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  1. :rolleyes: hands down best basic grinder in the world is made in a little bakery called iulianos in manchester connecticut. their grinder rolls are sooooooooo good and the grinder is just made of quality genoa,,,provolone and excellant pan roasted peppers. mede in advance,,room temp,,,,mmmmmmmmmmm. took them from ice fishing to flights to europe you can not go wrong! please go out of your way to enjoy one!
  2. you have to blanch them first in stock or court-bouillion just until firm,,,then press them overnight to get the air and excess blood out. then you can cut them in nice firm medallions and saute. there better sauted more on medium heat then a hot sear,,,that way you get a nice crunchy crust,,,mmmmmm

  3. we went to the lobster pot last year and everything was horrible. hopefully they have improved. a real nice place is rosses grill,,great food and nice wine selection. for a bit more formal try 11 carver st.make sure you have the lobster pasta! have fun!

  4. try the black pearl downtown or jimmy's right on the water was recently remodeled,,,its about 5 minutes from downtown. yesterdays at washington square is a neat little place also. stop down at salas bar downtown and say hi to all the local fisherman,,,never a dull moment there! :blink:

  5. ditto balm,,

    not everyone is going crazy cooking elagant meals every night. go looking around through your favorite markets. look for unusual things sometimes. look for something easy another time. sometimes your just not going to have the drive or time to prepare something too elagant every time. enjoy whatever you do. sometimes the cookbooks help but i think its more of what you want to play with that day. enjoy! :wink:

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