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  1. My favourite accompaniment to grilled cheese is kimchi.
  2. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Yesss...! That is what I will do with the rest of the celery I have. I had never seen a head of celery like this before. I got it in my favorite Thai market. It is mostly leaves -- beautiful leaves -- with the other part of the stalks very, very skinny, and it even has some little tiny shoots of what looks like a plant going to seed, sort of blossomy. Do you know or does anyone know... is this an Asian variety of celery? I love the sounds of your entire menu! ← Yes, that's Chinese or Asian celery. It's much more pungent than western celery.
  3. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Salad of Belgian endive, celery leaves, edamame (peeled, blanched soy beans) and toasted pine nuts with lime and chile dressing. Haddock pieces in tempura batter with chive and wasabi fresh mayo. Small square of hiyayako tofu (cold silken tofu) surrounded with warm ginger and umeboshi infused sake, topped with freshly shaved bonito. Udon noodle soup with huagu (huge and tremendously expensive Chinese flower mushrooms that have been seared and tossed with shoyu and black sesame oil) and beef (odd bits trimmed from recent prime rib roasts) sliced in similiar sizes in a shoyu, Chinese rice wine, and beef broth (made from the rib bones) with a layer of slivered scallions supporting a raw egg yolk peeking out from a shower of slivered toasted nori. Available throughout the courses: cabbage kimchi, pickled mustard greens, daikon pickled with lime and dried sardines, takuan daikon, and gari (ginger).
  4. Nigella reading MFK? Not a bad idea. They could sell CDs of that.
  5. Jinmyo


    Egad. That's simply terrible.
  6. Jinmyo


    I don't think parsley would hold up well but I have used kimchi juices with parsley in a salad involving blanched white onion strips and salt cod.
  7. Jinmyo

    Roast Beef

    Bones off, either one is fine. Method I used last week. It works, just have faith..Weigh the roast with the bones correctly. Multiply this by 11 minutes. Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Roast seasoned the way you desire for exactly the time (weight X 11). After cooking, turn off oven and do not open door for one hour. Roast is perfect, pink in center, charred on outside, oven is a little messy. IT was fabulous ← Ha ha ha. I use this method for (bone-in) prime rib roasts also but 550F amd 7 minutes. Howard: Top round sucks. The only roast worth roasting is rib, bone in or not.
  8. Amen. Word up, Lucy. Respeck. Yo.
  9. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Family style: Mixed grain (Lundberg short grain brown rice, Korean brown sticky rice, Chinese white rice); roasted chicken thighs and drumsticks with zataar, cumin, paprika and harissa and a panko crust with lime slivers and fresh coriander (to be used on the meat once the skin is used to scoop grain); sautéed Shanghai bok choy with butter; roasted pineapple and plum tomatoes with pomegranate seeds and roasted chiles.
  10. Great stuff, Tony. Actually, I would be very interested also to hear about how you would clarify family style presentations.
  11. or chervil... I also grew up intensely disliking black licorice flavor but I now enjoy everything up to but not including black licorice candy itself. (For some perverse reason though, I want to try Dutch Black Licorice candy which I understand is very strong). One reason I was able to 'evolve' my taste is that I found I loved fresh fennel. Have you ever had this roasted or in a soup or rissotto? If you enjoy that you may starting finding that you don't mind the taste of fennel or anise. It was worth it for me to wean myself towards enjoying fennel very much--up to you whether or not you want to do it. ← You definitely ought to try the Dutch Black licorice. I personally love the double salt variety. An acquired taste that I have no idea how I acquired except that I'm half Dutch myself. Even though it can be found from time to time around here or ordered. Whenever I find that a friend will be flying through Amsterdam I have them pick up a box of the stuff for me. In regards to the larger thread as a whole, Why make these dishes if you don't like a key flavor component of the dish? There is a world of flavors out there. Sure you can substitute, and you may have something delightful but I'm not sure what your motivation is. Perhaps if you want to come really close, you can make 4 spice powder from seperate spices and leave out the anise? ← Dutch black licorice! I had this as a kid but not since. I loved that stuff. I'll have to track it down. Thanks.
  12. If the Times had wanted a food critic they would have hired one instead of Frank. There's a sublime nonsense in the logic of Frank's prose. Like a hothouse orchid, it must be protected and cherished.
  13. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Fried wontons with a warm lobster and crab quenelle and coriander oil. Monkfish and kombu broth with ocean perch and shrimp. Fried Chinese long beans with gomasio (toasted sesame salt). Salad of pacific clams with two kinds of sliced tofu, kimchi, and slivered scallions. Green noodle maki (nori sushi rolls, the inside of the nori painted with abalone sauce) with two dipping sauces (shoyu and roasted chile; tamarind and lime).
  14. Jinmyo

    Bad Home Cookin'

    Guts. Sproing. Scary. Like offal now though.
  15. Braised beef makes the best sandwiches. bit of Dijon, some horseradish, Normandy butter. All the weird scraps can be smooshed down into the butter and will hold together well if one has the right bread. A small bowl of the braising liquor and some frites and cornichons.
  16. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Some Prefer Nettles.
  17. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Hi Ben. My middle name is Rose. Thank you. That's why I post: in case something is useful to someone.
  18. Thirty odd years ago I was my own worst enemy in the kitchen and the dining table. My mother had never really let in the kitchen to cook so when when I was on my own... I've never had worse food than what I made for myself (and others!) during those days of darkest infamy. If I could travel back in time I would kill my twenty year old self before she made that horrific chicken that still haunts me. How could she not have known that smell means it's basically rotting? And "poultry seasoning"? What is that stuff anyway? And why so much? And the boiled potatoes are not "done" when they dissolve when pierced with a fork. They're garbage. Egad.
  19. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Chinese long beans cut into six inch lengths, tossed in taramasalata made with Meyer lemon juice and topped with chives and salmon roe. Oyster mushroom strips sauteed with curry leaves placed in a clear mushroom consomme (made with collected soaking liquor from reconsituting porcini used to simmer shitake and hua gu stems, strained, seasoned, thickened with demi glace). Pakoras with a thick yogurt and green chile dipping sauce. Deep-fried panko breaded "tandoori" chicken thighs, spritzed with lime, with a salad of small red potatoes and scallions with an aioli and asiago dressing. Cheese course/"pizza" things: Cubes of paneer melted on small naan with a smear of roasted tomato chutney with much black pepper, garnished with a few sprigs of coriander.
  20. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Roasted tomatoes with faba beans and artichoke hearts and crostini. Roasted asparagus with balsamico and slices of Meyer lemon and grated pecorino. Tortellini with ricotta in a chicken soup with red onion, celery, and collard greens. Sautéed cardoons (boiled first, then egg and then gram flour) with chickpeas, walnuts, and a few slices of lamb rack. Caccitore piquante salumi "medallions" with slices of mozz topped with a purple basil leaf and a shaving of parm.
  21. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Dial-up. /shudder
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