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  1. The metal grip creeps me out. A wet palm, five pounds of cremini... One of my favourite things in life is still chopping mounds of mushrooms at full speed. The Global knives always bring a bodily flinch of disaster when I've touched them. Am I wrong?
  2. Dude. Those are some seriously beautiful knives.
  3. I have the Black Beauty (given as a gift). I use it for sashimi or to thinly slice strip loin or ruib eye steaks. That's about it. If I used it as a real knife there'd be ceramic knife shards in the food. Still nice though, even with Ming Tsai's sig on it. (Sigh.) I like me Henckel's and Wusthof's.
  4. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    It's a nice salad bowl, Behometh. The shape is very striking.
  5. Jinmyo

    When you braise

    Usually a blade roast. But also osso bucco, pork shoulder, lamb shoulder, shanks. Now and then sirloin tip.
  6. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    You mean like the German roast pork product? In this case I find this statement to be true. Indeed. Smoked pork loin chops that have a particularly little Mittle European tang to them. You have to ask around the shops to find out who makes the ones that everyone else actually eats. (Here, the Germans do them as do the Poles but the Romanian lady that wears a hat indoors makes the best. Shh.)
  7. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Hm. Let's see. Nothing is easier than congee. If you can't make a decent pot of rice because it's too wet, you've made congee; just add some more water and simmer until the grains break down. You can't get more bang for your buck: a few handfuls of rice, a big pot filled with water. Very plain congee is quite interesting because it's a blank, satiny background for whatever you add to it. I often serve it like this with ten or fifteen ingredients (such as slivered scallions, grilled shrimp, watercress and other assorted greens, kimchi etc.) that people can add for themselves to cobnstruct their own. I think that gohan (Japanese short grain white rice) or even an Italian rice like carnaroli or arborio work best. You can start with cooked or uncooked rice, but obviously it is best to start from scratch. I often use just filtered water but I will often use a stock such as dashi, seafood or chicken stock. In this case, I had mounds of ziplock bags filled with parsley and coriander stems and roots that had been frozen so I simmered all of this for a few hours along with lemongrass and a few hands of ginger. (I was making it for about forty people and wanted some leftover for breakfasts.) Strained through a china cap. Added the rice and set to boil, turned down to simmer for a few hours. The shitake were dried so I added the soaking liquor to the pot. Stemmed and sliced the shitake on the bias for the last twenty minutes. Servings were in small white bowls with a shaving of yellow takuan (pickled daikon) curled about a mound of slivered scallions and a few tufts of coriander leaf. edit: Doh! "Cobnstruct"?
  8. That's lovely. I hope bourdain sees that comment.
  9. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Very nice photos, all. Family style service: Chilli with pinto and red kidney beans around braised blade roast; rice and black beans; roasted corn with assorted peppers and smoked turkey with chipotle; Cole slaw; fresh pita breads.
  10. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    yum. as usual. jinmyo, is your pancake batter made with rice flour? a friend made korean food the other night and i loved the elasticity of the batter, but it didn't brown as well as pancakes i've had in restaurants...i don't know her full recipe, but wonder if you use a combination of flours...baking powder etc? thanks also - you note that this kimchee was purchased - do you (all) ever make your own? i've been curious, but don't know anyone who's done it. Yes, rice flour. Sometimes with barley flour. Browning is generally a matter of heat. Must be hot. But we use a flat top griddle that is just that, a pro griddle. A pan just doesn't do the same thing. I've made kimchi for many years but these folk are the real deal. They have the stinkiest fish sauce ever and grow their own vegetables so I bow on my knees and press forehead to the floor to their ultimate stinkiness and great vegetables. Folks. make friends with your Korean grocer, then make friends with their suppliers, then zone in on the kimchi folk. Actually, my best advice is to just make friends. That's how you get the best kassler.
  11. Well, that's just to be expected though. It's TV. The point is, if the winner is just some hotty for the Hausfrau Helper Networkish crowd we'll know MR has betrayed everything that means* anything. ----------- * Depending upon what "meaning" means.
  12. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Nice plating, spaghetttti. Vegetarian menu: Congee with sliced shitakes, made with a coriander, lemongrass, and green chile broth. Steamed baby Shanghai bok choy and assorted steamed vegetable (scallion and gai lan, daikon with chile, cress, etc) dumplings with black vinegar. Grilled pillow tofu on skewers with roasted chile sauce. Salad of Romaine lettuce and endives with a sesame and lime vinaigrette and sesame tofu strips. Kimchi pancakes with ten assorted kimchi (purchased from local supplier).
  13. Michael, I'll probably buy this old book on a house but only because I'd like to have something decent to read until the book on chacuterie, which of course, always cures things. I'm encouraged further by your comments to dear chefzadi. This show could be good as well as entertaining.
  14. Michael, that's encouraging. And it is for PBS rather than the FuhdNetwork. Still, if the winner is bouncey and peppy and blonde we'll know who to come after. edit: By the way, do you have any book projects upcoming?
  15. I suppose I'm not as that term creeps me out.
  16. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Lovely, spaghetttti. Jason and Rachel, those hot dogs look quite good.
  17. I've only heard good things from people who have actually worked with Flay.
  18. Well, as to MR's powers of discernment, one mustn't forget the willingness to enable bourdain in truly monstrous activities. So there's some very real danger here that this project will end in tragedy.
  19. Michael, we'll depend on you to make something real out of this.
  20. Kimchi works very well on a burger, placed beneath the meat, a bit of Dijon atop.
  21. In order to truly, viscerally appreciate Julia one must have a direct understanding of how absolutely horrible food was in most of North America in the 1950s and 1960s. Mushrooms were tinned. Tomatoes were four to a green plastic tray wrapped in plastic. Steaks were an 1/8th of an inch thick. Pork chops about the same thickness but cooked foer twelve times as long. Margarine. I kid you not. People mixed a little packet of yellow food colouring into white margarine. I had thought England was horrible as a child until I came to Canada for a bit as a child. At least the UK had sausages and steak and kidney pies and fish and chips. The horror... The horror... Julia appeared on scratchy black and white TV and waved a sabre about and dropped stuff on the floor and witrh a booming high-pitched voice called us to life and butter and rare beef. The blessings of sweet St. Julia bear fruit in every decent meal to be had in the U.S. and Canada in one way or another. She was at the right time and the right place, girded her loins with an aopron, and set to. Thanks, dear heart.
  22. Jinmyo

    eating on the cheap!

    This is a wonderful idea for a thread. Thank you.
  23. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Hi WT, All right, no problem. It's just I've had some very weird stuff happen over this thread. Please post your own dinners.
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