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  1. Or make a green tomato pie or cake. For the cake just take an apple cake recipe and sub the tomatoes for the apples. Saw a recipe for the pie somewhere-can't think of it at the moment.
  2. At our little town's carnival yesterday there was a big military display and they had a couple glass cases filled with boxes of old candy bars. The one that caught my eye was called Chicken Dinner. Anybody remember that? And what could it have tasted like? No wonder they don't sell those anymore with that name!!
  3. I saw the first show of Pioneer Woman yesterday and was hoping it might be ok, but, of course with it being on Food Network I should have known better. The woman couldn't even pronounce balsamic-has she been in a cave for the last ten years? I live in a very rural area and most people can pronounce that! I think she's a younger version of Paula Deen. I really wanted to like her, but no its not going to happen.
  4. I just got an email from Environmental Working Group that has Mario Batali asking people to pledge not to eat meat or cheese 1 day a week. Seems like Meatless Mondays are now mainstream!
  5. I like gettting to eat this way...I have more room for fruits/vegetables that are in season right now. Blueberries with my oatmeal, peach with yogurt at work for midmorning snack, tomato added to my swiss cheese sandwich, cantaloupe for dessert, dinner was a lettuce salad with peaches, blueberries and blue cheese with a zucchini and herb omelet. Just saw an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape and a guru told him even if he ate vegetarian just one meal a week he would notice a difference.
  6. Day six for me too! I notice an increase in energy and no heavy feeling after meals. Its been pretty easy too-even if I have to cook meat for my husband. Will definitely eat like this more often. Surprised myself not cheating-didn't think I'd have the willpower.
  7. I'll join you! I know all the ethical/land/health issues about meat and agree that less/no meat is better. I especially want the health benefits. Will be interesting to see if a few pounds are lost too. Have been eating less meat lately anyway and always wanted to try and see if I could do without it for a period of time besides a meal or two. So, here's to a great week!
  8. A little off topic--how do you pronounce lychee? I was born and raised in Hawaii and it was always l-eye-chee, but around here (Missouri) I hear lit-chee or lee-chee. I always thought they were wrong! But the other day on a TV cooking show I heard lee-chee. Hmmm..could I possibly be wrong?
  9. teagal

    Mint: Uses & Storage

    Float a sprig of mint or the lemon balm in a glass of ice water. Gives it a nice flavor.
  10. My mother passed away recently, and one of the things that make me feel a little better, is that I got to cook one of her last dinners. I fried pork chops and had fresh asparagus- two of her favorites. I can't say how glad I am that I didn't 'experiment' with her on something I've wanted to try. I just made something so traditional and so reminiscent of her cooking style when we were growing up. To me, its a combo effect, as a foodcentric person of course I'm going to gravitate toward the food/meal memories, but also as has been stated its something we can do as we feel a certain helplessness and at the same time hoping the person will gain, if not nourishment, then enjoyment of a dish/meal.
  11. I hate Walmart-for all the above mentioned reasons, but do find myself shopping there once a month, just for the variety and oddball items I can't get at the local chain. We won't buy meat there either. I also dislike their attitude, I feel they could care less if I'm there or not. I can't imagine them offering to carry out my heavy items and I love the look on the last checkers face as she struggled with my reusable bags, the disgust wasn't even hidden. I totally agree with the selection of basic items, at the local store you can get, for instance a can of green beans from Green Giant, Del Monte, Libby's and a few more. At Walmart I have a choice of Great Value and one more-their choice and the next time you go in it'll be a different one. Can't stand that everything in there is made in China too.
  12. Thanks for all the ideas. The coronation chicken sounds real good. I think that's what I'll make to have with strawberries and sparkling wine. The strawberries I've been getting are amazing and I have to remember to have my fill before the season ends. Enjoy the ceremony!
  13. Got invited to a friends house for a Royal Wedding party. They'll be DVRing the wedding and we'll watch it on Saturday. Want to bring something theme related~ maybe some champagne, or some type of "royal"or English food/snack/dessert/cocktail. Any ideas?
  14. I've been seeing commercials for the Robo Stirrers on tv. Anyone else intrigued by them? Who wouldn't like a third hand in the kitchen, as the commercial states. I'm wondering if they work? In the commercial it says it will cover the whole pan, but every shot of them in a pan had it just in the middle. Any thoughts?
  15. I remember Nectar Pies! We used to go to the health food store and buy them before our soccer games.
  16. I also enjoyed the blog. It makes New York still be at the top of my 'travel to' list! I remember reading about the tenement museum a while back and just being fascinated with the history that's there. So it was nice to see that got a couple of mentions.
  17. I don't understand how they could take this position, knowing this would be made public. Bad move imo, publicity wise; not to mention the health aspects of it, which are pretty scary.
  18. Has any one tried Karo Lite for a pecan pie? I'm now one of "them"-people that don't prepare fully in advance! Thought I had a bottle of the regular stuff, but its almost empty and I have a full bottle of the Lite. By Lite I mean lower calories, not the white syrup.
  19. teagal

    Recipe challenge 2010

    Wow... even with the holidays coming up I'd like to try a few things while its still 2010. Done a few new things the last month or so. Pulled pork, salmon, fruit galletes and turnip greens are the ones that came out memorable. Many not so much. After reading this thread I found even more things to add to the ongoing list I have like crumpets, souffle and macarons. Two others now ...hmmm homemade marshmallows and a good cocktail that I can make by the pitcher.
  20. Read this thread since I was going to Trader Joes for the first time this past Thursday. Totally agree about the Triple Ginger Snap Cookies. Wow, they are fantastic! Bought a jar of the Fleur de Sel caramel sauce and can't make up my mind--do I want to save it for myself or use it in a dessert for a pumpkin carving party I'm having next week. Hmmm. Also got a jar of their pumpkin butter and it looks good too. Today I had a cup of their Duchess Grey tea and it was good too. I'm definitely a convert; I'll be back. And that's saying something since I live 2 hours away.
  21. I flipped thru Paula Deen's "Best Dishes" magazine at the grocery store and saw a recipe for a no cook caramel frosting and decided to try it to top some pumpkin cupcakes I had in the freezer. The flavor was good, but the frosting was grainy..brown sugar was added to a somewhat basic frosting recipe. My problem with the recipe was at the end it stated "use immediately". Did they mean it needed refrigerating if not eating right away or that it would break down upon standing in fridge or out? Neither happened to my frosting so I feel it was an easy way for the magazine to print their recipe without testing. Does this bug anyone else? If I'm paying for a magazine I'd like it to be pretty accurate, and well thought thru. Especially since its not very often I'll buy a Paula Deen anything!
  22. There are two diferent brands of pasta that have a few selections for a three minute boil. They look like the pieces are on the smaller side, but that's about a 7 minute savings you could use to heat the water.
  23. For a long time, I hate to admit I thought this thread was about dieting!! haha... Having a party in a few weeks and decided on pulled pork sandwiches. Was going to do it in a crockpot, but decided to look at this thread again and decided after reading MANY of these pages to cook it in the oven, combining lots of ideas here (450' for half an hour, then 4 more hours at 275', making sure it got up to 200'.) All I can say is WOW! I can just imagine how fantastic this would be on a smoker since it was amazing in the oven. I heartily agree with the person that said to have lots of cook's bits. Sooo hard to stop nibbling while shredding! Thanks for all this info...that's what I love about egullet; it just doesn't give you a recipe, but the how and whys too. Question, what's a good estimate of how much cooked meat per sandwich? Want to make sure I have enuf. Nothing worse, to me, than running out of food.
  24. Cleaned out a cupboard today and found a glass jar with dried fruit soaking in alcohol. I dated it 8/08. The jar is only half full, I guess the alcohol evaporated, and I'm wondering if I can still use it? Any ideas?
  25. I'm a "tweaker". According to my husband I take a perfectly good recipe and tweak it, usually to his dismay and my joy!! After preparing anything more than a couple times I get bored and want to change it somehow.
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