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  1. I have posted a few of my how to cooking videos for yalls evaluation. I would like to know if anyone thinks I got a chance to have a show on the Food Network? If so does anyone know somebody over there? Or know how to try to get a foot in the door?
  2. Go here: http://www.pizzamaking.com/ tons on info
  3. How bout fried, smotherd in their own gravy with mashed tators cajun cornbread & a collard N mustard green combo
  4. 007bond-jb

    Dinner! 2007

    Moo, Ghar grilled
  5. This is the best recipe I have ever tasted for this dish. 4 cajuns ate the whole pot for dinner that night. http://www.gumbopages.com/food/soups/craw-bisque.html STUFFING Boulletes Apple crunch dessert
  6. Run em through a comercial tenderizer (they are sold as cutlets this way) then you can make chicken fried steak..... Or just grind em into burger
  7. As Navin said pizza making .com is the best pizza forum on the net. Heres some of my work
  8. Popeys red beans are flavored with a smoky ham soup base, No meat in them. I also think they are made at a central processing plant. LIke Dominoes pizza does with their sauce.
  9. Here Ya go with photos http://www.bbq-4-u.com/viewtopic.php?t=7983
  10. Boy that was a long time ago, But my Favorites were hot glazed dounuts with cold milk, a good Shakeys pizza with beer,
  11. 007bond-jb

    Shrimp Cakes?

    Make a seafood gumbo throw the peeled shrimp in last just heat through. Here in the south we also use pre cooked crab meat in gumbo. Fresh might be best but I reheat gumbo a day or two later & find the shrimp have more flavor. Did forget to mention to use Audoulli. Here's a good recipe I don't use okra only file` powder http://www.gumbopages.com/food/soups/seafood-gumbo.html
  12. How about Cat head biscuits with butter & honey flaky inside crispy outside sweet & buttery
  13. 007bond-jb

    Pork Tenderloin

    At a church social one member brought 3 grilled tenderlions & had different glaze on each with 3 bowls of extra sauce. 1 was kicked up hot pepper jelly based, 2 was a blackberry base, 3 was a garlic base sauce. It was a great idea & very tasty too.
  14. Over 50 on the bookshelf, 100 stored, books that are used frequently 0.
  15. out of focus steak and sloppy plate tasted great balsamic reduction & all, left back creamed broccli, rite back baked tator
  16. 007bond-jb

    About roux

    You got it rite It will be slightly toasty & different oils change the flavor, the darker you get it the toastier it will taste. The main thing is use a HEAVY pot like cast iron a flat stirrer you don't have to stir fast just continualy & don't miss any of the pots surface with your paddle. Here's a photo of a med. dark roux finished
  17. Here in Louisiana our cooking has heavy French influence. I make a dish that is very simular to Daube but with a Cajun touch. I use a sholder or chuck roast rubbed with salt, pepper, thyme & oregano. I make slits & fill them with Cajun seasoning & a toe of garlic, browned on all sides, sauted onions, carrots, wine, after a few hours I add potatoes & cook till tender (they thicken the gravy too). I serve it with white rice & of course French bread. I make a pork shoulder the same way but I use sweet potatoes in it.
  18. Mayhaw man Kraft jalapeno cheese is avalable I just bought some here in BR. anyone remeber Fizz-Nic's also sold as a sputnic ball; a 2 peice plastic ball you put ice cream in & stuck 1 end in a bottle of pop? Cherrys potatoe chips (I think these were made localy) Fruit stripe gum Burger Chef Wheat stax cereal Big Johns beans Canada dry pineapple soda Dr Pepper made with Cane sugar (still avalable from this link) http://www.olddocs.com/ Coke made with cane sugar (avalable during Passover in Jewish markets) L@@k for a yellow cap on the bottle here is a link to more food memorys & other baby boomer stuff, click on the hot dog for food memories. http://octanecreative.com/boomerbaby/index.html heres another link to candy http://www.oldtimecandy.com/CandyList.htm
  19. Here's a link to the advanced test http://www.alphadictionary.com/articles/ya...t_advanced.html
  20. Ok I messed up the yankee test link here,s the correct one http://www.alphadictionary.com/articles/yankeetest.html the answers here are more correct BTW I got 100%, & had Grillades for breakfast
  21. Here's a test if it will post & a simple question (if your a southerner you know the answer without google) What are grillades & what is it servered with? http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/intelligencer...dixie_quiz.html & here's some tips for Yankees http://www.countryhumor.com/humor/tipsforyankees.htm
  22. I have a Faberware uprite rotisery it will heat to 550 deg's. I has a basket. & ather sqewers for multible roasting seset ups this should work wit Shawarma right?
  23. Tired of turkey so I anit cookin one, here's what we eatin shrimp, corn and bacon chowder chicken n dumplins stuffed roasted pork lion wit pan gravy (cranberry, apple, garlic, onion & mushroom) white rice for above gravy Steens syrup glazed ham smothered cabbage with tasso crowder peas with salt pork Cajun style sweet peas fried carrots mac & cheese sweet potatoe crunch cracklin cornbread yall been talkin about brussel sprouts so I'll pan roast em REAL lemon pie (condensed milk lemons ect...)
  24. Sorry I took so long to reply Cajun Shrimp stew recipe: 2lbs fresh large gulf shrimp peeled & de-veined 1 cup all purpose flour 1/2 cup shortning or lard 1 med onion diced 2 bunches green onions chopped reserve 1/4 cup of tops for garnish 3 to 6 toes garlic (depending on size) fine diced or pressed 1/4 cup chopped celery 4 to 6 cups of seafood stock or water ( more if needed) salt & pepper to taste Make a med dark roux or a 2 beer roux = ( the time it takes to drink 2 beers before they get hot.) after roux is to color add onions & celery continue stirring for 5 min add stock, garlic, salt & pepper cook for 45 min then add shrimp cook for 15 min & serve over hot white rice. with french bread garnish with green onion tops
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