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  1. I'll check with Yoonhi, but a better source will show up in a couple of more days. Some of our old friends moved back here (just up the hill) a few months ago, and she's much more Korean than Yoonhi. She's getting back from Seoul this weekend, I think, so I'm going to bug her (she arrived the day we left). Hosting a dinner for 5,000 won........I'd blow that just on pears for dessert! Cheers, peter ← Oh if you could ask that would be really great. Thank Peter. LOL Yeah I would blow that budget out of the water for the pears also, but someone told me it was popular in Korea, but maybe it is not quite what I want...There is an online cookbook in korean only Yori Naman (aka Food for Net)
  2. Thanks Helen for letting me know the Dashi seasoning mix isn't too sweet. I wil ty making the tamagoyaki sometime this week and report back! Nakji- The bento looks really good and delicious! Want to come to germany and make me some
  3. Peter, Does Yoonhi have any recommendations for Korean language cookbooks? Mom doesn't use one but I would like to have some to practice Korean and to cook out of, although usually I ask Mom first. I have one korean language one which is Very basic that my mother got me, so that I can practice korean, and I have a bilingual korean/english. Hmmm maybe I just need to stop collecting cookbooks! I am tempted by the "Host a dinner on 5,000 won" etc. books but I have no idea if they are any good. Anyways I can't wait to see the last set of posts.
  4. HelenJp, Thanks for the recipe I have copied and pasted it, as it will come useful in time. DH has to pack lunch now, and I am excited and dreading making his lunch everyday. The time I lived in Japan I couldn't stand the tamogoyaki sweet, but I will maybe try it out on DH and see what his tastebuds tell him.
  5. Oh the pajon looks so good! Yum clams and shrimp...I need to buy some green onions tomorrow!
  6. YAY! I can't wait to see the pictures and the discriptions. I have never been to Hong Kong but so wanted to visit. Thanks Ah Leung!
  7. Peter, Eventhough the hwe looked blurry it made me hungry! The curry sausages looked unappetizing, but curry sausages sounds good. Here in germany the favourite fast food is curry wurst, sausage with ketchup and curry powder. DH loves the stuff.
  8. Hiroyuki, thank you so much for the photographs and explainations! It is so facinating and hunger inducing.
  9. I was looking searching for Korean cookbooks, and google sent me here to this topic (well second page!) LOL. Reading the forum has gotten me to think about ordering some Korean language Cookbooks. Mainly because a lot of the recipes I am looking for are not written in english, and it is another way for me to practice my ailing Korean language skills. Can't wait for the next post!
  10. Hmmm I have not personally made it with baby pak choi, but I don't see why it couldn't be made into kimchi. Go a head and try making it. Do you remember anything in particular saying why it would be bad to use bok choi? Maybe you can make it into one of the watery types of kimchi? Good luck!
  11. bungeobang is pretty tasty, but you have to eat them hot other wise..Blech! I can't wait till uour next installment.
  12. I finally had it a couple of years ago, and I wasn't too thrilled. I had to say though the people around us were going crazy for the stuff. Then again it might be the fact that it was snowing, and the soup was hot?
  13. Domestic goddess, I do have a pic of korean cheap mirin, that come in 1.8 liter bottle, not the good stuff ,but it works. I can't load pics, but if you look around the grocery store look for the korean label MIRIN or MIRIM in korean letters. I can't seem to post that either. A picture of Korean mirin If you want the authentic mirin then you will have to look for the japanese brands and read the labels. I think there are some Korean brands that are authentic but that is harder to find then the imported stuff. You can use korean rice wine cheongju filtered rice wine, which would I guess be somewhat like sake. Good luck! Thanks Hiroyuki and Helenjp between you two I have a lot to play around with. I wish I had some authentic mirin but I used it up before I left California and forgot to buy some by the time I left. Oh well. I still have 1.8 liters to use up of the "fake" Mirin. I don't know what is in it anymore as the little sticky that explained what was in it mysteriously dissapeared while being transported from California to Germany.
  14. I'm in. I'll even bartend for all of us. Bourbon has a wonderful soothe-the-savage-She-Beast effect at certain phases of the lunar cycle, doesn't it? ← ok- second saturday in may at our condo down the shore..... I'll even get rid of John for a few hours. ← I could make a guest appearance to serve Stilton and figs from a silver tray. ← Hmmm Never had Burbon, must change that. Fresser- add carambola and pepper water crackers and you can serve me! DH was so sweet he made me a hamburger with loaded onions, and lots of butter with cheddar cheese. Yeah that hit the spot so well!
  15. Ahhhh My mouth is watering at the wonderful seafood but especially the blanched octopus. I love it. Actually I like the squid and cuttle fish version too! This thread is wonderful but at the same time torture! Sweet sweet torture!
  16. I am glad you all enjoyed Nanta! I have been wanting to see this show for years now, but it hasn't happened yet. It came to New York one year and I couldn't convince DH into going to NY to see the show. I wonder if those hotdogs with bacon around it were tasty. They sure do look tempting though sitting there calling out to me.
  17. Man the BBQ looks great but I do have to say that the robe is gorgeous. I think when I was yonger I didn't appreciate a lot of the museums that had textiles, and now *sigh*, but I still prefer food.
  18. You are so welcome, and I am so glad it worked out so nicely!
  19. Doddie- Thank you again! I'm sending you a big hug through the screen! HUGZ Now to find my crabs!!! Thanks Peter for another two installments of your trip to Korea. For the stone grinder, yeah I covet them a lot. To make your own tubu you can use these as coagulants: Epsom salts (easiest to get) then the ones normally used in tubu production magnesium chloride (nigari, bitter salt) or Calcium sulfate (gypsum). Good luck and tell us if you decide to make fresh tofu! The sollaentang could be adulterated with soy milk maybe? I think Koreans just like food. I tease my mom that she would lose weight if she didn't watch Korean television since it seems every other scene has food there somewhere, and makes her hungry. I love the photograph of Serena staring at the meat. She looks like a really cute hawk ready to strike. The hole in the wall BBQ place looks so awesome, and the meat...
  20. milgwimper

    Dinner! 2007

    Can I come to your house for dinner? The Kare Kare looks so good! Never had it before and left before I got a chance to eat at the new restaurant that opened up listing Kare Kare as their special. Oh the banana bread looks so moist and yummy.
  21. I was hoping someone could point a good sushi restaurant somewhere hopefully near down town Stuttgart, or anywhere accessable by Public transpo in Stuttgart. I have seen sushi sold here but most that I see are take away in little plastic containers. Any recommendations for a good sushi restaurant? Thanks! I would also like to know if anyone knew of a good Korean restaurant here too. Thanks
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