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  1. for blood sausage you will just need fine dice of pork fatback. it is the same as salt pork but it hasn't been cured with salt. the recipe i have used does not use bread crumbs. just pigs blood,cubed fatback, apples and onions and salt and pepper and a touch of nutmeg.

  2. years ago we used to make a burnt wine salad dressing. it was in the nouveau days. you pour your older wine in a very hot sauce pan and cook it down by half. then wisk in a touch of dijon,salt and pepper then a light oil (grapeseed or corn). you will see that you dont need much oil,,more like equal parts. try this,,,it really is pretty good!

  3. a bunch of restaurant guys and gals are going to the boston seafood show then to the pogues show later at 7pm. on march 11. the show is on hamilton street and were staying on tremont. any ideas for a pub-bistro type restaurant in that area? staying at the marriot on tremont if that helps. thanks!

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