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  1. The Manx is a good pub. As for good restos in Ottawa, well, there's Beckta.
  2. Some stores seem to make them, others are brought in. Depending upon one's standards they would be either entirely unacceptable [raises hand] or kind of not too bad but not good either.
  3. San choy is interesting if dusted with seasoned rice flour or corn starch then quickly and briefly deep-fried, tossed with sliced red chiles and pork crackling and roasted sesame salt (gomasio). (For real pig skin effect.)
  4. Dog soup? What kind of soups do dogs like? (I know, I know. Still, I'd try it.)
  5. Oi! Oi sabagi is great with grilled cheese sandwiches. Well, most sandwiches. That and oi kimchi make any other pickled cucumbers coverr their faces and cry into their dimensionless and nuanceless brine. Oi!
  6. That's a very interesting page you've linked to, melonpan. Thank you.
  7. Hiyayakko is wonderful with abaechu kimchi juices around a block of fresh silken tofu and topped with some green cabbage leaves. Simple. Delicious.
  8. Jinmyo

    Kraft Dinner

    How is making Kraft mac easier or better than just boiling some macaroni or ziti and tossing with some butter or olive oil or both, much (already grated) romano, asaigio, and parm, s&p, and say garlic powder or pepperoncino? Of course some cream could be used or fresh herbs or all kinds of additions can be made. But for a quick (and cheesy in a good way) meal, I don't get the Kraft thing? In essence, the nib, the gist of my point, as it were: What's with the Kraft box thing?
  9. John, all of the best today, tomorrow, and some more tomorrows. However many you'd like. A great blog. Thanks.
  10. Excellent points. (Just thought I'd say that as I was left with nothing else to say after reading your post.)
  11. I hope that this thread keeps tabs on this situation as it develops and, hopefully, soon concludes.
  12. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    I still get flashbacks from Air France's coq au vin and that was thirty years ago.
  13. Great post. Thanks for your work on it. I like using chicken feet in stock but to eat, not so much really.
  14. I agree about early dining being more pleasant for the constitution.
  15. Actually, chopped, blanched and shocked they make a nice salad with sheep's milk cheese, and a mustrady vinaigrette. Also nice quickly fried with garlic and served with rack of lamb.
  16. Lucy, it will be wonderful to have another blog from you.
  17. Jinmyo


    Makes pretty poor toast.
  18. It said "AYBABTU"? In Nihonjin, English, or PukePanovitz?
  19. What did it lovingly say back? "Grrrr! Arrrrgh! PukoPanzilla go stomp Tokyo. Back for Pocky snack 'less have to fight Mothra." Or did it just lie there speechless?
  20. Kathleen, nothing is more operatic than cooking except, well, opera. Fire, knives, screaming. Go for it and have fun.
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