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    Great Shrimp

    Marinating shrimp is pointless. Brad, similiar to chipotle mayo is mayo made with lime and Vietnamese or Thai roasted chiles. (They usually come bottled in oil but if one uses the oil instead of oliove oil or whatever in making the mayo it's too strong.)
  2. Adam, I like fish! Great photographs and great thread.
  3. An excellent post. Thanks.
  4. Brooks, dear, I was listing grains or things made from grains. Pick up a pork chop by the bone with your hands. But not grains. (Of course there are exceptions such as onigiri or suppli.) I just don't like messy foods.
  5. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    little ms foodie, that's a "high" proportion of onions to burger. I've just hear someone else somewhere say that they expect a similiar ratio. But I've never heard of this (though it sounds interesting). Comments, if any?
  6. I never serve or eat corn on the cob. I slice the kernels off to pan roast or somesuch and use the cobs for a stock to make a sauce. Don't like messy food though I am in favour or hands being used to eat many things. But not rice or pasta and not corn.
  7. I like startinbg with a bit of kimchi to open the palate.
  8. Rasputin, that sounds very nice. Whenever I make goat I tend to use preserved lemons. I put a few chopped up in a cheesecloth bag into the braising liquid. Then I use the peel to make zest strips and puree the pulp along with some mirin, roasted garlic, mint and then a bit of MNediterranean yogurt or kafir for a sauce.
  9. Jinmyo

    Grilled Chicken Breasts

    Friends don't let friends eat skinless boneless chicken breasts. They at least cook them with skin on and bone in. What you do to yourself is your own business.
  10. Jinmyo


    A few current favourites: Grilled taleggio and scallions sandwich with roasted red pepper sauce to dup it in. Hot roasted ham sandwich on pain de levain with Normandy butter and Dijon. Tuna salad made with grilled diced tuna, tomato concasse, blanched red onion, wasabi mayo in a baguette. Crumbled Stilton and braised beef with onion confit on brown or rye. Smoked salmon and chevre with much pepper on toasted rye.
  11. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    Carp roe cured in salt. edit: Usually mixed with mayonaisse as "taramasalata".
  12. Tuna has been packed in olive oil before the 300 Spartans held Thermopylae against the Persians. There are truly excellent Greek, Italian, and even Korean tinned tunas. And I would never poach tuna. It would make me cry. If I don't use tinned tuna for a standard nicoise, I'll sear a block of tuna and serve a few thin slices atop a mound of fingerlings and haricot verts mixed with anchovy aoli and topped with tomato concasse and a quail egg or two.
  13. As for a name, I like REVOLVER: Kaiten Sushi
  14. Jinmyo


    Found in parmesan and grana cheeses, mushrooms, on kelp and so on. I don't use rendered MSG but use ingredients that I know naturally contain it.
  15. I've done oolong tea smoked eggs but not real smoked eggs. I'll have to remedy that. Good show, Jack.
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  17. Jinmyo

    Fried Chicken

    I've just seen this now. Sorry. /me seppuku But first: Skin on. And yes, very crispy.
  18. Jinmyo

    Dinner! 2005

    It makes a difference using beef stock as a sub for veal stock let alone a tinned liquid. However, it is possible to purchase demi-glace made from veal stock on the web. And one can sometimes purchase stocks from restaurants if you go to the service entrance at an off time and set up with a pusher. That the beans were tinned and microwaved is why they looked khaki and water-logged. Bone-in loin chops are excellent pan-grilled and always a good choice. And they can support really robust sauces. Oh, as for butter, try adding it in cold cubes and whisking it in.
  19. Margarine? Egad. It's been decades since the possibility of such an atrocity has occured for me. I don't know if I'll be able to go to sleep tonight.
  20. If you put ketchup on frites you had might as well just pour it on cockroaches and eat that instead. Frites are wasted on you and you are a very bad person. edit: Kidding with the second sentence. More or less serious about the first.
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