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  1. soak them in a few rinses of a vinegar and water solution removes the slime. then braise them and remove from shell with a small fork or ice pick. after that you remove the black end and braise in a nice court boullion. after that,,,now you can use them any way. its alot of work but its worth it! good luck!

  2. i just got back yesterday and stayed at the mgm. we loved shibuya! it is only open for dinner but try it out. some real nice sake's and very creative entree's.

    what day do you arrive? jimmy buffet is there on the 29'th so beware! busyyyyyy! the parrot heads were allover on the 22'nd also. have a great time!

  3. another way of cooking a muscovy duck is to bone it,,braise the leg (or confit it) . make a stock and sauce with the bones then pan roast the breasts med rare and serve it that way. the breasts will be nice and moist as opposed to a whole rosted duck. good luck!

  4. i think you might be going to hell for other reasons than making a mixed stock.

    mario batali makes a mixed stock all the time and calls it brodo. just use it like you would for a chicken or beef stock. no big deal! you'll be ok. have fun!!!!

  5. im giving my two cents to daddys in niantic ct. they are large ,crispy and just great! the size of the order is huge so you can take some home and have them cold later,,yummmmm. i've had them at the summer shack at mohegan sun many times and there also very good.

    i've been to the thirsty whale but i only had a papst blue ribbon on tap that was delicious.

    what about chowder?? im a big chowder head. any recomendations??

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