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  1. I was thinking you can make Korean rice cake soup (??, ddeok kuk). I have no recipe to give you because I usually don't measure, but this recipe from A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes seems about right. I paraphrased and some how enlongated the explaination on how to make it. I guess I am a little windbag! 6 cups Rice Cake ovalettes 1 egg 1/4 cup Sliced green onion 2 tsp. Soup Soy sauce 1 tsp salt Broth 1 lb beef brisket 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp. salt 3-4 stalk green onions 8 cups water Beef seasoning 1/4 lb beef 1/2 Tbsp. sugar 1/2 Tbsp. soy sauce 1 tsp. chopped garlic 1 tsp. sesame oil 1/4 tsp. black pepper Bring the broth ingredients to roiling boil then place on medium heat for 2 hours. The broth should reduce to about 6 cups and then add the 2 tsp. soup soy sauce, and the Tbsp. of salt.* If the rice cakes are frozen they need to come to room temp. Then soak them for 20 minutes, then drain. Take out the beef and slice into strips, mixing it with the beef seasoning and stirfry. When the broth is at a roiling boil add the rice cake, and when the rice cake float to the top it should be done, but I always try one to be sure. It should be chewy not mushy. Beat an egg with a little sesame oil, and drizzle it into the soup** Add the green onions. and let it cook for a couple more minutes then place in individual bowls and garnish with beef strips. **You can garnish each bowl with egg instead of shred of egg in the soup. It will look a little bit nicer in the bowls. Separate the yolk from whites, and make sure the beat them to make them uniform. Fry the egg white and yolk separately and when cool slice into strips or diamond shapes and garnish each soup bowl. * If you want to cheat and make a quicker meal you can 1) have beef broth already made some people use stock. 2) Cheat which will not give as a rich soup, but works good in a pinch. Slice the beef ahead and stirfy the meat with a little sesame oil til almost cooked then boil. When it starts to boil hard add the 2-3 cloves or garlic and boil for 30 minutes.Then proceed with the rest of the recipe skipping the beef seasoning. I do this when I am at home by myself or don't feel like cooking much. If I have the time I will try to write down my recipe. If you want another opinion just google search korean rice cake soup, and you will get a lot of hits with recipes. Also you can make a non spicy version of the korean ddeokbbokki, but I will have to find that recipe somewhere in my moving boxes.
  2. Well I am glad your husband get overtime! Sometimes you hear some horror stories about teaching english in Korea. That is hilarious! I can picture your son's horrified face! I love the stuff, and was a little sad I did not see them the last time I was there in 1999. Something similar happened to me the last time I went with my famiy to Korea(sometime in the 80's). My brother couldn't get away from me fast enough. Although the last time I went to Korea I didn't see any of the rice patty snails ( I forgot what they are called in Korean besides the generic sora) but then again I didn't want to scare away my fiance now husband. But I don't think he would care, I dragged him to so many street food stalls he said his head was spinning. He couldn't believe how much we packed in our stomaches but then again we walked everywhere! I miss the street food so much...er okay I miss any type of Korean food period! LOL My husband misses the Icecreams, junkfood, and the street stalls. Thanks Domestic goddess for the pics I showed them to a friend of mine and she said it was cruel of me to subject her to food she couldn't have! But that didn't stop her from drooling over the pics!
  3. Oh I forgot to post how much I miss the rice patty snails! I love the water that the snails are boiled in...Yummy. When I was a kid we used to take those snails into the movie theatres...Instead of crunching popcorn you heard click click click (of people throwing the shells on the floor), and if youi were unlucky loud slurps. er okay that doesn't sound nice but it is one of my fav memories!
  4. Oh I love them so very much, and I am so jealous that you can get them fresh! YUM! It is one of my fav fish, and one of the things I loved as a kid. So it is quite a comfort food for me with rice. Now I really need the drool icon.
  5. Wow everyone's dessert looks go delicious, and I think I am getting fat just reading this forum! But thanks to everyone on this forum I have so much to think about for an end of the meal treat. Hopefully I can get my house together to whip something up and post here, but I am still in the middle of moving.
  6. Domestic Goddess thanks so much for posting the pictures! I have to admit though they make me home sick for Korean food! Hmmm Peach makkoli sounds interesting, and the peaches look really good, but I had forgotten how much some of the peaches can cost. I have to say I cannot wait to see your next post in Korea, eventhough it does make my mouth water, and it makes me miss my Mom's cooking even more! Oh they even have saury there...Where is the drool icon? I love grilled saury! Well actually I like it any which way. I asked my Mom to send me some of the canned ones, and well I will be eating canned saury for awhile now! Not as good as fresh but quite good drained and mixed with soysauce, red pepper, garlic sesame oil, and green onions and boiled for a couple of minutes. I better stop I am getting hungry. You are such a wonderful Mom to take your son out in the rain so he could play the carnival games! Was it just you and your younger son or did the whole family troop out there in the rain? okay I am babbling on my first post! I better quit while I am ahead!
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