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  1. were leaving tomorrow morning for vegas1 can't wait1 anyways,,,i was at delmonicos and craftsteak last year and they were both excellant! this time its back to delmonicos though. the dry aged prime rib is ti dieeeeeeee for! i'll let you know how my trip was next week! we also went to hugos cellar )with in-laws) 2 years ago and it was old school but excellant! i had the large ribeye there also and i swear it was 3 pounds! very good though! enjoy!

  2. just pre cook the risotto but keep it on the undercooked-crunchy side. then grill your steaks and when their resting re-heat your risotto with more broth and finish with butter and cheese. some people will swear me off on this,,but trust me,,you'll never know the difference. have a great time!

  3. molto--

    we were at bouchon in october and i had the same boudon blanc and eggs like you and i can say they it was one of the best breakfasts i had in my life. the sausage was nice and mild flavored and the eggs were just nice and creamy and with the beurre noisette just made it soooo rich. also a must have is the sticky buns! our table shared one and loved it.

    can't wait to go back! maybe in march. great picks also!--thank you!

  4. maybe make a wilted salad with lentils mixed in at the end and garnish with a fried quail egg and the quail. be careful when you crack the quail egg. use a serated knife to saw through shell. lime and basil sorbet is real nice and refreshing . maybe a small scoop before the entree ? have fun!

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