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  1. Dear all, I work as a chef in a production kitchen preparing snack filling for retail outlets. Most of these filling using cooked chicken meat imported from Thailand. Estimated usage 400 to 600 kg of cooked chicken meat. They are de-bone, portion into bite size, cooked and freeze before imported to us.Before they are packed in Thailand, this chicken go throught the x-ray to detect any bone fragrant, plastic or hair. I do not know their de-boning and cleaning process. Before our cooking process begin, we open the cooked chicken(2 kg) a pkt, place into a warmer, check physically with our bare hand to ensure no bone fragrant before we begin the cooking process. We do not have a detector machine here. From time to time, we still find brittle/soft/fragment bones that escaped the detection machine there. Something we missed and it end up in the filling and we get complaint from customers who makes a big fuss. We have implemented many measures to resolve this problem without success. I am looking at all directions to address the root cause of this problem and Iook forward to your input, suggestion and advice. My grateful and sincere thanks and appreciation. cookwithlove
  2. Thanks for the contributions. good day and cheers!
  3. Hi chefs, How to make a foam sauce from lobster bisque or a basic foam sauce? Appreciate for sharing and thanks alots.
  4. Hi, Anyone comes across egg cutter that can cut at least 5 eggs at any one time? In today's commercial world anything is possible. Thanks indeed.
  5. Thanks Dickl for your insight and sharing your rich experience. Very kind of you indeed.
  6. I have taken HOT CAKE for breakfast in the elbow beach hotel in Bermuda years ago and it was really nice. I wonder anyone have the recipe? Thanks you.
  7. Hi, Good morning, I am seeking professional advice on the proper storage of flour, I know it should be elavated up to 6 inches, what about the recommended temperature living in a country with high humility? Thanks and cheers! Alex
  8. Dear fellow members, I would appreciate your input as to what be be created using left-over curry puff dought? Thanks and cheers!
  9. Kate, Tracey and Paul, thanks for sharing. Sorry I spelled it wrongly. It should be, spaghetti "Alio e Olio" Many version and style of cooking. I learned the finer point. Many thanks and good days. Alex
  10. I look forward to some tips on the technique to cook a nice spaghetti Alio Orio? Thanks you, Alex
  11. Hi, Anyone have the recipe for green soba soup, usually served cold? Thanks you
  12. Thank maggithecat for your prompt reply. Could you share the recipe for Gnocchi ala Romana?
  13. Hi friends, I am proposing an Italian starch dish for Christmas in my menu(Buffet style), I am toying of a polenta, risotto, lasagna or others dishes that is practical and suitable for buffet and at the same time maintain its traditionality. Thanks you and do correct me for any misconception. Thanks you.
  14. Any others type of gravy or sauce to go with roast beef, besides the usual gravy all the times? Thank u.
  15. Hi, I need a recipe for Balsamico sauce to go with fish? Thank you kindly.
  16. Many thanks JoRick for taking time and share with us your experience. Always good to have first hand informations from employers.
  17. Hi, The term "Tapas" or finger food is coined by the spanish and they are well-know for their finger food. There is one type I am afraid I forget the name served like french fries and is pipe with 2 kinds of sauce, anyone can tell me the name of it? Thanks you
  18. My friends in food, I would like to invite you to share your 2 cents on the ingredients it takes to publish own cookbooks, how to think out of the box and what the future directionsof cookbook should be like? Thanks you kindly, Cookwithlove
  19. the inventory portion will be probably tricky... cause it's really hard to quantify your inventory numbers. it all shows in your food cost percent. standard (ideal) for the industry is about 30% Food cost, 30% labor cost... but the lower, the better. if you can use statements like 'took weekly inventory of perishable and non-perishable assets' and BACK UP THAT STATEMENT before and after you get hired, you will definitely more than likely be hired (or at the least given a job interview). Of course in some cases, a weekly inventory is impossible, but if you can keep a steady, detailed inventory over a fiscal period (bi-weekly or at the very least once every 4 weeks), you will do wonders for your resume, skill set, and restaurant. even putting on your resume that you have done bi-weekly inventory or taken inventory regularly throughout the fiscal period shows that you understand the business aspect and that you take it seriously enough to put it in precious resume space. ← Thanks nikki, good points. good day!
  20. Hi, I am invited to a yakitori bar next week and this being my first experience going to a yakitori bar and as I have the highest appreciation for japanese food, at least I do some prior homework or post in this forum to find out what to expect and the likely repertoire of menu that is usually served and how is the term, "Yakitori" derived from? My only advantage is having the experience taught by a japanese chef many years back on how to make the yakitori sauce, which I have made it many times to acceptable Japanese standard? Cheers!
  21. How do we says about inventory and how it should be control or rather maintain? Thanks .
  22. Thanks Niki and Katie for the input. Points noted. Quantify, figure is what management likes to see.
  23. Asian foods include malaysia, Thai, Singapore, vietnam, philippines, Laos and Japanese. Chinese food are china those provinces, including Hong Kong and Mecau.
  24. Dear Learned chefs, I hope is the right place to pose this subject here! I am applying for a senior position in the kitchen possible an Executive chef or Executive Sous chef and according to a seminar I attended on resume writing, it is recommended to list your competencies and I am listing mine here for members to proof read to suggest or add important omission I may have missed out. Could you kindly input your 2 cents? "COMPETENCIES REQUIRED FOR THIS JOB: Menu planning, food costing,Inventory control, food sanitation and kitchen management. Conduct training for kitchen crew Experience in cooking western, asian and chinese food. Manipulating big and small woks well. Competend in handling large and small volumns food preparation. A hands-on team player with a postive attitude and customer 1st mindset. Mindful of food quality, food portioning and food presentation at all times". Thanks you very much.
  25. Hi cook/chefs, What are those hobby/hobbies that help makes you a better chefs, that help you to be creative, help you to have a sharp tongue, that help makes you more focus on your job? Happy cooking!
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