least I found huck towelling (the most appropriate fabric) for is $2.15 per yard at cost, shipping not included, Of course the major chains could do it for less, but good luck finding something special like this. Those 24 cents each towels sound amazingly good all of a sudden!
  17. Maybe even a stainless steel scrubber pad, get whatever is on there off, cheaper, and quicker, than a new machine in any case.
  18. Maybe try cleaning the rollers with alcohol (vodka?), I'm thinking maybe something on the rollers (cocoa butter from the chocolate?). Just a thought.
  19. Google "lazy spoon" seem to be lots of sources for both right and left handers.
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