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  1. Ahh The easy recipes are what I am looking for, as she is still a very new cook. Thank you for the suggestions! There are a lot of cookbooks out there, and the ones I have unfortunately are too advanced for her skill level currently, and I was getting overloaded trying to figure out what books would be good for a new cook.
  2. I have a friend that is a beginner cook. She is very much interested in Asian cooking, however she is only versed on one or two Japanese recipes. Most of her cooking repertoire comes from old 60's versions of Betty Crocker and Better Homes and Gardens cook books. Unfortunately, since I live a good distance from her, I can not teach her to cook directly. Can anyone suggest a good Asian cookbook that may be geared towards my friends abilities?
  3. OMG that looks so good, and I am so hungry now! I might have to try to make it sometime soon.
  4. You could just go to the local korean grocery and they usually carry at least one brand of the stuff. If you can real korean you can try making your own, Real = read Anyways here is an english recipe for making Dongdongju. English recipe for making dongdong ju scroll down. Peter Tell me if you have any luck. I know my mom can find a bottle in California. I have not seen it here in Germany.
  5. You could just go to the local korean grocery and they usually carry at least one brand of the stuff. If you can real korean you can try making your own, only in Korean 1 link Only in korean but with some nifty pictures.
  6. I don't know if this is amazing but to my father they were a real treat, and he loved them. Peanut butter dark chocolate truffles, or peanut butter cups. He could eat them because they didn't have too much sugar, and had protein. I don't know how to make them, I used to buy them at a chocolate shop that had a small selection of chocolates for diabetics.
  7. *sniff* I am undecided which looks better the raw ingredients for the sushi or the cheese platter...*sigh*
  8. Do they use a whole egg and mix it into the streusel topping? I have the dr. Oetker Germany baking book, but none of recipes require an egg except for one. It isn't a cake but a roll and you use a white of an egg to keep the streusel on the rolls. Maybe you can make small batches and experiment?
  9. What kind of apple kuchen are you looking for, as I have a recipe for Schwabischer apple kuchen, and here in germany there seems to be a lot of different apple kuchens.
  10. I am so hungry reading through this post. Cambodian cooking is something I have no experience with, but love to learn. Thanks for starting this thread. Now I need to go shopping!
  11. I think I know the food you are talking about. Normally it is a street food, or served as dessert. mom grandmother used to make this dish, and we used to sneak out and buy some from the vendors. Here is a website with the picture of the potatoes and a recipe. aeriskitchen.com sweet-potato-dessert (고구마-맛탕-goguma-mattang)
  12. Man I envy you! I cannot wait to see all the food from Korea and Thailand!
  13. Yeah most Korean cookbooks are geared for introduction to Korean food, but some people put interesting banchan that others tend not to place in their books. Like one may have soojaebi, and another might have raw marinated crabs etc. I tend to like learning about some of the really old traditional style stuff and the new interesting things they are doing now, but I think I will have to wait on that or write my own. I don't see me writing a cookbook though. Now those potatoes sound really good. I haven't had them in a long while. I almost licked the screen!
  14. Nakji, here is the recipe for the sweet black beans. I don't think she uses the black soy beans for the recipe but just substitute them. Maangchi KongJang recipe.
  15. This is not good to read at 3:50 am when I have not even a whiff of kimchi in the house. *sigh* I need to go shopping. I am excited to hear there is another korean cookbook in english. I tend to collect them, and compare them...Well okay I tend to read them and then compare which recipes they should have added. I just found the Korean cookbook my mother sent with me to Germany, but it is written only in Korean. Hmmm I think she is giving me a hint that I need to practice my Korean.
  16. Grits cornbread (mix? recipe?) maple syrup pecans (these from previous experience) pop tarts Mac and Cheese
  17. Peter, you making me want to lick the screen. Man the pork belly is calling to me. I hadn't thought of offal not being offered in Thai restaurants until you brought it up. Hmmmm I wonder if it is because they think the customers wouldn't be interested, or something else?
  18. Sheena thats how I usuallt make my mitsugaru drink, but it doesn't help me make a milk shake when I have frozen bananas...*sigh* Jkim You're making me hungry. I will have to try this, soon as I can get the pork belly.
  19. You guys are killing me. i read the post on zen kimchi's blog, then tried to make the shake. (Mom loves me she sent me a bag! *cry* no mitsugaru in germany) Well i ended up with a milk river in my kitchen and a broken blender. *sigh* I need a new blender. Sheena, I hope your experiment works, and keep me updated...
  20. Hi, I hope you have a wonderful time in Korea. You can apply for a good will guide at this site. They are volunteers and act as unofficial travel guides. Good Will Guides Other then that I cant help you, but maybe some of the other posters have better ideas. Good luck! Oh check out this website here it hasn't been updated in awhile but he has good suggestions, and you can check out the different links he has. Fatman in Seoul There is also Zen Kimchi who does update, and has a lot of good places and other links. Then there is Domestic Goddess and her blog Box of Jalapenos Okay last time for editing promise... Edited to add in some last minute thoughts.
  21. Koreans tend to name their food lot of the time by the method they were cooked, so there can be many versions of stewed potatoes that are completely different. But I think I found something similr to what you had. Does the picture look the same? Clickity ,and scroll down. Funny they call the new potatoes fish egg potatoes (ial kamja jorim okay the romanization sucks..) The potatoes are par boiled drained then add the seasonings and boiled again. Anyone hve a better definition for jorim then boiled? There are many variations of kamja jorim, as there are cooks, and even then they have more that one up their sleeves. Okay too much caffeine gotta go. I hoped I helped a little.
  22. Hmmm were they cubed or shredded? It could be Kamja Chorim which is soysauce, sesame oil, a little sugar, garlic, and sesame seeds and the potatoes are stewed. Kamja bokkum which is stir fried potatoes with neutral oil, sesame oil to finish and sesame seeds...
  23. milgwimper

    Dinner! 2008

    Hmmm Sockeye salmon, creamy sauce, CORN!!! Everything looks and sounds good, but I miss corn here in Germany. For some reason the corn isn't as sweet here, but it is also a lot more expensive. *sigh*
  24. Mary Elizabeth: Hmm I am thinking it is a Mid West thing because the only people I have asked have come from the mid west and it seemed like it was quite popular the Norwegian and Swedish populations, but that is just my observation. I love glorified rice, and people are always surprised when my dad brings it a huge tub for pot lucks. The Castella looks good, unfortunately I don't have and ideas to stop if from sinking in the middle. Maybe cooling the cake upside down like for chiffon or angel food cake? Lisa2K: Apple Fig Cheese Cookie! Sounfs great! Please mail it to me please! Emmalish: Wow beautiful cupcakes, and I love the chocolate covered caramels. *sigh* Beautiful. Sugar Plum: Oh was it pleasantly tart and not overly sweet. hmm might have to make some. Desert Culinary: Yeah I think I will have to have a slice of that pie!
  25. milgwimper

    Dinner! 2008

    Man everything looks so good...We had BLT's today. YAY! Fried up some german bacon, walnut bread, lettuce, and roma tomatoes with cracked pepper, spicy mustard and mayo. I cried when I realized I forgot to take pictures, but man that was so delicious. I love summer!
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