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  1. my mom recently told me that if you grind up an onion into the kimchi it would make it refreshing. So the last batch I made chopped up my garlic, ginger, and onion together in the blender and added to my bechu kimchi and well. WOW it was nice and tingly on the tongue, and quite sparkling. About the fruit, I had some really good asian pear kimchi, as the main ingredient in korea. If I could find some asian pears here I would try to make a batch of that stuff, as I dream of it from time to time. *sigh* I love fermented raw squid! I love it also in kimchi.
  2. Dorie I made your all in one holiday bundt cake and it was wonderful! It was nice and moist and the spices were wonderful since I grated fresh spices. It was one of the best dessert for Thanksgiving. A lot of compliments, and one of the couples took 1/2 of the bundt home with them. I ended up using three small apples, as it was all I had, and I also made the maple icing which was DH's favourite. he loved it so much that he drizzled extra maple syrup to the bundt cake. I have pictures of the bundt cake but I lost the cord to transfer it from the camera to the computer. Well anyways Dh wanted to add, "It is my favourite!" Thanks!
  3. Man the peanut coconut candy looks so good, not the mention the meat balls and noodles. Well okay everything looks tasty. I so could go for the curry squid tentacles for some reason they seem to call to me. I can't wait for more pictures! Thank you.
  4. All the chiles look so beautiful, and the photo looks like a piece of art. I love your loaded up chili. Oh avocados Hmm never had them on chili but I will now! Lodi, and wine. LOL I posted this without refreshing it from yesterday. I loved Iggy the rescue dog, and the wines. Funny enough I didn't appreciate wine until I moved away from California. I finally had time to enjoy wine, and I lucked out and moved to the wine region on germany. But I am amazed that are wonderful wineries in Lodi. I will have to check them out the next time I get to california. Thank you so very much. I learn something new everyday! Edited because I didn't see the rest of the winery post before replying.
  5. Thank you so very much for documenting your travels. I want to thank you Serena, Yoonhi and Jason for letting us see inside your family vacation. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip, and all the food!
  6. Yay! I can't wait to to see what you cook up, and the pictures of California. I miss northern California. What a beautiful house and weather!
  7. Peter, Send me some of those poached quinces. Thanks so much for documenting everything on this topic. Between this and the korean trip the food is driving me crazy. Thanks for the recipes too!
  8. I'd fight you for those crabs ← Choose your weapons. ← I think this is turning into a three way battle! But those crabs would be might tasty in my tummy. Oh did you get some cookbooks in korean too? If so would you mind posting pics of it and what made you, or Yoonhi decide to get them? I am still on the Korean cookbook kick. Yes I would love someone to publish an excellent korean cookbook with not just the standard stuff. Hmrumph! Oh try making bokkeum bap with a well seasoned cast iron pan. Nice crusty bottoms and everything. YUM! I have been perusing Kitchen naver and found a squash hoddeok recipe I am dying to try. Yum.. Oh on the hangover thing I know other cultures must have recipes for curing hangovers but I think Peter you are right about restaurants being hangover specialist etc. Your haul reminds me of my parents, when we went to Korea for vacation. We had a full suitcase, but it carried just enough clothes to do some laundry then it also carried other suitcases that folded up. By the time we left we all had very full suitcases.
  9. Peter-Yay I am glad you got to taste the snails. I hope next trip you get ot taste them wrapped in a newspaper cone. How was the soup? I have to agree with that the prices are terrible at the airport. Last time I flew out of there we hit up one of the sandwich places with the thin sliver of meat, cucumber,egg, and some other things I can't remember. It was on a toasted white thinly sliced bread, but it was so good. Although previous to that I had a hangover going to the airport, and the only offering was jjajang myun. Bleh It was expensive too, and having a hangover on the plane was not fun. Thanks so much for the travelogue, and I can't wait to see what you hauled back!!! Although I will be sad this post will end as it has been quite entertaining for me, and I am sure others as well. Having never tasted the two liquors I can't compare them. Maybe sometime in the future I will be lucky to try them. Hmmm I guess I could see if the next vacation could be to France.
  10. Thank you Hiroyuki for the link. Grittiness I am not found of that in icecream. Blegh. But the silk flavor now, hmmm. I love saury so, it is on my list to try if ever get to Japan.
  11. Thanks Hiroyuki for the information, and maybe it is a way to get some nutrients in an interesting way, and maybe tasty? I might try the silk for the calcium, but I wonder how it would tast. I am curious now. Helen- I can just picture people going to work stopping by their favourite tree for a nibble. Hmm the grilled eel one sounds somewhat tasty. I have tried curry icecream at an Indian icecream shop in California and it was delicious.
  12. Peter- the tuna in ramen is pretty good, and I will have to try making that again. DH has added canned saury to the ramen before too, and that was good, but another friend didn't enjoy it much. She thought it was weird to add tuna or saury to ramen. Thanks so much in documenting your trip to Korea.
  13. Dejah, the curry looks delicious! I will have to break out some of my cookbook and try making some malaysian style curries. I have eaten some but never tried cooking any of them. Hmmm might be a good excuse to get another cookbook.
  14. Hiroyuki, so these flavors are mainly for tourists? hmmm Some of the flavors aren't too bad, but some I don't think I will be trying. I wonder if the silk in the icecream supposed to give it texture or health benefits. The comments to the charcoal ice cream made me smile, so thank you all for that.
  15. Peter the eater- Don't be freaked out there are many tasty not to out of the way Korean food. Peter Green- Cheese ramen! LOL I laughed when I saw that, because it was one of the first things I learned after frying an egg, and baking cookies from a cake mix. We all gotta start somewhere right? Although I still eat the cheese ramen once in a while.
  16. Peter I know them as Mideodok. Yeah they are tunicates Styela clava but the ones in your pictures seem really turgid, or maybe all the ones I have seem squirted their last bit of water. The Dokebi clubbed one are also tunicate, sea squirts I think they are also Styela too, I could be wrong on this since it has been awhile since taking zoology.
  17. Sheena, I think the acorn like sea creatures are called sea squirts, Halocynthia roretzi are usually the ones you see, and mostly farmed. LOL I guess the zoology class helped me a little in life. Peter- I love ddeobokki but man there is barely any ddeok there! Can Serena eat ddeokbokki, or did she get something else to eat? Oh on the hamburgers, yeah they are pretty interesting, and much better while not sober. I have a recipe if you are interested here. Mrs. Kim's Burger
  18. Ahhh jokbal. Why do I torture myself! Although Serena's mandu guk looks really tasty too!
  19. I love the garlic ice cream. In Gilroy, CA you can get the ice cream flavors with vanilla-garlic, and Chocolate garlic. I love both, but loved chocolate and garlic together. I think the chocolate mint garlic ice cream would taste good. The wine ice creams, and sorbets are really tasty. Persimmon ice cream is a dream, but I just have to wonder about the charcoal ice cream. Is it to be taken after alcohol or after poisoning or something?
  20. Nakji, WOW both the bento(es?) look really good and appetizing, and I would love to have any of them. I sent DH to work today with Japanese Spicy curry rice. No ginger pickles for him though, but he loved it, so all is well. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but I did take pictures of the snow falling today.
  21. I actually like the sweet potato fries but I can commiserate with Serena when you are expecting french fries and you get hard as nails sweet potato that could ruin your day. Hmmm Cold Stones for some reason I can't stand their ice cream. I find their ice cream a little too sweet. We had a Marble Slab near our house in California and I loved their stuff. Hmmm Chocolate ice cream and fruit was my favourite combinations. Can't wait for more posts Peter. Also I think Naver redid their coking site, and it is much easier to navigate if you want to have a look. Sorry it is only in Korean. Kitchen Naver
  22. "bbobgi" YAY! Ilove this stuff, but no one makes it like when I was a kid. Give you a metal chopstick and a ladle full of hot molten bbobgi and you get some on the chopstick and pull out a strand of bbobgi, and scraped it off the chopstick with your teeth. Gwi-po is also good roasted over coals! it is snowing here so it would be wonderful if I could get a hot bowl of odeng guk, hoddeok, and all those warm streetfoods. Yum. Thanks Peter
  23. Oh this thhread is terrible for my hips. I was thinking of getting pork belly to make samgyup sal but I think now I need to get two! I will be trying this sometime this month. Thanks! Yumm Porky goodness! I will report here after it is done. If I am lucky it will happen this week.
  24. kbjesq- Usually those are raw crabs, but I have always wanted to see if cooked crabs would work too. If you look a page or two back here on this thread Domestic Goddess posted the recipe for the sweet spicy sauce that goes on the raw crabs. You can use that and see if it works with the cooked crabs. Tell us how it goes. I would try but I am having a harder time sourcing crabs. Peter- Yeah I look at Yori (wa) Naman (Food for Net) site a lot too, but I am addicted to having a book in my hands. I do have to say she has some interesting recipes, and a lot of variety. One of my friends tried her baking recipe and really liked it (but I can't remember what she baked), and my first recipe I tried was the kimchi spaghettie which was pretty tasty. I am hoping you can recommend other korean cookbooks though. Please?
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