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  1. We just got back from a 5 night stay at Palazzo and loved it! As far as Carnavino we had 2 apps,,1 arugula salad and 1 house made pastrami and both were good but nothing great. For the entree we had the ribeye for 2. $70 pp. and we both thought it was good but nothing crazy. for $140 for the steak i wanted beefy buttery ribeye and i was a bit disapointed. the sides were very nice though and the service was very nice. Just my opinion but i thought the beef would have been much better.

  2. thanks to all of you. rj,,there is no big price limit. its more what you get for the buck. im a chef at an upscale restaurant and i know what things cost. this is why i don't mind spending but some of the upscale restaurants prices are just too crazy. david,,,we are going to rm seafood one of the nights (i have connections with the chef so im really looking forward to that night. another night we have reservations at circo in the bellagio (anniversary) i just seen that strip steak in planet hollywood won best of las vegas. anyone been there??

  3. going to vegas in october. we have one open day (anniversary) and are thinking a fountain view restaurant at bellagio. we were thinking jasmine but haven't heard much about it on recent posts. any recommendations or opinions of jasmine or any of the other fountain view restaurants at bellagio? also does jasmine have a tasting menu or just ala carte? thanks!

  4. sous vide that??? you gotta be kidding! cheap beef coated in salty chemically marinade??? if i knew what was in it then thats one thing but this "filet" is not worth it!!

  5. sear and braise low and slow like you say. i have never braised cheeks in milk but i have braised pork butt in milk and it works out great. the milk will seperate a bit but you can blend your remaining liquid with a touch of cream in a blender and strain. let us know how it works out.

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