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  1. Had it tonight on a brat with some dijon mustard. Fantastic! Can't wait to try it on an english muffin. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. Okay, I've been seen a lot of tomato jam type recipes lately and have made a compote and bought a jam. They were both so sweet, but also a little savory and the tomato taste is still very much present. At a loss as to what to do with them. The only thing I can come up with is maybe as part of a cheese plate or as a cheaper version, served with some cream cheese and crackers. To me its too sweet to serve as a type of chutney with meat, but too tomatoey to put on toast. Hmmm... is it just me or is there something else to use it for?
  3. Most of the bread at our farmers market is like this too. I don't mind if its a really good artisnal type with a great crumb and crust, but if its just white bread with a dab of ww flour in it I'm not too happy. I especially think at a farmers market one should try to be healthful as much as possible, or if not at least sell things out of the ordinary, I hate to say gourmet, but along those lines. Went to a bigger farmers market the other day and a baked goods booth looked like they had some cookies from a cake mix--the funfetti type. NOT what I go to a farmers market for!!!
  4. teagal

    Sonic Drive-In

    To me their shakes/ice cream taste funny. You can tell its pretty artificial. At Xmas I used to get the eggnog shake, but anymore I can't eat it.
  5. We do it when I forget to thaw something for dinner and I can act like I planned it all along!! Pancakes are a favorite, and we always have bacon or sausage. I like to have scrambled eggs too, since I can have them with salsa or herbs and feel like I'm having a serving of vegetables!
  6. Ok, went to a nice restaurant for breakfast yesterday. One party at a table outside, inside nobody. We elected to eat inside when asked so waitress shows us to a 2 seater-smaller table against the wall. Tons of 4 seater tables available, but I had no idea if they had more reservations or not (reservations are recommended here). I noticed two winged insects hovering on the wall right by the chair I'm supposed to sit in and pointed it out. Waitress swats at them and they go nowhere and she still tries to seat us there. All of a sudden a few more appear and she ASKS us if we want to move. Hello, I think the answer is yes, why do you have to ask? Now she moves us to a 4 seater in a corner, with a wall right in front of us, another poor table location. Not another person showed up the entire time-we had the restaurant to ourselves. So, why aren't paying customers given the best seat in the house whenever possible? Could it be lack of training on the wait help part or just an oversight? I'm thinking of writing a note to the owner-is that warranted or am I just making a mountain out of a molehill? Thoughts please. Thank goodness the food was good:)
  7. Oh no! If it works for World Peace Cookies it'll work for many things! So much for the winter weight coming off!! It is good to know though.
  8. Darienne, I would love to get your dog biscuit recipe. Thanks.
  9. I could only watch the last part of it, and am in agreement with you all on some of it being 'entertainment': the pouring of the chocolate milk and sloppy joes with all kids screaming was a little over the top for me. Was appalled at the lunch lady that didn't want to get out forks for the kids, how sad they only eat with spoons. And to think some of the kids had to be taught to use a knife. What the heck are the parents serving night after night? Obviously the need for a show and school program like this are needed. I too hope it does well.
  10. Thanks for all the good ideas. Now I'm hungry! (but not for dog biscuits, although I will be looking for recipes for them!)
  11. teagal

    Avocado Recipes

    I have a friend that used to mash an avocado with a little sugar and eat in on toast for breakfast. It actually was pretty good. Long ago, I had an avocado pie. Just skimmed thru the latest Food Network mag. and there's a recipe for it. They say its like a denser version of a key lime pie. Not sure if its the same pie I had but I am gonna try it
  12. This will be my 3rd year doing our local, little farmers market. The first two years were a learning experience. I had been selling a lot of cookies, muffins, cupcakes,etc. Kinda gourmet/different things. Basically single serving items. They sold, but took a lot of time and my pricing was a little off. I now realize I can charge higher! This year I think we'll have a lot more sellers and I'd like some ideas for other things to sell. I've thought I'd try homemade marshmallows for one thing, but would like all of your input as to what makes you buy/stop at a stall. What makes you go WOW? What have you seen that is a little unusual? What's the latest trend out there?
  13. I'm embarressed to admit this, but here goes. We eat at a Chinese restaurant buffet almost weekly. For years I thought it was hilarious that they had things like pigs in a blanket and garlic bread. Really-you're at a Chinese restaurant so eat the Chinese food! Lately though I've been eating the garlic bread there, its just the frozen type like at the supermarket, but its soooo good.
  14. Browned butter frosting/icing is FANTASTIC. Very nutty tasting. I think I just used the same recipe for buttercream frosting and just subbed browned butter for the regular butter.
  15. My Mom and I used to go to a nice restaurant for wonderful monte cristos and pineapple guava white tea for lunch pretty regularly. That restaurant closed and we really miss it. I wish I had girlfriends that were into food like me and all of you- love the lunch. Its usually such a relaxing time.
  16. It is good -has anyone tried the Dr.Pepper Heritage? Same thing-with sugar. I'm stocking up on the Pepsi- bet some rum with it will be wonderful.
  17. Just read a recipe for ice cream topped with good olive oil and salt. I'm gonna have to try it. Has anyone had this?
  18. The first time this challenge was presented, it made really look at what I had. I realized that I buy way too many canned goods and that it takes a looong time to use them up! Also, I'm terrible about getting the ingredients for a recipe I just have to try and then not end up making it but am stuck with ingredients I don't use on a normal basis. I need to be more aware of this with the holidays here.
  19. I'm in! I've just started to feel like the holidays are here, maybe because its been so warm. And now I need inspiration. Nothing has made me go WOW yet. I'm wanting to do something different this year for brunch/dessert, but will probably end up just doing the tried and true for the brunch part and being creative on my desserts. I do have some fruit in the back of a cupboard that has been sitting in alcohol for over a year. Sounds like a fruitcake to me!
  20. There are many things I buy/eat that are not local. However, over the past few years I've changed the way I eat to try and eat more locally. Maple syrup was never for anything other than pancakes, now it sweetens almost everything I used to use sugar for. I enjoy trying to find more local items and see if it can sub for non local ones.
  21. teagal

    Food Inc

    How ironic that I watched this today which is the opening day of deer season as the husband was killing us a deer for the freezer. I thought this movie was very good-I've read, heard and watched other people/movies say the basically same thing but this wasn't as slow paced as others and I've still retained facts to throw out to "non-believers". I also thought this movie wouldn't resonate as much as it did, but I got both angry and sad while watching it. I hope a lot of people watch and take some action. Very enlightening. Can't believe how out of control our food industries are.
  22. Produce- from May to September 100%, all from farmers markets except herbs, I grow those. I try to freeze enough corn, green beans and salsa to last, hopefully, till the next summer. Eggs, milk- 100% Honey, maple syrup, jam, jelly, 100% - I buy a jar or two every week at the farmers market and by the end of the summer I have enuf for the rest of the year. Meat- a deer, maybe some pork Alcohol- 95%, all local wine, the other 5% is for other types of liquor Nuts-last year I got a bunch of pecans and hickory nuts that were local, this year I bought a couple bags of black walnuts just because they were from Missouri Trying to come up with the actual percentages is really eyeopening. I can see where I need more work and where I'm actually doing ok.
  23. I always thought Nutella was the devil, until I came across White Chocolate Wonderful flavored peanut butter. It is WONDERFUL!! Brownies,baklava,spiced pecans.
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