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  1. Most commercial ketchups are too sweet. It's not a particularly great condiment so I don't see the point in spending any time finding one that isn't nasty when there are so many more interesting things to use. I prefer kimchi on my burgers.
  2. Must we? ← I'm a bit surprised you don't know a meatloaf recipe you like, but no-one's forcing you. ← Oh I could probably find one. I haven't made meatloaf in years though. Morning all. Time for coffee while I contemplate the day. It's a beautiful sunny day here. I'll be off to the volunteer tea in a little while so I won't eat anything until I get there, so reports of breakfast when I return. ← Minced lamb, veal, and beef with minced onion, garlic, green chiles and mint, roll in panko. Cook to medium rare. Makes great sandwiches.
  3. Aren't grillades browned veal? Where's the veal?
  4. Nyah nyah, Sam. I'm talking about in Byward Market, grown mere miles away. Anywho, nice short ribs. But it's yer steaks I'm waiting for the goods on.
  5. It's not cheap, but keep in mind that each one of those bunches weighs around 2.5 pounds. So that's around $3.20 US per pound. Still not cheap, of course, but it's worth it to me when I can A) get very high quality and peak freshness, and B) support local farmers. $1.99 a kilo in Ottawa. And that's Canadian money so it's like 30c American.
  6. The photo gallery is very interesting, Jason.
  7. Great stuff, Brooks. An heroic effort.
  8. So. Brooks. How did it go?
  9. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Baguette with Normandy butter and an Irish blue cheese. Beef and red wine tortellini on a sauce of oyster and porcini mushrooms made with the braising liquid surrounding a large slice of braised cross rib roast, showered with chopped ramps, with a soft poached egg to one side. That's it. For 35.
  10. That's funny, Jinmyo, but what does it mean? ← Carrot Top is a prop comic. Frank pulls out observations about just about anything other than food. Carrot Top is better known for being reviled than for being funny and that is actually part of his shtick. Frank is better known for being irrelevant and his role as NYT reviewer being questioned than for his reviews. One could go on but I had perhaps best not tell jokes I need to explain.
  11. To be fair, Frank is the Carrot Top of restaurant reviewers. You just can't take that away from him.
  12. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Creton pate (pork) with butter-roasted cumin, white, and black mustard seeds to be spread on fresh soft flatbreads a bit smaller than the palm of the hand. All together now: Green beans pickled with rice vinegar, coriander seeds, coriander leaf, lemon. Grated daikon and daikon greens salad with mustard, ngoc mam and chiles, slivered scallions. Stir-fried Shanghai bok choy with lime. Braised (four hours) curried pork shoulder with cremini mushrooms and tomatoes; Thai jasmine rice.
  13. Jinmyo

    Yard Long Beans

    Deep-fried, tossed with fermented black beans and sesame oil with minced garlic. Tied into knots, blanched, put into various soups. Cut into three inch pieces, blanched, tossed with raw petit pois and blanched sugar snap peas and pea greens with mint (or shiso) and wasabi as a salad. Some cubes of silken tofu or thinly sliced char siu. Or, alternatively, mint and minced chiles and cubes of feta. Etc etc. Nice thread idea, helena.
  14. Adzuki beans make a good substitute for ground meat in vegetarian dishes.
  15. Jinmyo

    Soft Cooked Eggs

    Yes. The same as the spoon handle: insert beneath the shell and peel around in a spiral fashion.
  16. Jinmyo

    Soft Cooked Eggs

    I use the handle of a small spoon, tap, turn the egg in the left hand. For quail eggs, a crochet hook. I lose about one out of every four dozen eggs (and eat it).
  17. The "fresh" peas (which I take to mean something like the bags of shelled peas hucksters try to sell me) are likely to be days old. Better to go with frozen which were picked a few hours before they began their cryogenic journey to the present moment.
  18. Dude! That's so, like, totally tubular, Dude!
  19. Crunch. Tang. Cuts through heavy flavours, brightens others, heightens contrasts. Refreshing.
  20. Actually, I think that the infrastucture supporting "modernization" is going to collapse once we pass peak oil production and that this is not going to be too far off. Agribusiness will not be able to continue in its twentieth century form.
  21. Top sirloin isn't much of a steak. Better to braise it.
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