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  1. While I do know the difference between an arthropod and an orthopod, my mind still takes me to a scenario where you're being injected by something more akin to a wasp or bee, especially with the butter tarts involved.
  2. Uh oh! Now I'm in trouble! Thank you, you are how I want to be when (if) I grow up.
  3. Been thinking about it for a long time and then the planets aligned. Now to see if Max ( see avatar ) will fit in 8 qts vs. original 2 qt. cooker.
  4. Instant Pot Duo80. Had Amazon gift cards. Out of pocket under $9 US.
  5. Sorry, try Sriracha Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Chips.
  6. Made this, came out great. Color me impressed! We both enjoyed the flavors, portions were generous, directions were clear and simply presented. So far I'm happy.
  7. I just received and unpacked my HelloFresh order. Very nicely packed. Produce cool, meat cold and only one casualty after riding around for 6+ hours in a UPS truck on a 100f day. The casualty was a little bunch of fresh basil, it was at the bottom of one of the produce boxes, unfortunately that put it on top of the ice pack. So, it was actually freeze damage, not what I was expecting. Dinners for Tonight , Wednesday and Thursday taken care of. I'll report back later this evening.
  8. Will have Plan B in place for the 22nd. @patris, who delivered yours FedEx or UPS? We're in the California desert. If it's delivered FedEx it should be fine, if it rides around in a big brown truck all day it's not going to be pretty.
  9. Okay, I'm in. I'll blame @patris, her description of her food rut fits me all too well, and seeing a real life example of the box content and the final dish was inspirational. Finding a Groupon for $40 off the first box, plus $20 off the second helped. I'm doing the Hello Fresh "Classic" omnivore plan 3 meals/2 person per week. First delivery is May 22nd.
  10. Here's the Miele home version: Miele Pasta cooker
  11. Same here. Ooh! Maybe a "greens and veggies" bouquet to go with it?
  12. I was just at the grocery store, Vons (Safeway/Albertsons) and saw this while browsing the meat department. It actually made me laugh out loud. Woman near me looked at me like I was "special" until I lifted the article of my amusement, got an OMG from her.
  13. The melamine condiment cup saved you from ultimate depravity. Gives a whiff of respectability to your meal.
  14. I worked in housewares at Macy's, we had lots of returns on Cuisinart blenders.
  15. Not a single food processor recipe. Well, one, for their blender FP combo, but those blades aren't recalled.
  16. Submitted my claims (custom 14 and pro custom 11) December 13. Received the blade for the custom 14 today. Unpacked without incident .
  17. Tuna press. Open can, leave lid in place, insert in press and squeeze.
  18. How'd you brown the cauliflower steak? It's so beautiful and even! Gorgeous!
  19. Oooh! My Preciousss.... Shiny,and All Clad! Only $7!! Soooo jealous! Enjoy! (and you now MUST have fondue for Christmas.)
  20. Ditto on Shelby's sad cry... But, I saw the frost on your car. None for me thank you. I hope the first aid kit is going just inside the door of your secured culinary bunker so either of you can get "Two cocktails.STAT!!". I seldom say anything, but really enjoy the Manitoulin visits. Always there in spirit and feel a bit empty when they're over. That "end of vacation" feeling, though I'm sitting at home.
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