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  1. I joined in 2006. Found it when looking up recipes for infusing alcohols and came across the "weeniecello" thread. Laughed and was so intrigued I had to investigate the web site. Just looked up the thread again and it was as funny as I had remembered it. I needed a good laugh. Lurk a lot more than I post, and have been absent for a while, but have learned and learned and learned!
  2. I think your 'sugar journey', love that phrase, by the way, is a seasonal thing. Maybe the touch of cooler weather telling our bodies to fatten up for the winter. I have it too, just started the same time as yours, and I get it every year around this time. I want it all, and bake away for a few weeks till I can tame the cravings.
  3. I don't like the trend of companies marketing food for something other than eating. Cheezits has a Scrabble Jr. box, Coke with all the names on their cans and bottles, Twizzlers and Pringles advertising that they aren't just for eating. Is the food so horrible that the marketing departments of these companies have to invent new uses for the product or are they trying to boost sales since people aren't buying as much 'junk' or do they think any advertising is good advertising? It doesn't work for me. What do you think?
  4. I bought a bag about a month ago. They are really good and tender.
  5. This is the first year we've had our venison burger mixed with ground pork and I am loving it! Its so good.
  6. teagal

    Christmas 2014

    Christmas is always at my home. I make brunch and it works great for everyone. I always make everything, lots of appetizers, ham, egg casserole, potato casserole, desserts, etc. This year we may have to take it ALL to my mother-in-laws, since she can't get around good right now. Its only 10 minutes away, so not too big a hassle. On the plus side, I can do more baking then housecleaning!
  7. I am making your Rosemary Rice Krispy Treats asap! Love Rosemary Shortbread, and this will be a lot quicker. You've given me a reason to get excited about starting my holiday baking. Going to also make some sugared cranberries-very easy and different. Its a Carla Hall recipe.
  8. I've had and given to thrift shops George Foreman grills, waffle makers, sandwich makers, juicer, hard boiled egg cooker, etc. I keep 2 rice cookers, don't use them that much at all, but want to have them when I do. Food processor probably gets used the most, and gets the valuable counter space. I am so tired of having to move something to get to something else and have wittled down a lot of kitchen stuff. Plus, hate to have to dust things off before I use them. I want them in the kitchen, either on counter or in a cupboard, not in my open 'pantry' area/back door area. Just bought 5 Cuisinart Hand Blenders for $9.99 each at Macy's-part of their doorbuster Black Friday weekend specials. Thought they'd make great Xmas presents but I have used mine twice and think it may end up at thrift store too. For one thing the cord doesn't reach the stove. Ugh. Although the cleaning part of it is super easy, which is surprising for a gadget.
  9. Make the zucchini bread the star of the show this year and include lots of spreads for it-jams, Nutella, Kerrygold butter, almond butter, cookie butter. Apples would be good too in it, lots of spreads can go on them, well, except the butter and jams. Maybe a loaf of regular homemade bread too.
  10. Different sizes of those Charles V. silicone pot/bowl lids. I have a large one and love it and now need more! The 9x13 one would be nice too. I have to stop giving kitchen gadgets as presents, I don't think my friends appreciate them like I do.
  11. I won't eat red velvet cake just because I can't imagine ingesting the amount of food coloring it contains.
  12. Duncan Hines white cake mix, filled and frosted with haupia, basically a coconut pudding, and lots of shredded coconut sprinkled over that. My Aunt made it for me every year. Once I moved to Missouri anytime I've made it people swoon.
  13. I'm trying some of these solutions RIGHT NOW. They are driving me nuts, hate having to wave them away as I eat my dinner.
  14. This is me to a T! Born and raised in Hawaii I never ate seasonally. Moving to Missouri over 20 years ago I've obsessively embraced the concept. To me it ties in with eating well, local, organically and from scratch. My husband hates it, I refuse to cook things like soup, chili, chicken and dumplings in the summer. I can't, it just doesn't seem right. I even have things I won't cook in winter that I will in fall.
  15. Martha Stewart's Brown Butter Toffee Blondies take it to another level. I've never added the toffee bits or nuts that it called for and its still wonderful.
  16. Ok, so yesterday I had about 2 chips of each flavor. Today the bags were still there, so naturally I had handfuls of each one and am not as excited as I was yesterday. Bet the bacon mac will win, although the wasabi ginger was probably my fave. Funny how the coworkers that I know actually venture out of our little town were the only ones that liked any of them, and the others that are more 'country' didn't.
  17. Has anyone tried the 4 new customer suggested flavors of Lay's Potato Chips? I did and I like them all. Quite different range of flavors! Mango Salsa, Bacon Mac and Cheese, Wasabi Ginger, and Cappuccino.
  18. My vote for all time worst cooking show is...oh wait, I'm not even sure it can be called a cooking show even though it is on the Cooking Channel, is Reverend Run's Sunday Suppers. Its such a train wreck I keep watching it just to see how far they'll be off the mark. Had Cooking Channel on while doing housework today and Nadia G. came on, noticed she slipped in and out of her accent. What's the deal with that?!
  19. teagal


    Thanks all. Sounds like a dessert for Mother's Day to me. Seems like, in a basic sense, a pavlova without the fruit and covered with shavings/crumbs to me. Am I right? Since I'm not a fluent French reader, can someone tell me if it is a buttercream or just whipped cream layered with the meringue?
  20. In the April issue of the Oprah magazine Gayle King mentions getting some merveilleux, a pastry she had never heard of before. Neither had I, so Bing to the rescue I had hoped, but all I really found out was its a meringue and whipped cream concoction. Has anyone heard of this? Any links for recipes? Is it as wonderful tasting as it sounds?
  21. I tried all three. The orange bag was my favorite, loved the taste of lime with sweet heat. Red bag was ok, just tasted, as the article says, Dorito-y. The Blue bag in no way tasted chocolatey to me or the others I shared with. Good marketing for curious people like me!
  22. Over twenty years ago, I mentioned to someone I was moving to Missouri. Her response was to tell me the state beverage was gravy. I think it still rings true. All this gravy debate brought that to mind. Chicken and dumplings would be my vote for Missouri, which I don't understand since its just thicker chicken soup. Not that its not good, its just not party and event material to me. Another regional dish would be ham and beans.
  23. Went to a Valentine's dinner at a restaurant in a neighboring town and the appetizer was...weird. It should have been dessert, thin sliced pineapple and cantaloupe with some strawberries and grapes, drizzled in a sweet red fruity syrup (not raspberry), with a dollop of some sweet creamy cheesy spread. The chef was so proud of it too, overheard him asking a table nearby if they liked it and said he calls it fruit fun. The rest of the meal was real good-salad, chicken cordon bleu, great potatoes, etc. Has anyone else ever heard of a sweet appetizer?
  24. teagal

    Fruit salads

    Years ago in Gourmet magazine, I read to mix peaches with maple syrup and mint. Its good. I like vanilla with oranges too.
  25. Has anyone seen the 'Kitchen'? Seems like Food Network wants to copycat 'The Chew'.
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